"Less Drag Queens, More Chuck Norris": Orban Rocks CPAC Texas

"Less Drag Queens, More Chuck Norris": Orban Rocks CPAC Texas Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has fiercely defended his country's borders, language and culture, gave a 30-minute speech to a crowd of thousands of American admirers in Dallas on Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). He painted a picture of America and Hungary facing twin fronts in a struggle against liberalism, globalists, communists, and "fake news." "The West is at war with itself," he said, adding "The globalist can all go to hell. I have come to Texas." Hungarian Leader Viktor Orban Addresses CPAC: "The globalists can all go to hell. I have come to Texas." — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) August 4, 2022 "I can already see tomorrow’s headlines: Far-right European racist, anti-Semite strongman — the Trojan horse of Putin — holds speech at the conservative conference," he said, to applause and laughter. "They did not want me to be here, and they made every effort to drive a wedge between us. They hate me and slander me and my country as they hate you and slander you," Orban continued. Orban also railed against illegal migration, saying "To stop illegal immigration, we have actually built that wall," adding that his government was able to "reduce illegal migration to zero." Then, Orban discussed the importance of family and rejecting gender ideology, saying we need to "build a wall around our children" to protect against people who are targeting them. "To sum up, the mother is a woman, the father is a man - and leave our kids alone. Full stop, end of discussion!" He then said we need "less drag queens and more Chuck Norris," to loud applause. "These two locations will define the two fronts in the battle being fought for Western civilization," he said, adding "Today we hold neither of them yet. We need both. You have two years to get ready." Tyler Durden Fri, 08/05/2022 - 17:20.....»»

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Drag Queen Story Hours in the UK are now being targeted by far-right protestors as anti-gay disinformation spreads

The protest in Bristol is one of several incidents in recent months where far-right groups have targeted drag events intended for families FILE: Drag queen "Pickle" reads from a book during the Drag Queen Story Hour in 2019 in Los Angeles, California.David McNew/Getty Images Far-right and anti-gay protesters have started targeting drag queens in the UK.  Protesters showed up to two Drag Queen Story Hour events there this week. Similar protests at the story hours have occured in the US as part of an anti-gay campaign. A group of far-right and anti-gay protesters forced a planned Drag Queen Story Hour event to postpone its reading in the United Kingdom this week, after a crowd of demonstrators gathered outside the library where it was set to take place. About 30 protesters showed up at the event in the city of Bristol with counter protesters arriving after, according to the BBC. Police at the scene arrested one woman on suspicion of assault, according to the report, but later released her."Officers attended to facilitate peaceful protest and enable library staff and visitors, the event organisers and the wider community to go about their lawful business," a police spokesperson said, according to the BBC.The protest in Bristol is one of several incidents in recent months where far-right groups have targeted drag events intended for children and families. In the United States and the UK, right-wing influencers have pushed an online campaign that baselessly accuses drag performers of sexually "grooming" children and promotes long standing anti-LGBTQ conspiracies.  A Drag Queen Story Hour is an event where a drag queen reads stories to children, often at a library or another similar venue. At the scheduled Tuesday event at Henleaze Library in Bristol, a librarian instead read to the children and parents who showed up, according to the BBC report.A similar clash occurred in Reading in the UK on Monday, Metro reported. In that incident, the story hour went ahead as scheduled, but protesters entered the library. The protesters accused parents who brought their children to the reading of participating in "child-grooming," the report said.Other protesters at the Monday demonstration remained outside and taunted organizer Sab Samuel and the parents who brought children to the event, the report said. Police escorted Samuel outside of the library for their own safety, according to Metro.These anti-gay protests in the UK have been organized by the same British groups that previously protested measures to stem the spread of COVID-19 and vaccines to prevent serious cases of the disease, according to the BBC report.Some of the protesters came from Alpha Men Assemble, a conspiracy theorist group that is part of the sovereign citizen movement and whose adherents believe they have the right to opt out of laws that they disagree with, the BBC reported. Others in attendance came to represent the Independent Nationalist Network, a small group associated with the far-right and unofficially led by Richard Lumby, a former organizer for the extreme-right British National Party, according to anti-racism organization Hope Not Hate.The incidents in the UK appear to indicate that the anti-gay disinformation campaign baselessly attempting to associate LGBTQ people with pedophilia and "grooming" extends beyond the borders of the US, where drag queens for months have been targeted by right-wing politicians and influencers.A leader of a neo-Nazi group was arrested at a Drag Story Hour event in Boston last weekend. About 20 men showed up wearing black face masks and held a banner that read "Pedo scum off our streets." Members of the far-right Proud Boys group also disrupted a Drag Queen Story Hour at a library in California last month, resulting in local authorities launching a hate crime investigation. Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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Meet Karrin Taylor Robson, the Pence-endorsed Republican who could stop Trump-endorsed Kari Lake from winning the Arizona GOP gubernatorial nomination

