What Will Happen to Net Neutrality After Senate Votes To Save Protections?

Senate voted Wednesday to reinstate Obama-era net neutrality rules that the Federal Communications Commission repealed last December......»»

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Senate Votes To Save Net Neutrality

The Senate voted on Wednesday to restore the FCC's rules on net neutrality, passing a bill which will probably die on the floor of the House, but may ignite a fierce debate among Democrats ahead of midterm elections. Senate .....»»

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Senate votes to save net neutrality rules

The Senate on Wednesday voted to reinstate the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) net neutrality rules, passing a bill that has little chance of advancing in the House but offers net n.....»»

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Net neutrality's old rules are a thing of the past. Here's what could happen next

For net neutrality supporters, a battle for votes in the House remains. Nearly 50 more lawmakers must sign a discharge petition in order to force a vot.....»»

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Net neutrality rules are repealed. Here's what could happen next.

A battle for votes in the House remains. Nearly 50 more lawmakers must sign a discharge p.....»»

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Senators propose net neutrality protections in NC

A pair of North Carolina senators are pushing forward a bill that would make net neutrality protections state law.   Senate Bill 736, filed Wednesday in the North Carolina Senate by Sens. Jay Chaudhuri (D-Wake) and Mike Woodard (D-Caswell, Durham, .....»»

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New York"s fight to rescue net neutrality

The Senate voted to save net neutrality this week following its repeal by the Federal Communications Commission. But the battle to retain a free and open internet is far from over, and New York is... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Senate votes in favor of restoring FCC"s net-neutrality rules, BI reports

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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Democrats hope net neutrality issue will win votes this fall

Senate Democrats, joined by three Republicans, pushed through a measure intended to revive Obama-era internet rules that ensured equal treatment for all web traffic, though opposition in the House and the White House seems insurmountable......»»

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Senate Votes to Halt the Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules

The net neutrality rules were enacted in 2015 to keep internet providers from slowing down or block.....»»

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The Wall Street Journal: Senate votes to reinstate net neutrality, but odds of restoration remain slim

The Senate voted Wednesday to reinstate Obama-era open-internet rules, handing a symbolic defeat to the Trump administration over its efforts to roll back those regulations......»»

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Senate votes to overturn FCC"s net neutrality repeal

The Senate on Wednesday voted to overturn the Federal Communications Commission's rollback of Obama-era "net neutrality" regulations. Democrats and Republican Sens. Susan Collins, John Kennedy.....»»

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Senate votes for net neutrality return, but major hurdles remain

Senate Democrats on Wednesday voted to reinstate 2015 FCC rules preventing broadband services from blo.....»»

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Senate takes first step to save net neutrality rules, voting to overturn FCC action

The Senate on Wednesday narrowly advanced a.....»»

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Senate expected to narrowly back effort to save net neutrality rules

The Senate on Wednesday is expected to narrowly approve.....»»

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Senate vote to save net neutrality set for Wednesday

Democrats are forcing Republicans in the Senate to vote whether they'll preserve the Obama-era rules......»»

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Tech Firms and Democrats Think They Can Still Save Net Neutrality. Here’s How Their Last-Ditch Attempt Would Work

They might find success in the Senate......»»

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Capitol Report: Wait, what? Democrats were the majority in the U.S. Senate this week

Senate Democrats held a majority of votes in the chamber this week as Republican senators skipped out on the work this week that had been insisted on by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.....»»

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Congress is set to grill the FCC"s chairman for falsely claiming his agency was hit with a cyberattack — here"s how it could affect the war over net neutrality

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai should expect some tough questions at a Senate hearing last week. Last we.....»»

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Wisconsin GOP leader: Not enough votes for paper plants bill

A Republican co-chair of the Legislature's budget committee said Monday there are not enough votes in the Senate to pass a tax break bill designed to keep open a pair of Kimberly-Clark Corp. plants in northeast Wisconsin, saving more than 600 jobs......»»

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Senate GOP moves to avert shutdown; Trump touts its potential benefits

“I happen to think it’s a great political thing,” the president said of shutting down the government to get border wall money......»»

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