USDJPY Elliott Wave View: Ending 5 Waves Impulse Soon

USDJPY Short-term Elliott wave cycle from 5/04 low 108.62 is showing 5 waves impulse structure calling for a 3 wave pullback soon from 111.12-111.39 area.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMay 18th, 2018

VOX Elliott Wave View: Calling For A Bounce Soon

VOX short-term view suggests that the instrument is close ending the 5 waves decline from 88.35 high and soon it should do a bounce in.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMay 9th, 2018

Elliott Wave View: FTSE Can See Another Leg Higher

This article explains the short term Elliott Wave path for FTSE. The Index can see more upside due to the 5 waves move from Dec 27, 2018 low......»»

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Elliott Wave View: FTSE should extend higher after 5 waves move

This article and video explains the near term path for FTSE. Direction of next move is likely higher provided it can hold the proposed invalidation level.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJan 16th, 2019

Elliott Wave View: 5 Waves Rally in Alibaba (BABA)

This article and video shows the short term Elliott Wave path for Alibaba (BABA). It gives the next price target as well as alternate view.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJan 15th, 2019

Elliott wave Analysis: USDJPY Unfolding A Correction; More Weakness in View

Hi traders,USD made a new reversal this week so USD index and EURUSD remains trapped in consolidation, so rather than focusing on these two we will look at other, more clear wave pattern......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesDec 5th, 2018

Elliott wave Analysis: USDJPY Eyeing 112.65 Zone

As expected, USDJPY dropped perfectly from 114 area in an impulsive manner, so seems like it can be unfolding five waves down into wave A/1......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesNov 29th, 2018

DXY Ending The Elliott Wave Flat Correction

DXY short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the cycle from 8/28/2018 low is doing a Flat correction in cycle degree wave II.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesOct 2nd, 2018

AUDUSD Elliott Wave View: Downside Pressure Remains

AUDUSD shows a 5 waves down from 8/22 high and could see further downside. This article explains the path and also area where it could turn lower.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesAug 24th, 2018

Elliott Wave Analysis: USDJPY Rallying Higher As Impulse

USDJPY rally higher from 7/04/2018 low (110.24) is taking place as impulse looking for 3 wave pullback in Minute wave ((iv)) soon before more upside.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJul 19th, 2018

OIL Elliott Wave Analysis: Rallying Higher In An Impulse Structure

OIL Elliott wave view suggests that the rally from $63.59 low is taking place in an impulse elliott wave structure looking for more upside towards.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJul 3rd, 2018

OIL Elliott Wave Impulse Structure Calling For More Upside

OIL Elliott Wave view suggests that the instrument has broken to new highs already & as far as dips remain above 63.59 low it is expected to see more upside.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJun 28th, 2018

Elliott Wave View: USDJPY Support Around The Corner?

USDJPY is correcting its short-term cycle from 5/29 low as Elliott wave double three structure & expected to see another push lower towards 109.36-.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJun 22nd, 2018

NZDUSD Elliott Wave Analysis: Ready For Recovery?

NZDUSD short-term Elliott Wave view suggests that the decline from 0.7060 high is unfolding as impulse structure and already reached the bouncing area.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJun 20th, 2018

SPX Elliott Wave Analysis: Close To A Pullback?

SPX short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the rally from 4/02/2018 low (2553.53) is extending higher in 5 waves structure as leading diagonal structure.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJun 5th, 2018

USDJPY Elliott Wave view: Calling For Bounces To Fail Ahead of NFP?

USDJPY short-term Elliott wave suggests that the pair is correcting the cycle from 5/21 peak (111.40) cycle and bounces are expected to fail in.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJun 1st, 2018

Elliott Wave View: Russell (TF_F) in Ending Diagonal

Russell (TF_F) short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the rally from 4/02/2018 low is extending higher as leading diagonal in intermediate wave (1).....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMay 31st, 2018

EURUSD Elliott Wave View: Bounces Are Expected To Fail

EURUSD short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the decline from 5/14 peak is unfolding as Elliott wave ending diagonal structure.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMay 29th, 2018

USDX Elliott Wave View: Extending Higher As Impulse

USDX Elliott Wave Short-term view suggests that the rally from 4/17 low (89.22) is extending higher as impulse sequence looking for.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesApr 24th, 2018

Elliott Wave View Suggests Oil to See More Upside

This ar.....»»

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Elliott Wave Analysis: NZDUSD Intra-day View

Hi traders,As expected, the Kiwi is moving nicely within a projected a-b-c correction......»»

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