"I have a lifetime of executive experience and getting results, and she has a lifetime of reading a teleprompter," Robson says of opponent Kari Lake. Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidates Karrin Taylor Robson and Kari Lake.Rebecca Noble/Reuters The Arizona GOP gubernatorial primary has turned into a proxy war between Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Karrin Taylor Robson says she has the electability, experience, and temperament that Kari Lake doesn't. But ahead of the August 2 primary, the race has turned ugly. CHANDLER, Arizona — When the four Republican candidates running for governor of Arizona finally met for their first and only televised debate at the end of June, chaos ensued."I feel like I'm on an SNL skit here," remarked Kari Lake, a former news anchor for Fox 10 Phoenix who's been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, during the hour-long event full of cross-talk and head-scratching non-sequiturs.But perhaps the most significant moment of that debate — a clip of which was widely shared and mocked online — came when Lake challenged the other candidates to raise their hands if they believed Arizona had a "corrupt, stolen election" in 2020.While Lake and the two other minor candidates promptly raised their hands, one candidate did not: Lake's main competitor, Karrin Taylor Robson.—Enda O'Dowd (@endajodowd) July 1, 2022 "It was a debate in name only, really," Robson told Insider during a phone interview on Sunday. "I think it was quite unfortunate, because the voters of Arizona deserve better."Robson, a business-minded Republican who's worked in real estate development and land use consulting, is now the one person standing between Lake and the GOP nomination — and perhaps even the governorship itself. She's poured more than $13 million of her own money into the effort, accounting for more than 80% of the $16.5 million raised by her campaign ahead of the August 2 primary.She comes from a political family: Her father, Carl Kunasek, served as president of the Arizona Senate during the late 1980s, while her brother Andy Kunasek served for 20 years on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.Robson is also an ally of Doug Ducey, the state's term-limited incumbent governor: He appointed Robson in 2017 to the Arizona Board of Regents, the governing board that oversees the state's major public universities including Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and University of Arizona.But it's her first time running for office, and the otherwise traditional, Ronald Reagan-loving Republican finds herself seeking the nomination of a party that's fixated on cultural issues and remains under the shadow of Trump.Meanwhile, Lake may be one of the most Trump-like candidates running this year. A broadcast journalist in Arizona for nearly three decades before making a hard-right political turn in recent years, Lake opened up an early lead in the race by securing Trump's endorsement in September 2021.And much like Trump, Lake is a former Democrat who's embraced illiberal and extreme rhetoric in her first quest for political office."Frankly, I think she should be locked up," Lake has said of the likely Democratic gubernatorial nominee, current Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.Lake also fervently pushes the idea that the 2020 election was stolen, has said that she would not have certified her own state's election results, and has attracted fringe figures at some of her campaign events. She's also — like Trump — liable to get into Twitter fights, most recently with Meghan McCain, the daughter of the state's long-serving late Republican Sen. John McCain.A yard sign for Kari Lake featuring the image of President Donald Trump in Phoenix, Arizona.Bryan Metzger/InsiderBut despite that early lead, Lake and Robson are now polling neck-and-neck. And in the race's final weeks, it's become something of a national GOP proxy war.While Lake has long been endorsed by a variety of Trump-world figures, Robson now has the backing of former Vice President Mike Pence, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey. She also has the backing of a constellation of other stalwart GOP figures, including both critics and allies of Trump, such as Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.'I'm not a fake, I'm not an actress'On policy matters, there's relatively little that separates the two candidates; it would be a mistake to cast Robson as a moderate, at least based on how she's running her campaign.Rather, Robson contends that she has everything that Lake lacks: experience, electability, and the temperament to govern her state."I am who I say I am. I'm not a fake, I'm not an actress," Robson told Insider when asked to name the biggest difference between her and Lake. "I have a lifetime of executive experience and getting results, and she has a lifetime of reading a teleprompter."It's the same argument that many of Trump's 2016 Republican primary opponents unsuccessfully made against him, even as he outflanked them on high-salience issues like immigration and trade. Now, it's Robson arguing that Lake is not a real conservative, even as Lake stakes out a base-friendly position on the 2020 election — 2022's hot-button topic de jure among the party faithful.A yard sign for Karrin Taylor Robson in Phoenix, Arizona.Bryan Metzger/InsiderFor her part, Robson stops short of calling the election stolen. At the debate, she said the 2020 election was "absolutely not fair" before Lake interjected to tout her endorsement from Dinesh D'Souza, the director of the widely-debunked film "2000 Mules" that purports to reveal rampant fraud in the 2020 election.To support her claim that the election "wasn't fair," Robson gestured towards Republican conspiracy theories about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's election-related philanthropic contributions and pandemic-era changes to voting procedures."You look at the media suppressing the news," she said at the debate. "I don't need to say anything more than 'Hunter Biden' or Big Tech suppressing — silencing conservative voices."Asked by Insider why an election-denying Republican should support her over Lake, Robson argued that she was more electable than her opponent while alluding to partisan control over the state's vote certification process."We must maintain the Republican governorship in Arizona, because Arizona is a battleground state," she said. "The last thing this country needs is a battleground state like Arizona being led by a Democrat."Long a Republican strong-hold, the state now has two Democratic senators and in 2020 voted Democratic at the presidential level for the first time since 1996, raising the sense of urgency for Republicans.Meanwhile, the primary between the two women has grown nasty and personal, with Lake insinuating that middle-aged Robson — who's married to 91-year-old real estate developer Ed Robson — is "wasting her inheritance on a failed vanity project." "This lady has spent MILLIONS of her husband's money and has nothing to show for it!" Lake wrote in one tweet.Lake has also hammered Robson over the use of the phrase "female-identifying restroom" at a stadium named after her husband in Colorado, saying her opponent "supports Trans Bathrooms."But Lake's own past has muddled her ability to appeal to voters on cultural grounds. After she began criticizing drag queens, a drag performer who used to be friends with Lake came forward and released photos of the two together.