Why are women only saving half as much as men for retirement?

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If you're in your 50s, here's how to get serious about planning for retirement

People in their 50s should focus on saving more and eliminating bad debt, financial advisers say. Once you reach the half-century mark, you can put an extra $6,000 in your 401(k) accou.....»»

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Early retirement is doable but tricky. Here’s how.

Most of the early retirees profiled by CNNMoney didn’t inherit a fortune or win the lottery — they retired early by saving at least half of their income......»»

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Out of reach? Why women have to save twice as much as men for retirement

Women make up about half of the U.S. workforce, own almost 12 million businesses and 40% of women are the breadwinners in their households.....»»

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Millennials are finally going to get a break from a retirement system that has been rigged against them for decades

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) There has been a seismic reversal in retirement saving patterns in the UK. In 2012, fewer than half of Brits were able to save for retirement. Now 71.4% are enrolled in a pension plan of some kind, thanks to a new l.....»»

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Half of Americans Aren’t Saving for Retirement. Here’s How to Do Better

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Here"s a simple strategy for saving millions in retirement

Live large on Social Security? Moving overseas can help couples save hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement over the years......»»

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Most women now see retirement as the 'most liberating phase' of their lives

American women, most who view 70 as the new 50, say retirement will be 'the most liberating phase' of their lives, TD Ameritrade surve.....»»

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More 401(k) Savers Than Ever Are Putting All Their Money in Target-Date Funds. Should You?

This is the first year more than half (50.4%) of 401(k) savers have all of their assets in a target-date funds, investments tailored to an individual account holder’s age and retirement year......»»

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Hollywood can inspire you to save more in your 401(k) for retirement

Saving for retirement is vital. To help you along, use these Hol.....»»

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A 30-year-old who"s saving half her income says kicking 2 daily habits helped her bank an extra $1,000 a month

Courtesy of Angela Rozmyn Angela Rozmyn lives in Seattle with her husband and son and works as a LEED building accreditation professional. They're saving close to 50% o.....»»

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Should saving for retirement or your kids' education come first?

For parents who are trying to decide whether they should save for their kids education or retirement, there is an answer. Buzz60's Natasha Abellard has the story.  .....»»

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Salvini To Cut Migrant Allowance In Half, Saving €400 Million

Italy's populist interior minister, and de facto most important politician, Matteo Salvini has continued his assault on what he vi.....»»

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Starting your career? How to start a retirement fund in your 20s

Saving for retirement may be the last thing 20-somethings want to think about, but now is the best time to start. .....»»

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Are you saving too much for retirement?

You might need less than you think.....»»

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Outside the Box: Are you saving too much for retirement?

You may need less than you think.....»»

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Here"s how much of your income you should be saving for retirement

A new report shows how much people should be saving for retirement, depending on when they start. Most people are falling short......»»

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A 100-year-old retired man with $5M in bank used a timeless tip to build fortune

Orville Rogers is enjoying 40 years of retirement with a nest egg of $5 million because he started saving early......»»

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3 ways women can plan for a better retirement

Leaving the decisions to a spouse is a huge mistake......»»

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Almost Half of the Men Brought Down by the #MeToo Movement Have Been Replaced by Women

Spanning every industry, a new analysis finds. In the year since the #MeToo m.....»»

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Millennials Are Dominating Retirement Savings in America

Automatic saving features put employees on the path to success......»»

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