Why Do Companies Pay Dividends?

There are some good reasons to pay dividends, but it’s not the right move for all companies......»»

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Michael Mauboussin – Share Buybacks Are A Better Alternative For Shareholders Than Dividends

There is much debate about whether companies should increase shareholder value by repurchasing their shares or returning excess cash to shareholders by way of div.....»»

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3 Embarrassingly Cheap Dividend Stocks

High-yield dividend stocks don't necessarily have to come from risky companies and these three stocks are about as stable as dividends get......»»

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Breakingviews: Focus on Shareholders Holds Back U.S. Wage Growth

President Trump claims the Republican tax bill will lead to big raises, but most companies plan to spend profit on buybacks and dividends......»»

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Love Dividends? 3 Stocks You Might Want to Buy

These pipeline companies offer a compelling current yield with visible upside from growth projects in development......»»

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Dividend Underlying Growth Pushes Payouts To All-Time High

Dividends are the investor’s best friend. While companies su.....»»

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Oil Down 5% in a Week: Buy These 4 Mega Cap Stocks on the Dip

It makes sense for investors to add to or initiate positions in the major integrated oil companies that offer long-term stability and consistent dividends. These four are rated Buy at Merrill Lynch........»»

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GE Cut Its Dividends. Here’s What That Means and Why It Matters

Here's why companies pay dividends. General Electric is more than just an outlier on the Dow for being the lowest-pri.....»»

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India seeks hefty dividends from state firms as its revenues falter

All state companies evaluated by the government sought exemptions.....»»

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My 4% Dividend Yield Portfolio: Reinvested The Dividends In 2 Companies

My 4% Dividend Yield Portfolio: Reinvested The Dividends In 2 Companies.....»»

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5 Wall Street Out-of-Favor Stocks With Massive Dividends and Upside

While none of these top stocks have the upside potential of a Google or Amazon from back in the day, the companies do have solid business models and their shares make sense for accounts looking for........»»

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America"s biggest companies are investing more in themselves — and it"s causing a huge shift in the stock market

Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes Investors have historically favored companies that return capital to investors through dividends and share buybacks. That's.....»»

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The Tell: Why returning cash to shareholders hasn’t been good for shareholder returns

Do dividends matter? Not lately—over the past two years, companies have done better if they’ve used their money on themselves rather than their shareholders......»»

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Big Oil"s Suddenly Popular Measure for Success: Break-Even Oil Price

Investors are watching the once-obscure figure at which companies say they can sell oil for a profit, seeking assurance that they will continue paying dividends despite low energy prices......»»

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5 Top Energy Stocks to Buy With Super-Safe Dividends

These five companies offer very safe dividends and the potential for upside price appreciation. That makes them all great total return candidates, and in an expensive market, good ideas for the rest........»»

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S&P Reports Record Dividend Payments, Falling Yields

U.S. companies have been more generous than ever in returning excess cash to shareholders via dividends. However, thanks to the strong performance of the stock market this year, dividend yields are actually lower than they were in 2016. read more.....»»

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Why Do Companies Pay Dividends?

There are some good reasons to pay dividends, but it’s not the right move for all companies......»»

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Companies Hike Dividends –5—% in ‘rd Quarter

Dividend generosity is increasingRelated Stocks: LUV, HP, MA, STX, M, CIK,.....»»

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How to determine if your dividends are safe

As dividend growth investors, our goal is to buy shares in a company that will shower us with cash for decades to come. One of the important things to look out for in our evaluation of companies involves determi.....»»

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Dividend Champions, Contenders & Challengers: The most complete list of US dividend growth stocks available

A long streak of annual dividend increases is a filter to weed out unwanted companies. Companies that pay dividends are able to do that based on earnings growth. A company cannot grow dividends for 25 years in a .....»»

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Three Companies Rewarding Shareholders With a Raise

As dividend growth investors we are trying to identify quality companies with an established track record of annual dividend dividend increases, which are growing earnings, have sustainable dividends, and are ava.....»»

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