—azcentral (@azcentral) June 28, 2022 'The fake crazy or the real crazy'As part of Robson's campaign to brand her opponent as "Fake Lake," hundreds, if not thousands, of yard signs have been placed along roadsides across the state noting that Lake donated to former President Barack Obama.At an event for Senate candidate Jim Lamon in Prescott, Pat Newbert, 66, told Insider that Lake's background proved she was a liberal, chiding Trump for endorsing the former journalist."What makes him think that all of a sudden, now, she's gonna be a Republican?" said Newbert. "He's backing people that — come on, Trump! You know, you're smarter than that. And these liberals, they get in there, and then they go right back to being a liberal."Lake doesn't shy away from the fact that she's a former Democrat, pointing to both Trump and Ronald Reagan as prior examples while embracing the so-called #WalkAway movement.A yard sign highlighting Lake's past support for President Barack Obama paid for by Robson's campaign in Phoenix, Arizona.Bryan Metzger/InsiderAsked about the signs, a spokesperson for the Lake campaign chided Robson for spending "a mountain of her Billionaire Husband's money" on signs "across Arizona with Kari and Obama's face on them.""The Kari Lake Campaign extends our thanks to Robson for getting a head start on helping us in the General," said the spokesperson.Lake has also countered Robson's attacks by pointing to the businesswoman's prior contributions to Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego, who Lake has called the "AOC of Arizona."Insider asked Gallego — who's joked that Robson is "my best donor" — about what he made of her past contributions."The reason she did that is because, you know, she needed access to Democrats in power, because a lot of what they needed in terms of land development had to go through Democratic hands," said Gallego at the US Capitol on Tuesday. "Largely she was doing it, I think, to try to have influence."Robson made the same point when asked about the contributions, which amounted to just $1000 in 2015."Ruben Gallego was already elected," said Robson, noting the deep-blue hue of his Phoenix-area district. She then pivoted, noting her history as a major source of GOP money, "including well over a million dollars to Donald Trump while Kari Lake was calling Joe Biden the duly elected president."But Gallego had more to say about Robson, suggesting that she, rather than Lake, was the one being inauthentic in the race."Karrin Taylor Robson was a very moderate businesswoman when it was helpful to her," said Gallego, adding that when he knew her, she would "look down and talk bad about conservatives in Arizona."Arizona Democrats have also seized on the contributions, sending an email release that back-handedly thanks Robson for her past contributions to other Democrats in a likely effort to boost Lake, who is seen as potentially easier to defeat.But when asked who he thought would be a more favorable opponent for Democrats, Gallego — who is himself mulling a primary challenge to sitting Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in 2024 — demurred."I mean, like, the crazy train will get derailed no matter who does it," said Gallego. "Whether it's the fake crazy or the real crazy, so it doesn't really matter."'I'm kind of passionate about civil discourse'While Robson may represent a more genteel kind of Republican, she's also currently competing for primary votes against a candidate who's been endorsed by Trump.To compensate, Robson is having to lean into demagogic rhetoric to win over potentially skeptical conservatives, even as she conceded during the gubernatorial debate that she would not be radically different than Ducey, the current Republican governor.At an event last Thursday with her campaign's Asian-American Coalition in a Chandler dim sum restaurant, the contradictions of that kind of message were on full display. Matt Salmon, a former long-time Republican congressman who recently dropped out of the governor's race to endorse Robson, gave an opening speech on her behalf."We're not at a crossroads. We were at a crossroads many, many years ago," said Salmon just moments after pleasing the crowd with his ad-libbed Mandarin skills. "We took the wrong turn, and we're about to fall off the cliff."When it was Robson's turn to speak, she opened her address by suggesting that the "left" wants to turn states like Arizona and Utah into California, relaying an anecdote from an attendee at another event about how "Utah's already gone" because so many out-of-staters have moved in."So, we are on the frontlines of keeping our country safe and free," said Robson, her father sitting in the audience.But she seemed most at ease discussing her desire to turn Arizona into the "small business capital of America" and talking about how her upbringing taught her the "exceptional nature of this country, and that if you work hard, you treat people well, you can achieve anything." Karrin Taylor Robson speaks to a group of supporters at Phoenix Palace restaurant in Chandler, Arizona on July 13, 2022.Bryan Metzger/InsiderIt was a pitch that might have been more typical of a Republican politician prior to Trump's ascent to the top of the party.Robson also spoke glowingly of her father's friendship with Art Hamilton, a Democratic state legislator, which she said was a model for her. "That's the beauty of America," she said. "We can be different. We can come together and respect one another, and work together to solve complex problems.""I'm kind of passionate about civil discourse, and civics and civic education," she remarked. Attendees, representing communities ranging from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to even Assyrian and Lebanese, were largely already Robson supporters. At one point, attendees from each represented community were asked to speak about why they were supporting Robson. One middle-aged woman who identified herself as being from the Filipino-American community praised Robson for her executive experience before bashing Lake."The woman who's running against you, she looks like… I'm not very politically correct, so let me call her a space cadet," said the woman, prompting laughter. "To me, she's an airhead."Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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Police video shows alleged Proud Boys being pepper-sprayed after yelling slurs and trying to force their way into a drag event in California

