What"s In Store For Summer Gasoline Prices?

What"s In Store For Summer Gasoline Prices?.....»»

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Gasoline prices get cheaper ahead of summer driving

Hold up on buying gasoline for a week, and t.....»»

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Commodities Corner: AAA forecasts a decline in summer gas prices

The summer driving season has just begun, but gasoline prices at the pump may be ready to drop following steep declines in the price of crude oil......»»

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Have Gasoline Prices Peaked For 2019?

Authored by Tsvetana Paraskova via, U.S. gasoline prices jumped the most since 2011 between New Year’s Day and early May this year, a few weeks before the unofficial start of the summer driving season - Memorial Day. But the national avera.....»»

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Gas Prices Expected to Continue Sliding

Gasoline prices were sharply lower for this year's Memorial Day weekend compared with last year's price. The good news for drivers is that prices should continue falling as summer driving heads........»»

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US raises forecast for summer gasoline prices

Gasoline for that summer road trip will cost a bit more than experts in the federal government were expecting just a month ago......»»

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EIA Raises Expectations for Crude Oil Prices and US Crude Production

The new EIA short-term forecast calls for both higher oil prices and higher U.S. crude oil production. U.S. consumers should brace for slightly higher prices at the gasoline pump this summer......»»

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Summer Gas Prices Will Be Lower This Year

Summer gasoline prices are forecast to be nearly a dime a gallon lower this year than they were last summer. Good news for Americans who will be hitting the roads this summer......»»

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Energy agency predicts lower gasoline prices this summer

Gasoline prices are expected to be slightly lower this summer than they were a year ago because oil is cheaper. .....»»

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Gas Prices Continue to Soar, All States See Increases

The average price for a gallon of gas in the United States last week was around $2.62, flat with the week earlier price. Refineries are switching to summer grade fuel causing gasoline and diesel........»»

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$3 gas coming soon as demand jumps and crude oil prices rise

Prices at the pump are expected to top $3 a gallon for unleaded gasoline in many parts of the country in coming weeks, as summer driving season approaches......»»

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EIA forecasts a nearly 14% rise in summer retail gasoline prices

The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecast a nearly 14% year-over-year rise in summer gasoline prices on the back of expectations for higher crude oil prices, according to a report released Tuesday. The agency forecast an average retail price .....»»

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Commodities Corner: EIA forecasts 14% spike in summer gasoline prices

U.S. drivers can expect to pay much higher prices at the pump this summer than last, as prices for crude-oil climb, according to the Energy Information Administration’s Summer Fuels Outlook report released Tuesday......»»

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US Gasoline Prices to Jump 14% This Summer

U.S. drivers can expect to pay an average of 33 cents a gallon more this summer for gas. The average price will also be higher for the full year and an average household will spend almost $200 more........»»

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US National Average Gasoline Price Slips Slightly

Pump prices for gasoline ticked lower last week but that may be only a temporary reprieve for motorists as the summer driving season approaches......»»

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Sign of a pricey summer? Gas prices climb above $3.50 in several major California cities

The price of a gallon of regular gasoline has risen above $3.50 in every major city in California. It is a harbinger of things to come if oil prices spike.....»»

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Commodities Corner: U.S. gasoline prices could top $3 this summer thanks to Iran and Venezuela

Average U.S. gasoline prices at the pump have already climbed to levels not seen since late 2014, but could rise to $3 a gallon or more this summer......»»

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Rising gas prices set epic summer clash with America's devotion to SUVs

USA TODAY's Nathan Bomey reports on the rise of gasoline prices as the summer approaches, drive.....»»

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Gas Is Headed for $3. What That Means for the U.S. Economy

Drivers gearing up for trips this summer face escalating prices at the gasoline pump, an early sign that $70-a-barrel oil is starting to reach into consumers’ wallets......»»

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Gas Prices Surge to $2.93 Nationwide

The average price for a gallon of gasoline nationwide has increased 24% in a year. It is too early to know whether $3 a gallon gasoline will curtail the plans of some people to drive this summer......»»

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Saudi Oil Production Jumps In June Despite Drop In Oil Demand: OPEC

It will probably not come as a surprise that at a time when both Trump, and Saudi Arabia, are pressing OPEC to reverse the 1.5 year long OPEC agreement and pump more oil so US gasoline prices dont soar in the summer m.....»»

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