Mark Cuban Says This One Book Changed His Outlook on Money

Before Shark Tank, before the Dallas Mavericks, before HDNet, Mark Cu.....»»

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These iPhone 8 Features Could Transform Your Smartphone

Apple's next iPhone could finally make these.....»»

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Six Flags Will Only Fly American Flag From Now On

“We always choose to focus on celebrating the things that unite us" Six Flags amusement park in Texas announced it will only fly American flags following criticism that it ser.....»»

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Mark Cuban on the Important Thing You Should Look for in a Job Offer

It could lead to a big .....»»

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President Trump’s Strategy Council of CEOs Just Disbanded

Many CEOs quit amid outrage over Trump's response to Charlottesville President Donald Trump’s council of senior business leaders who advise on strategy and policy is disbanding, according to a person familiar with the matter. .....»»

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Costco Has to Pay $19 Million After Selling 2,500 Fake Tiffany & Co. Rings

The diamond rings at Costco weren't made by Tiffany & Co. Costco owes Tiffany & Co. more than $19 million after selling generic diamond rings falsely advertised as “Tiffany” rin.....»»

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Google Cancels Web Domain Registration Neo-Nazi Site The Daily Stormer

The neo-Nazi site applied after GoDaddy also cancelled their domain Alphabet Inc.’s Google yanked its web domain support for The Daily Stormer on Monda.....»»

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Sephora Is Going to Have a New Deal Every Week Until November

Sephora Is Going to Have a New Deal Every Week Until November.....»»

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The North Korean Threat Is Good for the Doomsday Prepper Business

The looming threat of the apocalypse is good business President Trump’s inflammatory warnings to North Korea appear to have unsettled the stock market as.....»»

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You Can Finally Buy This Beloved Discount Cosmetics Line in Stores

It's been a sensation in cosmetics e-retail Sephora will soon start selling a popular makeup with a very affordable price tag. The retailer announced it will be stocking its shelves with ColourPop cosmeti.....»»

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Here’s Who Really Makes Your Favorite Trader Joe’s Snacks

Some Naked smoothie juices are identical to the fruit juices Tr.....»»

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The U.S. Oil Industry Is Pushing Back on Sanctions Against Venezuela

It's the third-largest supplier of petroleum to t.....»»

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Disney Is Leaving Netflix to Launch a New Streaming Service

Here's what to know about the fate of your favorite Disney movies Walt Disney Co., once again shaking up the media industry, announced it will stop selling movies to Netflix Inc. and begin offering ESPN.....»»

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Dear Google Bro: A Woman in Tech Responds to the Anti-Diversity Memo That’s Gone Viral

While I think you have some learning to do, what you have written is not baseless. Over the weekend, a memo written by an anonymous Google employee — asserting that women fall behind at Google for biological r.....»»

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The Next Apple Watch Will Have a Feature Runners Will Love

Bikers, hikers and other athletes, too Apple Inc. is planning to release a version of its smartwatch later this year that.....»»

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Why Alexander Hamilton Started the Coast Guard

The U.S. Coast Guard celebrates its birthday on Aug. 4 Alexander Hamilton boasts many claims to fame: He was Secretary of the Treasury and the brains behind a national bank, founder of The New York Post, co-author of the Fe.....»»

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Donald Trump Applauds $1.6 Billion Toyota Mazda Plant as ‘Great Investment’

He tweeted this morning President Donald Trump took to Twitter to praise the $1.6 billion Toyota Mazda plant to be built in the United States. The Japanese automakers confirmed the partnership early Friday, after which Trump tweeted it was “.....»»

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The Dow Jones Closed Above 22,000 for the First Time

A big gain from Apple helped Th.....»»

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Thousands of U.S. Job-Seekers Line Up to Work in Amazon Warehouses

The online retailer is growing fast as traditional stores are closing up shop (FALL RIVER, Mass.) — Thousands of people showed up Wednesday for a chance to pack and ship products to Amazon customers.....»»

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Flash Sale Today: United Airlines Selling Flights Starting at $69

The deal won't last long United Airlines announced its latest barrage of discount prices for flights across the U.S. Wedn.....»»

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