People inside the drag event in Woodland, California, used pepper spray to stop a group of agitators, alleged to be Proud Boys, from entering a bar. A screen-grab from footage of a police officer's body-worn camera, before a group of suspected Proud Boys were pepper-sprayed for disrupting a Woodland, California drag show.Woodland Police Department A group of suspected far-right Proud Boys attempted to disrupt a drag event in Woodland, California.  Videos show the agitators being pepper-sprayed as they tried to force their way into the bar. It is the latest LGBTQ event to be targeted in recent weeks. A group of suspected  far-right Proud Boys was pepper-sprayed after they yelled slurs and tried to force their way into a drag show in Woodland, California, on Thursday night.The Woodland Police Department released footage from an officer's body-worn camera that shows the men trying to storm Mojo's Lounge & Bar before being pepper-sprayed by someone inside. (Video of the incident begins at the 2:03 mark). Multiple media reports suggested they were suspected members of the Proud Boys, but authorities have not confirmed or denied this. Several men can be seen wearing hats, sunglasses, and balaclavas.The Woodland Police Department said in a statement on Facebook that the agitators were "making derogatory comments about the event and the LGBTQIA+ community."No arrests have been made yet, but authorities said they continue investigating.In videos posted on social media of the incident, the men can be heard shouting obscenities and accusing those at the bar of preying on children. In one video, the agitators yell: "How many kids are in there? How many fucking children do you have in there?" In another, a man uses a megaphone to call for those in the bar to be arrested for pedophilia.The comments are in line with a right-wing disinformation campaign to associate gay and transgender people with predatory behavior and pedophilia, which has led to drag shows and LGBTQ events becoming a target of right-wing groups like the Proud Boys.A counter-protester wearing the yellow and black colors and insignia of the Proud Boys outside the National Rifle Association annual meeting in Houston, Texas on May 28, 2022.Patrick T. Fallon/Getty ImagesIn recent weeks, alleged members of the Proud Boys stormed a drag queen story time event at a San Lorenzo library, as well as in Nevada. Last month, 31 extremist Patriot Front group members were arrested outside an Idaho Pride event.Posts threatening violence at the Woodland drag queen happy hour began circulating on social media after the far-right Twitter account Libs of TikTok, which has 1.3 million followers, shared a flier advertising the event in June, according to The Sacramento Bee. NorCal Resist, a grassroots activism group that monitors activity from far-right groups on encrypted messaging services like Telegram, posted a warning on social media that members of the Proud Boys planned to disrupt the event, the paper said.The bar decided to cancel the event hours before it was due to start on Thursday, citing safety concerns.However, it was still full of patrons who had come to celebrate the last day of Pride month, with some drag queens performing an impromptu show, the bar owner told The Sacramento Bee."Everyone was taking pictures with the drag queens and just having a great night," Christy Hayes, the bar owner, told the paper."Everyone was so excited because tensions were high. Everyone was worried that the Proud Boys, the disrupters, or whatever they want to call themselves would show up.""All we can hope from this is that maybe we can identify one or two of them to add to the list because their aggression is only going to get worse," Hayes said. "And eventually, someone is going to get seriously injured."New Zealand has designated the Proud Boys and The Base as terrorist organizations. "These are white supremacist terrorist groups, and we don't believe, and I don't think New Zealanders believe that any New Zealander should be enabling and supporting them," Police Minister Chris Hipkins said at a news conference on Thursday during which the designations were announced, VOA News reported. Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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WOW Presents Plus lets you stream tons of international "Drag Race" shows and spinoffs — here"s how to sign up

WOW Presents Plus is the streaming home of "Drag Race" series from around the world. The service offers a lot value to fans for $5 a month. BBC ThreeWhen you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. If you're a fan of "RuPaul's Drag Race," you should consider subscribing to WOW Presents Plus. The streaming service has every international "Drag Race" series, plus additional LGBTQ-themed content. WOW Presents Plus costs $5 a month or $50 a year. WOW Presents Plus is a streaming service focused on the "RuPaul's Drag Race" franchise, in addition to other drag and LGBTQ-themed documentaries and original series. Subscriptions cost $5 a month or $50 a year for ad-free streaming.If you're a big fan of "RuPaul's Drag Race," the monthly fee is well worth the hours of entertainment it provides. That said, potential subscribers should be aware of a few key details before signing up.If you're thinking about subscribing to WOW Presents Plus, here's a full rundown of all the service's main features and titles, along with some thoughts on what it's like to use.What is WOW Presents Plus? WOW Presents Plus is the streaming home of international "Drag Race" shows. The service also features a lineup of other LGBTQ-related content. The platform was founded in 2018 by World of Wonder, a US-based production company. World of Wonder is also the producer of "RuPaul's Drag Race" and all of its global spin-offs. A lot of the original content on WOW Presents Plus features popular stars from "Drag Race," and the library also includes recap shows of the franchise. How much does WOW Presents Plus cost? A subscription to WOW Presents Plus costs $5 a month. There's also an option to sign up for an annual plan for $50. The annual plan saves you $10 a year versus paying for 12 months separately.WOW Presents Plus only has one subscription level, which offers ad-free access to all of its content.  Where can I stream WOW Presents Plus? You can stream WOW Presents Plus through its website, which can be accessed on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other major web browsers. The service also has an app for connected devices. The WOW Presents Plus app is supported on iOS devices, Android products, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, and Samsung smart TVs. What 'Drag Race' franchises are available on WOW Presents Plus? WOW Presents Plus/Angela Tricarico/Business InsiderWOW Presents Plus lets you watch multiple versions of "RuPaul's Drag Race" and its various spin-offs, but it only offers access to "Drag Race" shows that air outside your region. So, US subscribers can stream international "Drag Race" shows, but they can't stream the US version of the series.If you're streaming from the US, you can watch the following "Drag Race" series:"RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs. the World" - one season"Canada's Drag Race" - two seasons "Drag Race Italia" - one season"RuPaul's Drag Race UK" - three