Honda Innovation’s Dennis Clark: “The Multinational-Startup Relationship is No Longer in Question”

As managing director of strategic partnerships at Honda Innovations, the venture capital wing of the world’s seventh-largest automaker, Dennis Clark is a keystone .....»»

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Acast Shoots for Germany’s Nascent Podcast Market

The popularity of podcasts is soaring. From last year the total number of pods has leapt from 550,000 to 700,000—with over 50% more episodes available this year than last. That equates to… The post Acast Shoots for Germany.....»»

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France’s Macron Heralds $5.5bn Late-stage Investment Pledge

French president Emmanuel Macron has announced that he has convinced institutional investors to plough €5 billion ($5.5bn) into late-stage VC fu.....»»

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So Long, MoviePass – We Won’t Learn our Lesson From You

Last night MoviePass powered down its servers, slapped a ‘Gone Fishin” sign on its homepage, and died. Few mourned its passing. Since 2011 the New York-based movie theater subscription platform (movie-theater-tickets-as-a-service?) had… .....»»

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EdTech Startup AttainU Receives Angel Funding from Heavyweight Investors

Bangalore-based AttainU, an online platform offering live tuition courses, has won an angel investment funding round led by several of India’s leading tech lights. The backers i.....»»

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2019 Red Herring Asia – Attendee Registration Form

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel – Bangkok, Thailand (October 8th-10th) Every year, Red Herring hosts a conference to identify the Top 100 startups disrupting the tec.....»»

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Just How Disastrous will WeWork’s IPO Be?

WeWork, the global r.....»»

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Alibaba Pays $2bn for Chinese E-Commerce Firm Kaola

Chinese tech giant Alibaba has acquired e-commerce site Kaola from compatriot NetEase for around $2 billion. Kaola, which sells imported goods in China, and competes with’s JD Worldwide, and Alibaba’s own… The p.....»»

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Dr Harvey Karp’s SNOO is a Titan of Baby Tech—And it’s Scaling Fast

In 2016, the year Dr Harvey Karp debuted his tech-enabled SNOO bassinet, CE.....»»

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London Hotel Startup Mews Wins $33m Funding for U.S. Expansion

London property management startup Mews has raised a $33 million Series B funding round, as it plans to export its hotel-focused software solution to the United S.....»»

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London Proptech firm Residently Wins $8.5m to Build Out Digital Team

Residently, a Br.....»»

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Three Ways Tech Could Save the Rainforest

In the freshest apocalyptic omen since last month, the Amazon rainforest is current on fire—tens of thousands of fires, deliberately started, and greenlit by Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil&.....»»

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$120m Funding Round Propels CRED to India’s Top Fintech Table

Barely nine mont.....»»

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Mr Trump Goes to Biarritz: What Does a Dramatic G7 Summit Mean for Tech?

This week’s.....»»

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Diagnostics Startup Atonarp Wins $33m Series C Round

Tokyo-based Atonarp, a high-molecular diagnostics firm, has raised $33 milli.....»»

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Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency is Already Under Attack on Multiple Fronts

It has barely been two months since Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s long awaited foray into the cryptocurrency ma.....»»

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Thailand Urges Fake news-busting Centers Across SE Asia

Thailand’s telecoms regulator has suggested that tech firms open cen.....»»

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Nigerian Logistics Tech Firm Kobo360 Raises $30m Funding

Kobo360, a Nigerian logistics startup, has won $30 .....»»

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U.K. Government Ponders Fines for Harmful Online Videos

Britain’s government is considering emboldening its media watchdog, Ofcom, with powers to issue large fines for tech platforms whose video content is deemed “harmful” to youngsters. The propo.....»»

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Why has it taken Asia to Kickstart Latin America’s Tech Boom?

Oftentimes at tech events, when companies pitch the breadth of t.....»»

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