USDJPY Elliott Wave View: Ending 5 Waves Impulse Soon

USDJPY Short-term Elliott wave cycle from 5/04 low 108.62 is showing 5 waves impulse structure calling for a 3 wave pullback soon from 111.12-111.39 area.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMay 18th, 2018

VOX Elliott Wave View: Calling For A Bounce Soon

VOX short-term view suggests that the instrument is close ending the 5 waves decline from 88.35 high and soon it should do a bounce in.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMay 9th, 2018

DXY Ending The Elliott Wave Flat Correction

DXY short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the cycle from 8/28/2018 low is doing a Flat correction in cycle degree wave II.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesOct 2nd, 2018

AUDUSD Elliott Wave View: Downside Pressure Remains

AUDUSD shows a 5 waves down from 8/22 high and could see further downside. This article explains the path and also area where it could turn lower.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesAug 24th, 2018

Elliott Wave Analysis: USDJPY Rallying Higher As Impulse

USDJPY rally higher from 7/04/2018 low (110.24) is taking place as impulse looking for 3 wave pullback in Minute wave ((iv)) soon before more upside.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJul 19th, 2018

OIL Elliott Wave Analysis: Rallying Higher In An Impulse Structure

OIL Elliott wave view suggests that the rally from $63.59 low is taking place in an impulse elliott wave structure looking for more upside towards.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJul 3rd, 2018

OIL Elliott Wave Impulse Structure Calling For More Upside

OIL Elliott Wave view suggests that the instrument has broken to new highs already & as far as dips remain above 63.59 low it is expected to see more upside.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJun 28th, 2018

Elliott Wave View: USDJPY Support Around The Corner?

USDJPY is correcting its short-term cycle from 5/29 low as Elliott wave double three structure & expected to see another push lower towards 109.36-.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJun 22nd, 2018

NZDUSD Elliott Wave Analysis: Ready For Recovery?

NZDUSD short-term Elliott Wave view suggests that the decline from 0.7060 high is unfolding as impulse structure and already reached the bouncing area.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJun 20th, 2018

SPX Elliott Wave Analysis: Close To A Pullback?

SPX short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the rally from 4/02/2018 low (2553.53) is extending higher in 5 waves structure as leading diagonal structure.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJun 5th, 2018

USDJPY Elliott Wave view: Calling For Bounces To Fail Ahead of NFP?

USDJPY short-term Elliott wave suggests that the pair is correcting the cycle from 5/21 peak (111.40) cycle and bounces are expected to fail in.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJun 1st, 2018

Elliott Wave View: Russell (TF_F) in Ending Diagonal

Russell (TF_F) short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the rally from 4/02/2018 low is extending higher as leading diagonal in intermediate wave (1).....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMay 31st, 2018

EURUSD Elliott Wave View: Bounces Are Expected To Fail

EURUSD short-term Elliott wave view suggests that the decline from 5/14 peak is unfolding as Elliott wave ending diagonal structure.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMay 29th, 2018

USDX Elliott Wave View: Extending Higher As Impulse

USDX Elliott Wave Short-term view suggests that the rally from 4/17 low (89.22) is extending higher as impulse sequence looking for.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesApr 24th, 2018

Tesla Elliott Wave View: Favoring More Downside To Proceed

Tesla short-term Elliott wave view suggests that stock is showing lower low sequence from 8/07/2018 peak favoring more downside to come against.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesOct 9th, 2018

Apple Nesting Higher As Elliott Wave Impulse Structure

Apple ticker symbol: $AAPL short-term price action suggests that the stock is nesting higher as impulse structure looking to extend higher 1 more time.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesOct 5th, 2018

YM_F Elliott Wave: Started Nesting Higher In Next Leg Higher

YM_F Elliott wave view suggests that index is having a higher high sequence favoring more upside as far as dips remain above 26349 low.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesOct 3rd, 2018

USDCAD Is Impulsively Falling; 1.2760 in View - Elliott Wave analysis

We can see strong USD since last week which may continue at the start of the week as plenty of major pairs shows incomplete patterns......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesOct 1st, 2018

Elliott wave Analysis: CORN Ending a Correction

Hi traders,On CORN we are tracking a bigger triangle correction, which can be in late stages......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesSep 28th, 2018

More Gains in View on EURAUD - Elliott wave Analysis

On the 4h chart of EURAUD we see an impulsive structure from 1.5600 region followed by a new three-wave correction from the highs, which looks to be a minor wave iv......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesSep 20th, 2018

Netflix Elliott Wave View: Dips Expected To Remain Supported

Netflix Elliott wave view suggests that the pullback to $335.67 low ended an intermediate wave (2) & while above their dips are expected to remain supported.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesSep 20th, 2018