seasons"Drag Race Holland" - two seasons"RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under" - one season"Drag Race Thailand" - one season "Drag Race España" - two seasons"The Switch Drag Race" (Chile) - one seasonNew episodes of currently airing seasons are available to watch on WOW Presents Plus the same day they are broadcast on TV. Right now, new episodes of the first season of "Drag Race France," hosted by US "Drag Race" alum Nicky Doll, premiere every Thursday. "Canada's Drag Race" season three will premiere on July 14. WOW Presents Plus also has original series that tie into "Drag Race" franchises. The lineup includes after shows and episode recaps like "Fashion Photo RuView," where Drag Race alumni sit down weekly to discuss and judge every runway outfit from the current season. What else can I watch on WOW Presents Plus? WOW Presents Plus has a library of original series that includes documentaries, in addition to exclusive programs starring "Drag Race" personalities. "RuPaul's Drag Race" season seven favorites Trixie Mattel and Katya have an original series called "UNHhhh," where they talk about a chosen topic. WOW Presents Plus describes the series as "a show about nothing, and yet it's about everything." A large roster of queens are the subjects of "Werq the World," a docuseries that follows the Werq the World international tour for two seasons. Each episode focuses on one of the queens on tour, including Aquaria, Alyssa Edwards, Detox, and Monet X Change. A new series titled "Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love," is WOW Presents Plus' first foray into unscripted reality. "Drag Race" favorite Miss Vanjie headlines the dating show where she tries to find love from a group of 18 men. The show premiered on June 9. WOW Presents Plus has also expanded into animated content with "Drag Tots," an original kid-friendly series about all things drag. The Drag Tots are voiced by "RuPaul's Drag Race" alumni Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio, Detox, Latrice Royale, and Valentina.World of Wonder has also produced many documentaries and television specials, some of which are available to stream on WOW Presents Plus. Most notably, members can watch "The Eyes of Tammy Faye," which follows the life of former televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker. The documentary was adapted into a 2021 feature film of the same, which can be streamed on HBO Max. Cons to considerIf you live in the US, all seasons of the American "RuPaul's Drag Race" and "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" are not available on WOW Presents Plus.If you're looking to watch either of those shows, you'll have to subscribe to Paramount Plus, the US streaming home for "RuPaul's Drag Race." Is WOW Presents Plus worth it? WOW Presents Plus is a great option for longtime fans of drag or newer fans just getting into "Drag Race."  That said, the selection of additional LGBTQ-related programming is limited. But, if your main goal is to get access to as much "Drag Race" content as you can, the service's library is well worth the $5 a month subscription price. Even if you don't plan on watching the original content and are just subscribing for the international "Drag Race" seasons, the amount of seasons available, plus the same-day new episode uploads, gives the service great value. Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake lost her cool after a Fox News host grilled her over a drag queen"s allegations

"I'm appalled that you would bring that up when you have not talked about our stolen election," said Kari Lake, touting a baseless voert fraud claim. Kari Lake blasted Fox News host Brett Baier in a tweet following the interview, calling him "a fake news Baier."Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images Kari Lake lost her cool when she was asked to respond to allegations made by a drag queen. Lake, who has been critical of drag, was called out by a drag queen who said he performed for her. She said Fox News host Brett Baier should have focused more on her baseless election fraud claims. Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake had a heated exchange with Fox News host Brett Baier on Monday evening after he asked her about about allegations that she was a drag queen's fan.Lake, who recently criticized drag queens, was called out by Richard Stevens, a popular drag queen from Phoenix who claimed that he and Lake had been friends. Labeling Lake a "complete hypocrite," Stevens said he had also performed at Lake's home while children were present.During her Fox News appearance, Lake said Stevens' allegations were false, and that she was "appalled" that Baier mentioned them instead of focusing more on the baseless "stolen election" claims that she's championed in her campaign. Citing a Washington Post article, Baier brought up the topic of Lake possibly being a fan of drag, which led to Lake turning defensive."I'm actually appalled that Fox News would take defamatory story like that, and we are pursuing legal action against this drag queen," she told Baier. "I'm appalled that you would bring that up when you have not talked about our stolen election."Baier countered that the pair had just spent "three questions" addressing Lake's claims. "Every candidate takes tough stories, I'm asking you to respond to it if you'd like to," Baier said, referring to the issue of Lake and Stevens."I'm happy to address it, but I'm really disappointed in Fox, I thought you were a little better than CNN," said Lake, who denied that Stevens had ever entered her home.Baier also asked her about several photos posted by Stevens of Lake posing with him while he was in full drag. Deflecting from the question, Lake later said, "Somebody who goes to a drag show with female impersonators is one thing. We don't want our tax money going into drag shows at school."Lake has condemned drag queen performances for children as "grooming" and "child abuse." Tweeting a video of a drag queen performing in front of young children in Texas earlier this month, she wrote that such an act "will not be tolerated in a Kari Lake-led Arizona."A statement provided by Lake's campaign team to KPNX reporter Brahm Resnik said Stevens' claims were "full of lies." According to The Post, the team also said Stevens was "once a friend" of Lake's and that the candidate had attended an event with a "Marilyn Monroe impersonator."Lake tweeted a clip of the interview with Baier on Monday evening, calling the Fox News host "a fake news Baier."—Kari Lake for AZ Governor (@KariLake) June 27, 2022Lake's campaign and Fox News did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Insider.Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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The Proud Boys are waging war on Pride Month. Drag Queen Story Hours for children are a big, sparkly target.

