Turkey Tries to Forestall Syrian Offensive

Syria has been holding off, at least temporarily, on an offensive to retake the last major opposition stronghold in the country, as tensions grow between Turkey and its ally Russia......»»

Category: topSource: wsjSep 14th, 2018

Here"s How Turkey Stalled The Syrian-Russian Offensive On Idlib

Here"s How Turkey Stalled The Syrian-Russian Offensive On Idlib.....»»

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Russia, Turkey Leaders Discuss Deeper Partnership in Syria

Russia’s president and his Turkish counterpart discussed in Moscow how to divide up control of northern Syria when U.S. troops leave, highlighting Washington’s diminished say in Syrian affairs......»»

Category: topSource: wsjJan 24th, 2019

Trump Threatens Turkey With ‘Economic Devastation’ If Ankara Attacks Syrian Kurds

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo isn't sure what the president meant, but thinks it probably has to do with sanctions. President Donald Trump has t.....»»

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Terror Group Seizes Last Syrian Opposition Stronghold

A powerful extremist group seized control of most of Syria’s last opposition stronghold on Thursday, threatening a fragile cease fire intended to avert a Syrian military offensive and likely humanitarian catastrophe......»»

Category: topSource: wsjJan 11th, 2019

Why Allies U.S., Turkey Keep Feuding With Each Other: QuickTake

The U.S. and Turkey have been allies for more than six decades, but in recent years their relationship has been repeatedly strained by disputes. U.S. support for a Syrian Kurdish militia that Turkey considers a foe is the source of one rift, prov.....»»

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US Helicopters Flying Over Manbij As Confusion Reigns; Turkey, Russia Agree To "Coordinated" Action

As confusion and tensions mount in the Syrian Kurdish city of Manbij, located just 70 miles north of Aleppo, US helicopters have been filmed hovering above the potential battle lines, even after widespread reports of a US troop pullout.....»»

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Syrian Forces Move to Protect Syrian Kurds Fighting Islamic State

Syrian government forces moved to protect Syrian Kurds who are fighting Islamic State after the U.S. said it would withdraw its troops from the region and the Syrian Kurds said they feared an attack by Turkey......»»

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US Troops Out, Syrian Army In: Kurdish City Handed Back To Damascus As Turkey Poised To Invade

US Troops Out, Syrian Army In: Kurdish City Handed Back To Damascus As Turkey Poised To Invade.....»»

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Turkey Says US Agreed To Vacate Syrian Kurdish Enclave As Ground Attack Imminent

On Christmas Eve the White House announced in a statement that President Trump is open t.....»»

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"If He"s Hiding, I Will Find Him." One Man"s Hunt for the Militants Who Killed His Father

Ahmad Sawadi works with other Syrian exiles to track the whereabouts of defeated Islamic State leaders seeking an escape to Turkey and Europe......»»

Category: asiaSource: wsjDec 15th, 2018

Trump Speaks With Erdogan as U.S.-Turkish Tensions Climb

The Trump administration is working furiously to avert a new Turkish military offensive against the U.S.’s Kurdish partners in Syria, hoping to forestall an assault that could endanger U.S. forces working in the country......»»

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Turkey Will Target U.S.-Backed Syrian Kurds Within Days


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Fragile Syria Cease-Fire Tests Russia-Turkey Ties

Russia is pressuring Turkey to drive extremists from a Syrian demilitarized zone, testing the countries’ warming ties and a cease-fire they brokered that has protected opponents of Syria’s President President Bashar al-Assad......»»

Category: topSource: wsjNov 26th, 2018

Syrian Rebels Hold Out in Last Enclave as Russia Tries to Avoid Assault by Assad

A plan to avert an offensive by the Assad government against the last major rebel-held area in Syria stumbled Monday when the main extremist group failed to leave a proposed buffer zone as part of a plan to demilitarize the region......»»

Category: topSource: wsjOct 15th, 2018

Syrian Rebels Withdraw Heavy Weapons to Avert Regime Assault

Rebel groups in Syria have withdrawn most of their heavy weapons from a planned demilitarized zone in the country’s northwest, a move that could forestall an offense by Assad, but falls short of a lasting political settlement......»»

Category: topSource: wsjOct 10th, 2018

Russia, Turkey to Create Buffer Zone in Syrian Opposition Stronghold

Russia and Turkey have reached a tentative agreement to create a demilitarized buffer zone in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province, a move that could help avert a fight and likely humanitarian catastrophe......»»

Category: topSource: wsjSep 17th, 2018

Syria"s Looming Idlib Offensive Is Stalled by Turkey

Syria’s government, amid growing tension between its ally Russia and neighboring Turkey, is holding off on a planned offensive on a major rebel stronghold, giving Ankara more time to persuade armed groups to disperse......»»

Category: topSource: wsjSep 14th, 2018

YouTube Shuts Down All Syrian State Channels As Idlib Assault Begins

Syrian state YouTube channels have been shut down this morning just as the Syrian Army's ground offensive has officially begun. This includes the following now terminated Syrian state and pro-government channels: Syrian Presidency, Syria MoD .....»»

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Iran, Russia, Turkey Leaders Urge "Negotiated Political Process" On Idlib As Putin And Erdogan Clash

Amidst extreme tensions ratcheting up over the past days as Russian and Syrian forces have initiated their final assault on al-Qaeda held Idlib, the presidents of I.....»»

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Countries Race to Avert Syrian Offensive in Rebel-Held City

The U.S. and Eu.....»»

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