Why do we love auto shows?

Detroit's show proves it: Americans still care a lot about what they drive.         Detroit's show proves it: Americans still care a lot about what they drive.        .....»»

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California Inc.: Car industry is rolling into town with L.A. auto shows

Welcome to California Inc., the weekly newsletter of.....»»

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21 popular TV shows that critics hate, but normal people love

Patrick Harbron/NetflixHow much do critics matter? For many TV shows, it seems like not that much. In fact, some of the most critically panned TV shows on t.....»»

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Owning a dog — or its clone — benefits your heart

Do you love your dog? I mean really love your dog? Would you pay $50,000 to clone it? It might be money well spent — because having a dog is good for your cardiovascular health, a new study found. There is a lot of research that shows that hav.....»»

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Sorl Auto Parts (NASDAQ:SORL) Heffx Technical Analysis

Sorl Auto Parts (NASDAQ:SORL) Heffx Technical Analysis Overall, the bias in prices is: Upwards. Short term: Prices are moving. Intermediate term: Prices are trending. Note: this chart shows extraordinary price ac.....»»

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Advance Auto Parts (NYSE:AAP) Bullish Divergence

Advance Auto Parts (NYSE:AAP) Bullish Divergence Overall, the bias in prices is: Downwards. Short term: Prices are stalling. Intermediate term: Prices are trending. Note: this chart shows extraordinary price acti.....»»

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Holy guacamole! How NAFTA drove America"s avocado boom

Love it or loathe it, America's avocado craze shows no sign of fizzling out, but fans of the Mexican staple may not realize they can thank the NAFTA trade deal for ensuring its bountiful supply......»»

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13 Netflix original shows that critics really hate, but normal people love

NetflixNetflix has won over critics with a number of its original series, but the company h.....»»

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6 new fall TV shows that critics hate, but normal people love

CBSThe fall TV season has not been great —for critics, at least.  But broad.....»»

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If you love "Stranger Things," you should watch these 10 shows too

Netflix If you've already binged the newest season of Netflix's "Stranger Things" (and brushed up on all the '80s movie references in the series and other details you missed), then you're probably itching to start another new show. INSIDER worked .....»»

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Dogs Are Better Than People and That"s Why We Love Them More Than Other Humans

New study shows a preference for dogs to adult humans......»»

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The World Series and its ads shows why advertisers still love TV

Alex Gallardo/AP Ratings have been solid for the World Series, which demonstrates the massive amount of advertising exposure big TV events can deliver. To date, the games have generated over 5.1 billion ad impressions and over f.....»»

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Americans Love Amazon, Google and Even Microsoft More Than Apple, New Survey Shows

The iPhone maker banks on passionate customers. What happens when that passion cools?.....»»

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Deals Day: Office complex near Love Field sells; Plano and Frisco properties sell

Real estate investors from throughout the United States are snapping up properties in North Texas, which shows the strength of the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate investment market, including deals in Dallas, Frisco and Plano. Los Angeles-based real.....»»

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This big tax cut for "high fliers" shows why an overhaul is hard

President Donald Trump and Republicans love the idea of cutting taxes. But the hard part comes now as they wrangle over who will see the biggest breaks......»»

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The 25 best TV love stories of the last 25 years

"X Files"Love stories are often hard to execute on TV, because ongoing shows will try to manipulate romances for plot purposes &m.....»»

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These Are the Shows Netflix Users Couldn’t Wait to Watch

'Binge racing' is the new 'binge watching.' Netflix nflx users sure love revivals of broadcast TV shows. Gilmore Girl.....»»

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Conservatives and liberals love wildly different TV shows — here are the top series across the political spectrum

ABC/Eric McCandlessAmerican conservatives and liberals are sharply divided on many issues &mdash.....»»

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Bump Stock Innovator Inspired by People Who 'Love Full Auto' - New York Times

New York TimesBump Stock Innovator Inspired by People Who 'Love Full Auto'New York TimesJeremiah Cottle of Slide Fire demonstrated one of the company's products in a YouT.....»»

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Kevin Love had a funny response to the new All-Star Game format that shows how the changes could be awkward for LeBron James and other stars

Jason Miller/GettyThe NBA announced on Tuesday that it made a big change to the All-Star game by eliminating an East vs. West matchup to have two captains pick teams, playground style. The voting will still be divided .....»»

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"Does your father love your brother more?" The way Chinese parents talk to kids shows how differently they view self-esteem

Michael D'AmbrosiaAmerican Lenora Chu enrolled her young son, Rainey, in the Chinese public school system in Shanghai. The following is .....»»

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