The extremist group is waging war on Pride Month. Drag performers reading to children are their biggest, most sparkly target. In this May 13, 2017, file photo, Lil Miss Hot Mess reads to children during the Feminist Press' presentation of Drag Queen Story Hour at the Park Slope Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, in New York.Mary Altaffer/AP{ In the past two weeks, Proud Boys have attacked LGBTQ story hours at libraries in California and North Carolina. Attendees in NC said sheriff's deputies escorted Proud Boys to the door of the reading room. "Bring out the drag queens!" the extremists shouted there, according to witnesses. Twice in two weeks, at libraries in North Carolina and in California, members of the Proud Boys have crashed Pride Month events for kids — in angry pursuit of storytellers in large wigs and very high heels."Bring out the drag queens!" witnesses say members of the Cape Fear chapter of the extremist group chanted on Tuesday, outside a locked reading-room door at a library three miles south of Wilmington, North Carolina — as a half-dozen frightened preschoolers and their parents listened inside."It wasn't even a drag queen event," Emily Kaufman of the Anti-Defamation League told Insider. "It was Pride Storytime, and they were reading 'Heather has two Mommies' and 'Daddy & Dada.'" No matter.Even the rumor of Drag Queen Story Hour was enough for seven or eight men in Proud Boys regalia to try to enter the room and to lead other demonstrators in demanding to "see the drag queen," according to WHQR.The New York City-based program brings drag queens to schools, libraries, and bookstores around the country, to read to kids in a celebration of books and diversity."During storytime we entered the library to ensure the children were not subject to a drag queen or age-inappropriate behavior from the staff," the "Official Cape Fear Proud Boys" posted later on Tuesday, on Telegram."If this is happening in your town let them know you're watching."It was the second incident in as many weeks.On June 11, a Saturday, some 10 men in Proud Boys regalia barged into a reading room of a library in San Lorenzo, California, where Bay Area drag queen Panda Dulce was reading to children.The men made white power hand gestures and shouted "Who brought the tranny?" and "It's a groomer. It's a pedophile," Dulce told ABC."One of the Proud Boys at the scene wore a T-shirt displaying an image of an assault rifle," said Kaufman. "Alongside the phrase, 'Kill Your Local Pedophile.'"Tweeted photos of Cape Fear Proud Boys arriving at a June 21, 2022 LGBTQ storytelling event for young children at a library in Wilmington, NC.TwitterThe Alameda County Sheriff's Office has opened a hate crimes investigation into the incident, NBC News reported. "The Proud Boys are incredibly transphobic," Kaufman said of the group, which has some 119 chapters in 46 states recognized by its national organization."But this month, many chapters have decided to celebrate quote-unquote Western Pride Month instead," said Kaufman. "Several chapters have committed to posting anti-LGBTQ-plus rhetoric every day during Pride Month," she said."This is the most intense rhetoric I've seen from the Proud Boys since I've been monitoring them for the last two years," she added. "It's been so heinous and awful."So why are the Proud Boys so obsessed with drag queens? Jonathan Hamilt is the executive director for Drag Queen Story Hour, which has 50 chapters throughout the US and 20 more overseas. Hamilt thinks the rabid opposition from extremists of all stripes has to do with ignorance and misinformation — the very things that his organization strives to abolish through inclusiveness and play."We're challenging the patriarchy and challenging the binary. We're challenging societal norms and forced gender roles and stereotypes that have been in our culture literally forever." As for the Proud Boys themselves, "We're trying not to say their names in interviews or call attention to it because they're getting enough air time," Hamilt said."It's Pride Month and we're trying to focus on being proud of who we are and doing our programming," he explained."We have a great community that loves us and wants us there. That's always been way greater than any opposition," he added.And like the extremist group whose name he won't mention, "We are defiantly loud and very organized as well," he said."Just with glitter."Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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Hopkins: The Federal Republic Of New Normal Germany

Hopkins: The Federal Republic Of New Normal Germany Authored by CJ Hopkins via The Consent Factory, So, the government of New Normal Germany is contemplating forcing everyone to wear medical-looking masks in public from October to Easter on a permanent basis. Seriously, the fanatical New Normal fascists currently in charge of Germany’s government — mostly the SPD and the Greens — are discussing revising the “Infection Protection Act” in order to grant themselves the authority to continue to rule the country by decree, as they have been doing since the Autumn of 2020, thus instituting a “permanent state of emergency” that overrides the German constitution, indefinitely. Go ahead, read that paragraph again. Take a break from the carnage in non-Nazi Ukraine, the show trials in the US congress, monkeypoxmania, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Sudden Bovine Death Syndrome, family-oriented drag queens, non-“vaccine”-related facial paralysis, and Biden falling off his bike, and reflect on what this possibly portends, the dominant country of the European Union dispensing with any semblance of democracy and transforming into a fascist biosecurity police state. OK, let me try to be more precise, as I don’t want to be arrested for “spreading disinformation” or “delegitimizing the state.” Germany is not dispensing with the semblance of democracy. No, the German