U.S. Intelligence Agencies Have No Clothes

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Intelligence Agencies Admit 23,000 Jihadis Live In Britain; 3,000 Pose "Imminent Threat"

After failing to thwart two terror attacks that have occurred in the U.K. so far this year – both of which were carried out by suspected jihadis who were known to U.K. authorities – intelligen.....»»

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Former CIA Chief Brennan Says Russians Were in Contact With Trump Campaign Associates

Former CIA director John Brennan testified Tuesday that U.S. intelligence agencies grew concerned after they learned that Trump campaign associates had been in contact with Russian officials, adding that Russia “brazenly” interfered in the election......»»

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What Trump can learn from Europe: Intelligence agencies could bring him down

It’s not too late for the president to get a grip, says David Marsh......»»

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Microsoft President Urges Intelligence Agencies Not To Hoard Cyber Vulnerabilities

Microsoft's president discusses the company efforts to contain the global WannaCry virus, which includes helping people who pirated his software, and he calls for a "Digit.....»»

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Top NSA Whistleblower: Ransomware Hack Caused by “Swindle of the Taxpayers” by Intelligence Agencies

What should we make of the global ransomware attacks which happened today? We’ve documented that the intelligence services intentionally create digital vulne.....»»

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Plans for Increased Internet Surveillance Revealed in Leaked Documents

Internet providers would have to introduce back doors for intelligence agencies under the proposals......»»

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US foreign intelligence surveillance requests more than doubled: Microsoft

Scope of spying authority granted to intelligence agencies under FISA has come under scrutiny.....»»

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Report: British Intelligence Agencies, In Addition to Six Other Nations, Were All Spying on Trump

About a month ago, Fox suspended Judge Nap for suggesting British intelligence had spied on Donald Trump. The media went hysterical, saying the go.....»»

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Uzbek migrant held over Swedish terror attack

Police say man was known to intelligence agencies but not linked with extremists.....»»

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World’s 10 Deadliest Intelligence Agencies

Today we’ve made it our mission to tell you all about the world’s deadliest intelligence agencies. I think it’d be really cool to be a secret agen.....»»

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HOUSE INTEL CHAIR: US intelligence agencies "incidentally collected" information on Trump’s team during transition

Getty ImagesHouse Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes said Wednesday that sources have revealed to him that the intelligence community "incidentally collected" information on President Donald Trump's transition team unrelated to any in.....»»

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GOP Rethinks Surveillance Law Amid Trump"s Russia Leaks

The law allows U.S. intelligence agencies to collect vast amounts of communications from foreigners, but often incidentally scoops up the communications of Americans......»»

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Belarus President: Western intelligence agencies using "fifth column" to undermine my regime

Thomson ReutersMOSCOW (AP) — The president of Belarus says Western intelligence agencies are using a "fifth column" to cause unrest and threaten the stability of his regime. Thousands of people have taken to the streets in the former Soviet republi.....»»

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Sleuths search for fake currency notes in import containers at Chennai port

Delivery of import containers at Chennai port was completely stopped from last night till this afternoon following search by various intelligence agencies on a tip-off that large consignments of fake........»»

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"The damage is done": Trump"s "impulsive worldview" has now been fired at America"s closest ally

Christopher Furlong/Getty ImagesPresident Donald Trump's explosive claims of wiretapping by his predecessor, which have been debunked by the top US congressional intelligence agencies, have cause.....»»

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British intelligence agencies are warning political parties of a Russian hacking threat

Agence France-Presse/Kirill KudryavtsevLONDON (Reuters) - A British intelligence agency has told political parties to protect themselves against potential cyber attacks, citing allegations that Russian hackers tried to .....»»

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CIA contractors likely source of latest WikiLeaks release

Sources said intelligence agencies have been aware since the end of last year of the breach.....»»

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CIA"s Creator Came to Regret It ... Said the CIA Was a "Government All Its Own" Which Was Destroying Democracy

President Truman created the CIA. He explained that it was solely an attempt to consolidate intelligence from many different intelligence agencies (page 285): I needed … the President needed at that time a central organization that would bring a.....»»

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CIA Contractors Potential Source Behind Latest WikiLeaks Release

Intelligence agencies have been aware since the end of last year of the breach, which led to WikiLeaks releasing thousands of pages of information......»»

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CIA Contractors Likely Source of Latest WikiLeaks Release

Intelligence agencies have been .....»»

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