Using Factor Analysis To Explain The Performance Of Dividend Strategies

Using Factor Analysis To Explain The Performance Of Dividend Strategies.....»»

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Replicating Fundamental Indexing With Factor Tilts

The proliferation of smart beta strategies has raised questions about the relationship between the core risk factors that have formed the foundation of quantitative investment analysis for decades and the growing factor zoo of.....»»

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Companies with the Lowest Dividend Yields Are Driving Performance

In the month of January, the most important factor correlation to performance of developed .....»»

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Good Behavior With This Active Dividend ETF

Behavioral finance attempts to explain investors' decision via combination of behavioral and cognitive analysis coupled with standard economic and financial study. While still a new school of financial thought and analysis, behavioral finance is undoubted.....»»

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Should You Buy High-Growth Dividend Funds?

Previously, I analyzed the performance of some of the leading and largest actively managed mutual funds that focus on high-dividend strategies. Today, I’ll examine the strategy of investing in companies that have shown persistent growth in dividends. Bu.....»»

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Do High-Dividend Strategies Add Value? Part I

In the past, my practice has been to evaluate the performance of actively managed mutual funds from a given fund family, assessing their performance relative to the performance of comparable passively managed funds, as well as running regression analyses .....»»

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Apple And Boeing: Option Income Strategies For 2 High-Flying Dividend Stocks

Apple And Boeing: Option Income Strategies For 2 High-Flying Dividend Stocks.....»»

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2017 Analyst Note: Tracking The Persistence Of PE Managers’ Performance

In the latest research note from the PitchBook Private Equity Analysis tea.....»»

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Deep Dive: Why you might want to avoid these 30 dividend stocks

Management CV gauges financial and management performance to anticipate which companies might cut their dividends......»»

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Macquarie: Central Bank Quantitative Interest Rate Repression Creates “Slaves”

While central bank interest rate policy has been a relatively muted factor in stock market performance recently – successive rate hik.....»»

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Dividend Stock Analysis: Colgate-Palmolive Co.

Dividend Stock Analysis: Colgate-Palmolive Co......»»

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Better Index Investing: The Benefits of Multi-Factor Security Selection

By J.P. Morgan Asset Management via Yaz Romahi, portfolio manager and CIO for Quantitative Beta Strategies, explains hi.....»»

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Are We At Peak Factor Investing?

A Hot Investment Style Looks Great in the Rearview Mirror Investment vehicles designed based on past performance might just disappoint in the future. Bloomberg, July 12, 2017       Our story thus .....»»

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Microsoft Unveils Software to Enhance Employee Productivity

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) recently launched its long awaited employee performance analysis software called Workplace Analytics. Microsoft Corp. .....»»

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Kinder Morgan: Dividend Sustainability and Growth Analysis

Kinder Morgan: Dividend Sustainability and Growth Analysis.....»»

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Why Frontier Communications Corp. Shares Fell 11.5% in June

Ironically, a pessimistic analysis of Frontier's dividend policy drove share prices lower and dividend yields higher......»»

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What"s Holding Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF Back So Far in 2017?

The Vanguard dividend ETF hasn't managed to match the market's performance. Find out why......»»

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O"Reilly Price Target Slashed 25% Amid Warning; Weather Just One Factor Pressuring Sales

Shares of O'Reilly Automotive Inc (NASDAQ: ORLY) lost around 20 percent after reporting poor performance in its second-quarter comp sales report. Latest Ratings for ORLY Dat.....»»

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12 Ways To Save More Money For Your Dividend Portfolio

This is a guest post by Jim Wang. Jim shares his best strategies and tactics for getting ahead financially and in life at Wallet Hacks, you can get his email newsletter absolutely free plus learn the money power tools he [….....»»

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Is Bank of the Ozarks Stock Worth a Look Post Dividend Hike?

Bank of the Ozarks (OZRK) announced a 2.9% hike in its quarterly cash dividend. Let's dig deeper into the bank's financial performance and fundamentals to understand the risk and reward. Bank of the Ozarks, Inc. OZRK anno.....»»

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Quant Strategies: H1 2017 Performance Update

Quant Strategies: H1 2017 Performance Update.....»»

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