Entrepreneur First to Search Berlin for “Anti-Establishment” Talent

London-based “pre-team, pre-idea” company-builder Entrepreneu.....»»

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CES Showcases Gadgetry, AI and How Tech’s Power Map is Changing

As if 2017 wasn’t the year that confirmed anything could be h.....»»

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SoftBank Ponders Massive Telco IPO

Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank is considering an IPO of its Japa.....»»

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Sherpa Founder and CEO Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria:

The post Sherpa Founder and CEO Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria: appeared first on Red Herring. The post Sherpa Founder and CEO Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria: appeared first on Red Herring......»»

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OurCrowd Launches $100m AI Fund

Equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd has launched its Cognitiv fund, which will invest $100 million into earl.....»»

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Kodak is Showing How Cryptocurrency is Like a New Soccer Coach

There’s a popular phenomenon in soccer known as the “new manager bump”, which essentially says that a team can expect a short but sharp increase in fortunes when hiring a new head… The post K.....»»

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Canva Becomes Australia’s Second Tech Unicorn

Australian graphic design firm Canva has become Au.....»»

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CES Gets Underway in Las Vegas – But Not Without Controversy


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Amazon Announces Increases in Prime Deliveries

Amazon has announced that its Prime service saw more uptake than ever before in 2017. The company, whose chief Jeff Bezos this year became the world’s richest person, will still not reveal… The p.....»»

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As VC and Talent Base Show, West Bank’s Tech Sector is Well Poised

Palestine’s tech sector is not a new phenomenon. Its universities are among the most prestigious in the Arab world, and multinationals have flocked to its history-rich, rolling landscape for years. In the… The post A.....»»

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2018 Must Be the Year Tech Reinvents Itself

In the world of tech, com.....»»

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Gym, or Something Else? Tech Aims to Keep You Fit in 2018

The likelihood is you’re reading this article with a pretty full belly, having blown through Christmas dinner, evening cheese and enough chocolate to be transported via .....»»

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Asia’s Top Tech Trends in 2018: By the Letters

Across Southeast Asia, rising tech startups and firms are vying for glory in 2018. While artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) may .....»»

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NetNumber CEO Doug Ranalli: Build the Story, then Get The Finance

Doug Ranalli often tells people he’s never held a proper job. T.....»»

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Bitcoin Value Drops, as Coinbase Freezes Cash Deals Amid Insider Trading Row

The value of bitcoin has fallen over $2,000 this morning, spreading worry across its investment base. The drop, which appears to confirm expert opinion last week that.....»»

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As Net Neutrality Gavel Falls, a Dark Day for Internet Freedom

FCC chairman Ajit Pai is ex.....»»

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The Biggest Tech Court Battles of 2017

Last Wednesday it was announced that Mozilla and Oath .....»»

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Apple AI Chief Unveils Self-Drive Tech Progress

Apple has shown a little more of what it’s getting done in the self-driving tech world. This week Ruslan Salakhutidinov, the company’s director of artificial intelligence (AI), made a pre.....»»

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Tech Could Ease Some of Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe’s Biggest Problems – If the New Government Lets It

Last mont.....»»

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Volkswagen’s MOIA Debuts All-electric Ridesharing Vehicle in Berlin

German automaker Volkswagen has just taken electric ridesharing a step further, with the unveili.....»»

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