Weinstein Speaks: "We All Make Mistakes"

"I got to get help," began Harvey Weinstein in his first public response since multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct, adding rather nonchalantly that "we all make mistakes." As The Hill reports, Weinstein spoke to report.....»»

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3 mistakes companies make when fostering a culture of innovation

Given the rapid pace of change today, it’s no surprise that many leaders want to create a culture of innovation to stay relevant. Yet, in my work as an innovation and growth-strategy consultant, I consistently see organizations make the follow.....»»

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Why did newsrooms make so many mistakes this week? 

 The Atlantic senior .....»»

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A dermatologist explains the mistakes everyone makes after working out

Dr. Melanie Grossman, a dermatologist based in New York City, explains the biggest mistakes men make after wor.....»»

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3 bad mistakes even the best parents make

STX Entertainment You can be a great parent and still make some mistakes. Even well-intentioned parents sometimes let their kids give up too easily. Praising a child's talent rather than effort can lead .....»»

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3 Bad Mistakes Even Good Parents Make

Good intentions aren't enough to put your kid on the path to success. You also need knowledge......»»

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4 mistakes couples make when they move in together that could cost them a fortune

Lucas Jackson/Reuters Moving in with a significant other isn't just a big emotional step — it's also a big financial one. Four common mistakes couples make at this stage of life are not having a relationship agreement, not crea.....»»

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5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Throughout Their Startup Journeys

The best of us are guilty of the silliest startup blunders......»»

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5 common mistakes people make after a rough breakup

Universal Pictures The only way to fully get over a breakup i.....»»

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9 résumé mistakes that make you look less qualified, less impressive, and less intelligent than you really are

Shutterstock Any hiring manager will tell you that when it comes to your résumé,.....»»

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Profiting From Investor Misbehaviour

All investors make errors which can often be traced back to a behavioural bias or emotional mistake. If under certain circumstances these mistakes are systematic, then it is not a str.....»»

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Do You Make These 3 Mistakes? If So, Your Company Has Bad Customer Service

Bad customer service almost always comes down to the same common problems......»»

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3 Horrifying Retiree Money Mistakes

Make one or more of these common retiree money mistakes, and you could be doomed to a life of poverty......»»

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6 Embarrassing Grammatical Mistakes Smart People Are Making Publicly

These blunders are so common, and easy to make......»»

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The 3 biggest mistakes millennials make with their money time and time again

Strelka/Flickr Douglas Boneparth, co-author of "Millennial Money Fix," shares the three biggest mistakes he sees millennials make that hold them back from financial success. Too often young people don't identify what they want to save for, or c.....»»

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Recruiters toss résumés with spelling mistakes straight into the trash — here are 4 tips to make sure that doesn"t happen to you


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8 Money Mistakes Almost All Entrepreneurs Make

Spending too much isn't the problem--spending on the wrong things at the wrong time is......»»

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5 mistakes people make with to-do lists that make them impossible to complete

Strelka/Flickr Author Laura Vanderkam bought .....»»

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The Fed Monetary Lunacy?

How often do central bankers, regulators, corporate leaders, lawyers, politicians, and ordinary investors make the same mistakes over and over again? All the time. [REITS] If we stopped erasing our memories and for once learned fro.....»»

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A top hedge fund recruiter explains how founders can make sure they hire the best talent

Ilana Weinstein Ilana Weinstein is the founder of The IDW Group, which focuses on recruiting investment talent for all .....»»

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There is a completely new kind of flyer to cater to: IndiGo"s Aditya Ghosh

Do we make mistakes? Yes. Are we perfect? No. Are we constantly trying to improve? Absolutely yes: Aditya Ghosh.....»»

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