With a New Apology, Starbucks"s CEO Just Taught an Important Lesson in Leadership

With His New Apology, Starbucks's CEO Just Taught an Important Lesson in Leadership.....»»

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Marine Recruits Learn an Important Lesson: What Happened on 9/11

The U.S. war in Afghanistan has been going on for so long that the newest recruits weren’t alive when it started. In boot camp, they’re taught about the terrorist attacks that set off the war they may soon fight......»»

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Young Jeff Bezos once made his grandmother burst into tears — and it taught him an important lesson on how to treat people (AMZN)

AP Images When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was 10 years old, he took a road trip with his grandparents that forever changed his life. During the ride, he did something that caused his grandmother to burst into tears. His gra.....»»

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Starbucks Is Closing More Than 8,000 Stores--and Teaching 2 Important Leadership Lessons in the Process

Starbucks CEO says, "this is just one stepin a journey that requires dedication from every level of our company.".....»»

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Tony Robbins Clashes With The #MeToo Movement. Here"s What it Taught Us About Leadership

Saying the wrong thing as a leader is a big mistake. What's more important is how you handle it......»»

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Leadership Lesson: Speak out and lead up. A 7-step presentation process


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The Margin: The ‘Devin Nunes’ cow’ parody account now has more Twitter followers than the actual Devin Nunes

Most of us were taught at a young age: “Don’t scratch it, you’ll only make it worse.” Rep. Devin Nunes apparently did not heed that lesson......»»

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Leadership Lesson: How do I love communicating? Let me count the ways

Baby ta.....»»

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Viewpoint: Lessons I"ve learned from influential women

Audrey Murrell has learned three important lesson from women of influence......»»

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Theresa May Is Learning Brexit’s Leadership Lesson the Shambolic Way

With a no-deal Brexit virtually dead, the U.K.—steeped in chaos—will vote on a Brexit delay Even by Brexit’.....»»

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These “old-school” principles of leadership still apply today

I’m old-school in my leadership style and thinking. But I’ve come to believe that even today, those practices are sound and work. Here are some of my observations, actual leadership strategies used and important skills that work. They are all .....»»

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Leadership Lesson: Got “no” power? 5 steps to get it

“No!” We do not like to hear it. Worse, we do not like to say it. In our toddler, teen, and twenties we disliked hearing the word “no.” Even now, in our independent “I-want-it-all- now business environment, “no” can symbolize defeat. Yet.....»»

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Leadership Lesson: Your conspiracy of limitation. How to stop it

Self-imposed. As leaders (and others), our limitations begin in the way we think. These “chains of cannot” then infect our attitudes, the way we talk, and our behaviors. How did our limitations begin? Parents, teachers, clerics, dogma, influent.....»»

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A lesson for the Democratic left from Adam Smith

The Green New Deal along with the proposals by Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Charles E. Schumer and Bernie Sanders all fail in one important way: They violate the premise of democratic capitalism......»»

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Leadership Lesson: You were promoted. Why?

Stepping up. What were the reasons? Perhaps it is a direct result of several positive factors: knowledge, demonstrated abilities, skills, behaviors, results. Or, was it the result other incidental factors (being liked, long-term service, or being .....»»

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Dogs are teaching humans to be better bosses in this management training program

Leader Dogs for the Blind's executive training program uses blindfolds and guide dogs to impart important leadership skills to make bette.....»»

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Hilton CEO Says the Key Leadership Lesson in the Hotel’s Turnaround: “We Kept a Steady Hand on the Wheel”

Blackstone Group's Hilto.....»»

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Half My Lifetime Investing - The Most Important Lesson I Learned

Half My Lifetime Investing - The Most Important Lesson I Learned.....»»

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What CEOs Can Learn from Starbucks’ Chief About Crisis Leadership

Starbucks CEO says racial bias crisis was a "wake up call". It's not easy for a new CEO to take the reins of an iconic company from a legendary leader. But Kevin Johnson is proving that he has what it takes to build on t.....»»

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Mentoring Monday: What characteristic should every leader possess?

We asked the women who'll be giving advice at the Feb. 25 Mentoring Monday event their view on the most important characteristic for leadership. To find out their views on leadership,.....»»

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Leadership Lesson: How receptive are you? Do not ignore unopened gifts


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