Weekend Reading: What You Do Matters Most

Authored by Lance Robe.....»»

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PHOTOS: Two new dessert shops open in Folsom

If your New Year's resolutions involved giving up sweets, stop reading. Don't say we didn't warn you. Two new dessert shops debuted this past weekend: Pretty Sweet in Folsom's Palladio at Broadstone, and Whips Desserts in the Commonwealth Square shop.....»»

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Weekend Reading: The "Brawny" Market

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Yesterday, as I was researching the data on the Fed’s balance sheet as it relates to the future direction of intere.....»»

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Weekend Reading: Ignorance Is No Excuse

Authored by Lance Roberts via, The “tax bill cometh.” According to the press, this is going to be the single biggest factor .....»»

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Weekend Reading: Recession Risk Hidden In Tax Bill

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Since the election, equity bulls have been pinning.....»»

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Weekend Reading: Keeping You Awake At Night

Authored by Lance Roberts via, In her last testimony before Congress as head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen made a curious statement: “I would simply say that I am very worried a.....»»

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Weekend Reading: You Have Been Warned

Authored by L.....»»

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Weekend Reading: It"s The Debt, Stupid

Authored by Lance Roberts via, As I noted last Friday, the recently approved budget was an a.....»»

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Weekend Reading: Will Tax Reform Deliver As Expected?

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInv.....»»

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Weekend Reading: Markets Love Central Banks - No Matter What They Do

Authored by Lance Roberts via, I discussed yesterday, the apparent “myth” of the Fed’s proposed “balanc.....»»

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Weekend Reading: Dow 24,000 By Christmas

Authored by Lance Roberts via, This past week, the Dow crested 23000 sending the networks into a “tizz.....»»

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Weekend Reading: $7 Trillion To Manipulate Prices

Authoreed by Lance Roberts via, As the stock market continues to press new highs, the level of optimism climbs with.....»»

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5 things to know for Wednesday, including where you can watch the mighty Portland Thorns this weekend

It's going to be a big news day, Portland. And that's all we can say about that for now. We'll just say this: If you're reading this before 8 a.m., check your in-boxes in about the next 45 minutes or so. Until then, here're today's Five Things. Ne.....»»

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Weekend Reading: Bull Market In Complacency

Authored by Lance Roberts via, .....»»

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Weekend Reading: Tax Cut Wish List

Authored by Lance Roberts via, On Wednesday, the President announced his plan to cut taxes f.....»»

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Weekend Reading: Yellen Takes Away The Punchbowl

Authored by Lance Roberts via, September 20th, 2017 will l.....»»

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Weekend Reading: They"re Baaaccckkk!

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmen.....»»

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Weekend Reading: The "Real" Vampire Squid

Authored by Lance Roberts via, First, it was Hurricane “Harvey” and an expected $180.....»»

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Weekend Reading: Harvey & The Broken Window Fallacy

Weekend Reading: Harvey & The Broken Window Fallacy.....»»

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Weekend Reading: Storm Warning

Authored by Lance Roberts via, No, I am not talking about “Hurricane Harvey” whic.....»»

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Weekend Reading: Losing Faith?

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Last week, I penned the following: “Now, you would suspect the possibi.....»»

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