Why Trump Will Remain A Billionaire Despite Giving Sons Control

Donald Trump is handing his Donald Jr. .....»»

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"He wants to remain senator, doesn"t he?": Trump singles out GOP senator sitting next to him on healthcare bill opposition


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Capitol Report: Trump says he needs more Republicans in Senate — and he might just get them

Some Democrats dream of recapturing control of Congress in 2018 and impeaching Donald Trump, but the odds are stacked against them despite the president’s early troubles and historically low job-approval ratings......»»

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The Wall Street Journal: Health insurers left in limbo after GOP bill’s collapse

Insurers, hospitals and state officials are facing the prospect that the ACA will remain for now at least, but they also are left with questions about how key aspects of the law will be handled under the Trump administration......»»

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Privatization plan hits turbulence; supporters still upbeat

A plan to privatize the nation's air traffic control operations has hit turbulence in the House, raising questions about whether one of President Donald Trump's infrastructure priorities can survive......»»

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Trump Appointments: Who Did the President Nominate for Environmental Positions This Week?

Hundreds of positions remain open that oversee natural resources and the environment......»»

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Trump Rally Extends, Inflation Under Control In The US

Trump Rally Extends, Inflation Under Control In The US $DIA, $SPY, $QQQ, $VXX Lower costs for gas, airline tickets, new & used cars and wireless mobile phone plans kept.....»»

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The U.S. Commerce Secretary is Giving Trump a Range of Options For Curbing Steel Imports

However, steel users say that import curbs would raise steel prices. U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Thursday he will present to President .....»»

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Mark Zuckerberg Finally Figured Out Why Trump Won; Hint: It Wasn"t Russia

Mark Zuckerberg, the 30-something billionaire founder of Facebook, hasn't lived a 'normal' least not at any point in the recent past.  He grew up in a suburb of New York City and now hobnobs with.....»»

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How Game of Thrones Channels Our National Id in the Age of Trump

There are too many parallels to ignore. Chaos. Infighting. Backstabbing. A new leader taking control as controversy swirls and new threats emerge to menace the nation's safety. Come to think of it, the new season of Game o.....»»

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Meet the billionaire Russian family at center of Trump controversy

“If it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote, according to an email chain that he released on Twitter Tuesday morning......»»

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Russian billionaire at the center of Donald Trump Jr."s email scandal calls it "fiction"

REUTERS/Lucas JacksonMoscow (AFP) - A Russian billionaire on We.....»»

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Why Merrill Lynch Is Telling Equity Investors to Lighten Up and Take Some Profits

The bull market is now well over 8 years old. Some investors have grown worried that no major policy changes have come out of Washington D.C. since President Trump took office. Other investors remain........»»

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Eric And Donald Trump Junior: The Sons Also Rise

Neither Donald Jr. nor Eric Trump shies away from th.....»»

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"There is no clear direction": Berlin worries Trump"s Russia problems are hampering policy

APBERLIN (Reuters) - Germany welcomes signs the United States is engaging with Russia on Ukraine and Syria, but worries it will struggle to play a constructive role as long as its policy aims remain confused and the.....»»

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One of Trump"s best sounding proposals to control drug pricing is a total dud

Screenshot/YouTubeLast month we got a glimpse at what's inside the Trump administration's draft executive order to control drug pricing, and overall it was a pretty big win for drug companies. They wo.....»»

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Bertelsmann Makes Big Bet on the Old-Fashioned Book

Bertelsmann is upping its stake in publisher Penguin Random House to 75%, giving the German media titan increased control over one of the top prizes in the book business as it bets hundreds of millions of dollars more on the future of print......»»

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Bertelsmann Buys 22% Stake in Penguin Random House From Pearson

Bertelsmann is increasing its stake in book publisher Penguin Random House to 75%, giving it tighter control over the joint partnership with Pearson......»»

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Think twice before giving up financial control at the altar

Marriage means sharing your life and, usually, your finances.         Marriage means sharing your life and, usually, your finances.        .....»»

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Who"s Protesting Trump? One Out of Every Three People in D.C., for Starters

It makes sense, giving his quickly dropping approval ratings......»»

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It turns out Trump didn"t give Mattis full control of troop levels in Afghanistan

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst Last month, President Donald Trump gave Defense Secreta.....»»

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