The U.S. Nuclear Energy Dream Is Dying

Submitted by Michael McDonald via, The United States was once a projected leader in the nuclear energy race. In the 20th century, the world dreamed of finding a way to provide safe, cheap, and r.....»»

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NewsWatch: Buffett: No, we never said stocks are ‘forever’

Warren Buffett takes exception to the notion that Berkshire Hathaway intends to hold some stock-market investments “forever,” and amends one of his long-held principles in his annual investor letter......»»

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Monster Energy sprints to the start of NASCAR season as title sponsor

A new .....»»

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Give Me Sales Growth! 7 Ideas

Give Me Sales Growth! 7 Ideas In an era of massive stock buy-backs, .....»»

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Significant Stock Market Narrative Development: There is a Westerly Trump Wind Underneath It

Both Obama and Bush couldn't give two shits about the stock market. Bush was focused on colonizing the middle east and Obama was fixated on having men.....»»

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Market Extra: How to make sense of the conflicting signals stocks and bonds are sending investors

Bonds and stock markets are sending conflicting signals about the health of the U.S. economy......»»

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Buffett scorns tricky Wall Street accounting, but defends buybacks

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Billionaire investor Warren Buffett on Saturday attacked what he saw as tricks used by U.S. companies to boost earnings and stock prices, but he defended one oft-criticized practice: share buybacks......»»

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Why this new horror movie has a rare perfect score from critics — and you need to see it

UniversalIt’s very rare, even close to unseen, for a wide-release movie to get a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes just a day before its release. A score of 100% means that every critic who has seen the.....»»

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The Seven Best Quotes From Warren Buffett's Annual Shareholder Letter - Forbes

ForbesThe Seven Best Quotes From Warren Buffett's Annual Shareholder LetterForbesIt was a good year for Warren Buffett, the 'Oracle of Omaha,' who saw Berkshire Hathaway's BRK.B +% stock ris.....»»

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Some Highlights From Warren Buffett’s Annual Letter —…–6

'Money is always there, but the pockets change'Check out Warren Buffett Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of Warren Buffett (Updated on …—/—4/—…–7)Related Stocks: BRK.A, BRK.B, BAC,.....»»

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Key Takeaways from the Latest Warren Buffett Shareholder Letter

The summary of —…–6 Warren Buffett shareholder letterCheck out Warren Buffett Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of Warren Buffett (Updated on …—/—4/—…–7)Related Stocks: BRK.B, BRK.A, AAPL, LUV, DAL, UAL,.....»»

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Analysts slaps "NEUTRAL" on Snap"s stock ahead of its IPO

Getty/Michael KovacSnap Inc. took its initial-public-offering road show to London on Monday, looking to persuade potential UK investors to buy up the company's stock, but one London-based analyst remai.....»»

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Warren Buffett urges investors to stick with index funds

Billionaire Warren Buffett, whose stock picks over several decades have turned Berkshire Hathaway Inc into one of the most successful conglomerates, delivered another black eye to the investment mana........»»

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Southwest Airlines Co Stock Soars For Value Investors (LUV)


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The Ratings Game: Chesapeake Energy’s stock boosted by analyst upgrade

Chesapeake Energy was upgraded by a UBS analyst, who said the company’s stock had fallen too far to stay bearish......»»

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The Ratings Game: Nvidia’s stock suffers record plunge after analysts say it’s time to sell

Nvidia’s stock tumbles after Instinet and BMO Capital downgrade the graphics chip maker to rare bearish rating......»»

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These hybrid yachts are perfect for the eco-friendly traveler

Greenline HybridEven yacht designers are con.....»»

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Husky Energy Weighs Sale of Some Eastern Canada Assets

To offset low oil prices and offshore returns, free capital f.....»»

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Tech Most Popular Sector for Investment Fund Managers in —…–7

Tech companies were the most-bought stocks of funds in Q4Check out Warren Buffett Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of Warren Buffett (Updated on …—/—4/—…–7)Related Stocks: MSFT, AAPL, GOOGL, FB, AMZN, CSCO, GOOG, INTC,.....»»

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A forgotten war technology could safely power Earth for millions of years. Here"s why we aren"t using it

Don Pettit/NASA JSC/Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) Humanity will face an energy crisis as the world's population rapidly grows. Nucl.....»»

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