Ukraine Orthodox Church to Win Recognition Despite Russian Warning

The foremost leader in Orthodox Christianity said he would grant Ukraine a self-governing church independent of Russia, handing the former Soviet republic a significant victory in its efforts to reduce the Kremlin’s influence there......»»

Category: topSource: wsjOct 11th, 2018

New Ukrainian Church Gains Independence From Russia

Orthodox Christianity’s foremost leader presented Ukraine’s new church with a decree of independence, ignoring Russian claims that its church has sole authority there and handing Ukraine a victory in its attempts to diminish Russia’s influence......»»

Category: topSource: wsjJan 7th, 2019

Russian church head: Smartphones could precede Antichrist

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church says the data-gathering capacity of devices such as smartphones risks bringing humanity closer to the arrival of the Antichrist......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralJan 8th, 2019

Ukraine Creates "a Church Without Putin"

Ukraine declared the founding of a national Orthodox church independent of Russia, stripping the Kremlin of an instrument it has used for centuries in efforts to dominate its neighbor......»»

Category: topSource: wsjDec 16th, 2018

Russia Plans Long-Range, Early-Warning Radar Station For Crimea In 2019

As both the West and the European-backed government in Ukraine continue to condemn the Russian military build-up in Crimea since it entered Moscow suzerainty in .....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeNov 29th, 2018

Ukraine Deploys Reservists To 10 Border Provinces As President Warns Of "Russian Invasion"

Galvanizing support by warning about an imminent Russian invasion, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko managed to win app.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeNov 26th, 2018

Ukraine Churchgoers Gain Ally in Challenge to Moscow

The foremost bishop in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Patriarch Bartholomew I, is preparing to grant Ukraine’s request to establish a self-governing church—and undermine Russia’s claim to the country’s 30 million believers......»»

Category: topSource: wsjSep 12th, 2018

"Dangerous Idea": Russia Slams Plans To Hold US-Ukrainian Drills In Black Sea

The Russian Foreign Ministry slammed upcoming joint US-Ukraine military exercises.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeFeb 12th, 2019

Russian, Ukrainian defendants among those charged with hacking SEC system in trading scheme

Federal authorities on Tuesday filed charges accusing eight people, including individuals from Russia and Ukraine, of hacking into a government database holding corporate secrets in a scheme that led........»»

Category: topSource: washpostJan 16th, 2019

Justice Remains Elusive in Ukraine, Widening Door to Russian Influence

Attacks on dozens of activists across Ukraine illustrate the government’s feeble grip on regions where corrupt politicians, cops and mobsters hold sway, offering up a kind of lawlessness that could allow Russia to penetrate deeper into Ukraine......»»

Category: topSource: wsjDec 29th, 2018

Putin Oversees Testing Of Supposed ‘Invulnerable’ Nuclear Missile

At a time when Russian President Vladimir Putin is testing the international communities patience, after heightening tensions with Ukraine — he is now boasting about the potential effectivenes.....»»

Category: blogSource: valuewalkDec 28th, 2018

The Latest: Putin warns of growing threat of nuclear war

The Latest on Russian President Vladimir Putin's annual news conference (all times local): 12:55 p.m. Russian President Vladimir Putin is warning about the rising threat of a nuclear war......»»

Category: topSource: foxnewsDec 20th, 2018

New Ukrainian Church Marks a Victory for President

Ukraine on Saturday founded its own national church, endorsed by the foremost leader of global Orthodoxy......»»

Category: topSource: wsjDec 17th, 2018

Ukraine"s President Says "High" Threat Of Russian Invasion, Urges NATO Entry In Next 5 Years

Perhaps still seeking to justify imposing martial law o.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeDec 17th, 2018

Nord Stream 2 can be justified if Ukraine"s interests safeguarded

Germany's economy minister said he believed the Russian-backed Nord Stream 2 pipeline can go ahead while preserving Ukraine's vital interests, but that Berlin is also in talks to diversify its energy supply with liquefied natural gas......»»

Category: topSource: reutersDec 16th, 2018

New Satellite Imagery Shows Hundreds Of Russian Battle Tanks Amassing On Ukraine Border 

Ukraine's president has recently warned Russian tanks are amassing along the border between the two countries amid increasing tensions. The comments came late last month after three Ukrainian naval boats were seized in the Kerch Strait .....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeDec 11th, 2018

U.S. Flies Recon Plane Over Ukraine In Provocative "Warning" To Russia

The Pentagon confirmed Thursday it conducted a provocative military reconnaissance flyover of Ukraine following heightened tensions in the wake of the Nov. 25 .....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeDec 7th, 2018

U.S. Military Plane Flies Over Ukraine in Warning to Russia

The Pentagon said it carried out a rare flight over Ukraine under the international Open Skies Treaty to “reaffirm U.S. commitment to Ukraine” amid heightened Russia-Ukraine tensions......»»

Category: topSource: wsjDec 7th, 2018

Ukraine navy vows to hold firm against Russian aggression

Ukraine navy vows to hold firm against Russian aggression.....»»

Category: videosSource: videonewsindexDec 4th, 2018

Merkel, Putin agree to four-way talks on Kerch Strait

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed on Saturday to hold further talks about events in the Kerch Strait at the advisor level between Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany, her spokesman said......»»

Category: topSource: reutersDec 1st, 2018

Ukraine Bans Adult Russian Males From Entering Country

“At checkpoints, reinforced control measures are being implemented. Today, the entry of forei.....»»

Category: blogSource: valuewalkNov 30th, 2018