Want to Give a Great Presentation? Ban the PowerPoint and Burn the Podium

Read this article to learn some simple techniques to make sure you give a great presentation......»»

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John Huber Talks @Google – Why Do Well-Known Stocks Get Mispriced?

Last week I had the great experience of visiting Google in the Mountain View, California, where I had the chance to give a presentation to employees at Google who are interested in investing. During my visit, I had the chance [.....»»

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Little Moments, Or How To Give A Great Speech

I was supposed to give a presentation at the GuruFocus conference in Omaha, a day before Berkshire Hathaway annual me.....»»

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10 tips to give a presentation that doesn"t put people to sleep

Reuters/Phil NobleThere are few experiences more demoralizing than looking out at your audience during a presentation and seeing one of your coworkers out cold. Okay, so he was probably just tired. But a great presentation keeps your listen.....»»

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15 Good Debate Topics for Middle School in 2018

15 good debate topics for middle school in 2018 will give you some great ideas if you’re a middle school teacher. Debate topics can often.....»»

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How great storytelling helped give birth to the marketplace

Cogito ergo sum. French philosopher Rene Descartes proposed this idea in 1637, which translates to “I think, therefore I am.” Certainly the power of abstract thought is what separates humans from other animals. Anthropologists now believe.....»»

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9 Ways to Source Some Great Talent for Your Company

Give yourself a real edge over your competitors by using these tips to find the best talent around.....»»

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Looking To Hire? 9 Solid Ways to Find Great Talent

Give yourself a real edge over your competitors by using these tips to find the best talent around.....»»

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Want to Be a Great Leader? The Smartest Ones Start by Doing These 4 Rare Things

If you want your employees to respect you and give you exceptional performance, adopt these four behaviors of the best leaders......»»

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Charles Munger – Sometimes We Sell Stocks Because We Feel Like It!

We’ve just been watching Tom Russo’s recent talk to the folks at Google. Just at the end of his presentation (52:39) Russo recalls a great story about Charles Mung.....»»

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President Trump Tells Republican Donors China"s "President for Life" Plan Is A Great Idea That Could Happen in U.S. Some Day

“President for life. And he’s great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot some day,” Donald Trump said......»»

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Need to Create Energy at Your Next Meeting? 8 Exercises That Will Break the Ice and Build Teamwork

Pause the presentation and give meeting participants the chance to . . . participate.....»»

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How Philanthropy Makes Everyone Better

There are so many great causes your team may be passionate about...if you give them a voice......»»

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Two dermatologists tell us why sex is actually good for your skin

ABC According to a pair of dermatologists, sex provides great health benefits to your skin. The increased blood flow and reduced hormone levels that you get through intercourse give you a better complexion.  You can prevent menstrual acne flareu.....»»

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Why You Should Make a Candidate Give a Presentation (and 11 Other Tricks for Hiring Rock Stars)

Here's how to hire the brightest and most motivated people for your team, according to people who know what they're doing when it comes to finding the perfect fit......»»

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David Einhorn – “Don’t Sit Around Trying To Figure Out The Precise Value Of Stocks”

David Einhorn recently did a great presentation with the team.....»»

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BLJ: Buffalo-area law firms step up diversity initiatives

In an effort to bring diverse experiences to the firm, Hodgson Russ recently invited TheArthur Duncan, a Buffalo criminal defense attorney, to give a lunchtime presentation. Duncan, who overcame a felony conviction and many setbacks on his path to b.....»»

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Alshon Jeffery made an all-time great Super Bowl catch to give the Eagles the first touchdown of the game

NBC/NFL The Philadelphia Eagles took the lead on an incredible touchdown catch from wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. Jeffery skied for a 34-yard p.....»»

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Kim Jong Un"s Olympics? South Koreans Burn Dictator"s Effigy During North Korea"s Delegation Visit

President Moon Jae-in asked South Koreans to give the inter-Korean collaboration a chance.....»»

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The Secret of a Great Presentation

Don't Overthink It, and Here's How........»»

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Why did the ‘best ideas fund’, established by the Capital Group, continually underperform?

Here’s a great presentation by Mohnish Pabrai to the folks at Go.....»»

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