Uber’s Self-Driving Fatality Must Precipitate Regulatory Crackdown

Yesterday an Uber self-driving car hit and killed 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona. First, a rant to the media: it doesn’t matter whether Ms Herzberg was homele.....»»

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Micro Focus Shares Tumble Amid Sales Slump and CEO Exit

Micro Focus Inter.....»»

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The Top Three Irish Startups to Watch Out For This St. Patrick’s Day

It’s been a topsy turvy year for Ireland’s tech sector. The island nation has enjoyed a tech boom, thanks in no small part to its wooing of several key Silicon Valley players… The post The Top Three .....»»

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When it Comes to Online Hate Speech, Europe is Struggling for Solutions

Europe has a big hate speech problem. In fact, many of its states aren’t entirely sure what hate speech is. G.....»»

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How Will Blockchain Impact the Internet of Things?

According to Gartner, by 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) installed base, excluding PCs, tablets, and smartphones, will reach 26 billion un.....»»

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“We’re Not Your Traditional Accelerator” – L Marks Bridges the Gap Between UK Startups and Corporates

When Daniel Saunders started out in tech, IT was just a bolt-on department, often to be found in some silent office or buildin.....»»

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Tech Companies Must Do More to Counter Hate Speech – European Summit

Some of Europe’s leading politicians and academics have warned tech companies to play a more active role in countering hate speech, at a summit in Monaco. The session, entitled Responding to the Challenges… The post Tech Companies Must Do Mo.....»»

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BlackBerry to Battle Messaging Service Giants in Patent Suit

BlackBerry is suing three of the messaging space’s biggest companies for multiple patent violations. The Canadian firm is fighting Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for a host of features related to its BlackBerry….....»»

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EU Lands Blow in Tech Tax Battle

The European Union will overhaul its tax relationship with Big Tech, a leading politician has revealed. Speaking to Le Journal du Dimanche, French finance minister Bruno Le Maire said that Brussel.....»»

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KKR Appoints Xavier Niel as Director

New Yor.....»»

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Spotify is Going Public – It Needs to Start Making Music

Spotify, the Swedish music streaming service, has rarely done things b.....»»

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High-Speed AR Firm Edgybees Completes $5.5m Seed Round

Edgybees, a Californian startup offering augmented reality solutions for “high speed” platforms like drones and cars, has won a $5.5 million Seed funding round. The in.....»»

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Deliveroo Hires 250 More in London to Beat Rivals

Deliveroo will create 250 more jobs at its London headquarters, as the food delivery firm strives to elimi.....»»

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Tracking Software Firm Prodsmart Wins $1.5m Seed Funding

Prodsmart, a company offering real-time tracking for.....»»

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In the Race to Build the Car of the Future, Israel is Speeding Ahead

Israel’s status as a leading tech nation is not in doubt. The Middle Eastern state of just eight million people, known as “Silicon Wadi”, is home to 5,000 startups and 750 venture-backed… The post In the Race to Build the Car of the Future.....»»

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Snapchat Hack Affects 55,000 Users, in Latest Sting for Social Media Firm

Over 55,000 Snapchat users were hacked as part of a complex phishing scam, first flagged by a British government official in July last year. KLKViral, a website believed to originate from a… The post Snapchat Hack Affects 55,000 Users, in.....»»

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The Uber-Waymo Case Could Speed Up Regulatory Action

Industrial subterfuge i.....»»

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IdentityMind Global Wins $10m Series C Round

IdentityMind Global, a Palo Alto, CA-based software firm that managed digital identities, has won a $10 milli.....»»

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DroneBase Closes $12m Series B Round – And Launches AR Solution

Los Angeles-based startup DroneBase, which connects drone owners and pilots with clients, has secured a $12 million Series B funding round. The company, fou.....»»

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Criticism of the UK’s Anti-Terror Tool is Shortsighted

Yesterday the UK government announced.....»»

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