constitution will remain in effect. It’s just that the revised Infection Protection Act — like the “Enabling Act of 1933,” which granted the Nazi government the authority to issue any edicts it wanted under the guise of “remedying the distress of the people” — will grant the New Normal German government the authority to continue to supersede the constitution and issue whatever edicts it wants under the guise of “protecting the public health” … for example, forcing the German masses to display their conformity to the new official ideology by wearing medical-looking masks on their faces for six or seven months of every year. In addition to a ritualized mass-demonstration of mindlessly fascist ideological conformity (a standard feature of all totalitarian systems), this annual October-to-Easter mask-mandate, by simulating the new paranoid “reality” in which humanity is under constant attack by deadly viruses and other “public health threats,” will cement the New Normal ideology into place. If not opposed and stopped here in Germany, it will spread to other European countries, and to Canada, and Australia, and the New Normal US states. If you think what happens in Germany doesn’t matter because you live in Florida, or in Sweden, or the UK, you haven’t been paying attention recently. The roll-out of the New Normal is a global project … a multi-phase, multi-faceted project. Germany is just the current “tip of the spear.” Sadly, the majority of the German masses will mindlessly click heels and follow orders, as they have since the Spring of 2020. They’re all enjoying a “summer break” at the moment, but come October they will don their masks, start segregating and persecuting “the Unvaccinated,” and otherwise behaving like fascists again. I hesitate to blame it on the German character, because we’ve witnessed the same mindlessly fascistic behavior all around the world over the past two years, but, I have to admit, there is something particularly scary about how the Germans do it. Meanwhile, Germany’s FBI (der Bundesverfassungsschutz, or BfV) is hard at work enforcing the new Gleichschaltung. According to a report in Die Welt, the BfV is not just surveilling people who use terms like “Corona dictatorship” (and presumably a long list of other “wrongspeak” words), but it is also “surveilling people and groups that disseminate conspiracy theories, or call the democratic nature of the state into question.” Politicians are insisting that the BfV “toughen up the classification of political crime, especially regarding the Corona deniers.” Yes, that’s right, publicly challenging the official Covid-19 narrative, or protesting official New Normal ideology, is a political crime here in New Normal Germany. It has been since May 2021, when the Bundesverfassungsschutz established a new official category of domestic extremism … “Anti-democratic or Security-threatening Delegitimization of the State.” I covered this in one of my columns at the time (“The Criminalization of Dissent” ) as did some corporate press, like The New York Times (“German Intelligence Puts Coronavirus Deniers Under Surveillance”), but, for some reason, the story didn’t get much traction. “Delegitimization of the State” … let that language sink in for a moment. What it means is that anyone the New Normal authorities deem to be “delegitimizing the state” can be arrested and charged as a “political criminal.” I wasn’t entirely clear on what is meant by “delegitimizing,” so I looked the word up, and the definition I found was “to diminish or destroy the legitimacy, prestige, or authority” of something, or someone, which … I don’t know, sounds a little overly broad and subject to arbitrary interpretation. For example, if I, right here in this column, were to propose that the German government had no legitimate reasons whatsoever for locking down the entire population, forcing everyone to wear medical-looking masks, and demonizing and segregating “the Unvaccinated,” that might make me a “political criminal.” Likewise, if I were to describe Karl Lauterbach, the Minister of Health of New Normal Germany, as a fanatical fascist, and a sociopathic liar, that might make me a “political criminal.” Or, if I were to point out how the German state media have deceived and gaslighted the German public for over two years like the proverbial Goebbelsian keyboard instrument, that might make me a “political criminal.” Or, if I were crazy enough to publish a book of essays written over the past two years documenting The Rise of the New Normal Reich, including essays about New Normal Germany, that might also make me a “political criminal.” Naturally, I am a little uneasy, living in a former-Nazi country where I could be classified as a “political criminal” for my activities as an author and a political satirist … which, of course, is the point of the new classification. It is meant to scare dissidents like me into silence. Or … OK, it isn’t meant for me. It is meant for German dissidents like me. I’m an American, not a German citizen. So the chances of a heavily-armed “Special Commando” team storming my apartment in the wee hours of the morning and arresting me on trumped-up weapons charges — as they recently did to Dr. Paul Brandenburg, an outspoken opponent of the New Normal Reich — are probably (hopefully) fairly remote. In any event, I would never do that, i.e., attempt to diminish the prestige or authority of the Federal Republic of New Normal Germany, or in any way compare it to Nazi Germany, or any other totalitarian system, or describe it as a nascent biosecurity police state wherein the rule of law has been supplanted by the arbitrary edicts of fascist fanatics, because that would just be asking for trouble. After all, if we’ve learned anything from history, the smart thing to do during times like these is to keep one’s mouth shut and follow orders, and if you hear a train coming … well, just look the other way. Tyler Durden Tue, 06/21/2022 - 05:00.....»»

