Who the experts think will be the World Cup winner and top scorer

Alex Livesey/Getty Images Bra.....»»

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A "Record Divergence": Why The Market Thinks The US Is The Absolute Trade War Winner

One of the fascinating things about the US stock market has been the resilience with which US stocks have decoupled from the troubles in the rest of the world, .....»»

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Open Office Spaces Must Evolve to Compete in a WeWork World, Experts Say

Projects like the new Ampersand, in San Diego’s Mission Valley, seek to offer office configurations and amenities to compete with providers such as WeWork. Credit: Casey Brown Co.The long-hailed concept of.....»»

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A Closer Look at Turkey’s Economy

The Turkish economic disaster caught many of the world's global financial experts by surprise, so it is no wonder that the catastrophe has roiled the markets so badly......»»

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A 24-year-old is going ahead with a controversial plan to trap plastic floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Some experts are worried.

The Ocean Cleanup There's a mind-boggling amount of trash in the world's oceans, with much o.....»»

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Huawei Just Passed Apple in Smartphone Sales for the First Time Ever. Here’s Why CEO Tim Cook ‘Couldn’t Be Happier’

China's Huawei is now the number two smartphone seller in the world. Apple is now a bronze medal winner, at least when it comes to smartphone sales. Huawei has outperformed Apple in .....»»

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We tested portrait mode on three of the top smartphones in the world, and there"s a clear winner

Avery Hartmans/Business Insider When Apple introduced portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus nearly two years ago, it became a much talked-about and sought-after feature.  A phone that could give your photos that c.....»»

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GLG vastly expands downtown Austin office to connect more businesses with experts

Gerson Lehrman Group is one of the world's largest "expert networks" — it charges clients for connecting them with experts in a variety of fields, from technology to banking to product development. It it based in New York City but has its largest .....»»

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Tech leaders: killer robots would be ‘dangerously destabilizing’ force in the world

Thousands of artificial intelligence experts are calling on governments to take preemptive action before it’s too late......»»

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Tech Leaders Call for Ban on Killer Robots

Thousands of the world’s leading tech experts have called for a ban on autonomous weapons, arguing that the ri.....»»

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Big banks like Goldman Sachs spectacularly failed to predict the World Cup winner — here"s why

Five major banks predicted the outcome of the World Cup in Russia, but all but one got it wrong. Goldman Sachs forecast that Brazil would l.....»»

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China Building a Free Trade Network

China Building a Free Trade Network Amid a revival of unilateralism and protectionism across the globe, experts hail efforts to safeguard multilateralism and build an open world economy. China and the Euro.....»»

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WTO"s credibility, survival at risk as trade war looms, report warns

The credibility and survival of the World Trade Organization is under "serious threat" as major economies put up protectionist barriers, independent experts warned on Tuesday......»»

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The winner of the World Cup final gets an extra $10 million

Pavel Golovkin/AP It is becoming increasing.....»»

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In the battle of the IPOs, the winner is...

NASDAQ vs NYSE. It is a big decision when a company IPOs. The five biggest companies in the world are now all listed on one of these New York exchanges. Spotify listed on NYSE. Who will Tencent Music choose?.....»»

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Nike Stays Put as Dow’s Top-Performing Stock

Nike held on as the top-performing Dow stock last week, adding just over 1% to its share price. Two Nike-sponsored teams will contest the World Cup on Sunday, so the company is already a winner in........»»

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The world is running out of gold: Mining experts warn

Experts across the industry said we could soon hit 'peak gold' - the point at which gold discoveries start to decline as there are no more new resources to discover......»»

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The Real World Cup Winner? Online Gambling.

The Real World Cup Winner? Online Gambling......»»

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For Portugal, It"s All About Ronaldo in Loss to Uruguay

Ronaldo, the best scorer on the planet, ran into the best defense in Portugal’s 2-1 defeat to Uruguay, in what could be his last World Cup performance......»»

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World Cup Group G Scenarios: Why England Might Be Better Off Losing Their Final Game

England and Belgium meet on Thursday to determine the winner of Group G......»»

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SBA 2018 winner video spotlight: Vaco Memphis

According to executive partner Kirk Johnston, what sets Vaco Memphis apart from its competitors is its people.  "We have industry experts who have worked in the fields that they're now serving," he said. The company offers recruiting and consulting se.....»»

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