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Trump-endorsed candidate Kari Lake spoke out against drag queens dancing for children. A popular drag queen says he performed for Lake and her young daughter.

Arizona drag queen Barbra Seville posted photos with Lake and said he performed in front of Lake's daughter when she was around 9 or 10. Kari Lake is running for Arizona Governor.Brandon Bell/Getty Images A Phoenix drag queen says he was friends with Kari Lake, a Republican running for Arizona governor. Richard Stevens said he performed in drag in front of Lake's daughter, who was 9 or 10 at the time. Lake's campaign said Stevens claims were "full of lies" but said her daughter did see a Marilyn Monroe impersonator perform. A popular Phoenix drag queen called out Kari Lake, the Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for governor in Arizona, over her comments about drag queens.Richard Stevens, who has performed as drag queen Barbra Seville for decades, said in a Facebook post on Friday he and Lake used to be friends but her recent comments on drag queens showed she was a "complete hypocrite."He included several photos of him and Lake and wrote: "I've performed for Kari's birthday, I've performed in her home (with children present,) and I've performed for her at some of the seediest bars in Phoenix."In a text exchange with Insider, Stevens said he performed as Marilyn Monroe in front of Lake's daughter, who was around 9 or 10 at the time, and again said he performed inside Lake's home."I spoke up because her alarming rise to power under these new 'views' are scary and can lead to real harm to me and other marginalized people," Stevens said.—Brahm Resnik (@brahmresnik) June 18, 2022He spoke out after Lake waded into the latest target of conservative outrage: kids being exposed to drag queens. He included a screenshot of a tweet Lake had sent hours prior."They kicked God out of schools and welcomed the Drag Queens. They took down our Flag and replaced it with a rainbow," she wrote. "They seek to disarm Americans and militarize our Enemies. Let's bring back the basics: God, Guns & Glory."On June 4, Lake's campaign also tweeted condemning drag queens. The account retweeted a video that showed a drag queen performing in front of kids in Texas and added: "This is grooming. This is child abuse. Maybe that's acceptable in Dallas, Texas. But it will not be tolerated in a @KariLake-led Arizona."Lake did not immediately respond to Insider's requests for comment.In a statement provided to KPNX reporter Brahm Resnik, Lake's campaign said Stevens' claims were "full of lies.""The event in question was a party at someone else's house, and the performer was there as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. It wasn't a drag show, and the issue we're talking about isn't adults attending drag shows, either. The issue is activists sexualizing young children, and that's got to stop," the statement said.Lake's campaign told The Arizona Republic Lake "is pursuing legal action and anyone that prints those lies should be prepared for a legal fight as well." The outlet also reported the campaign appeared to differentiate between a drag show and a man dressed up as a woman as an impersonation.When speaking to The Arizona Republic, Stevens got emotional when discussing Lake's friendship."Kari contacted me after my parents died," he said. "It meant the world to me, it really meant the world to me. So to see her just throw me under the bus for a vote, that's why I had to say something."In December 2014, Lake posted a photo on Instagram of her and Stevens dressed in drag, along with the caption: "Half of what I know about makeup I learned from watching friends like @barbraseville." A post shared by Kari Lake (@karilake) She also posted photos earlier that year from a drag show.Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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Drag shows are the latest battleground in the right wing anti-gay disinformation campaign about "grooming"

Hate and harassment targeting drag performers have escalated in recent weeks as events to celebrate LGBTQ Pride month have ramped up. In this September 8, 2018, file photo, a drag performer by the name of Champagne Monroe reads the children's book "Rainbow Fish" to a group of kids and parents at the Mobile Public Library in Mobile, Alabama.AP Photo/Dan Anderson Republicans have targeted drag performers and drag shows during Pride month.  The anti-gay social-media influencer Libs of TikTok has stoked online outrage against performers.  Five alleged Proud Boys extremists targeted a drag event for children at a California library. Five men believed to be affiliated with the far-right extremist Proud Boys entered a library on Saturday in San Lorenzo, California, where local authorities say they shouted homophobic and transphobic slurs at a Drag Queen Story Hour event for children and their parents."The men were described as extremely aggressive with a threatening violent demeanor causing people to fear for their safety,'' the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, which is investigating the incident as a hate crime, said in a press release.The same day in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, police arrested and charged 31 people they said were associated with the white-nationalist group Patriot Front with conspiracy to riot after they were seen gathering near a Pride parade. The men arrested came from around the country, and the town's police chief said they brought riot gear, metal poles, and at least one smoke grenade. The incidents occurred less than a week after a crowd of demonstrators showed up outside a Dallas bar holding "Drag the Kids to Pride," a drag show and brunch for families. Around a dozen protesters chanted "Christ is king" outside the bar, and a local news station reported one woman in the crowd held a sign accusing those involved in the show of pedophilia. The bar, called Mr. Misster, in a statement said: "We had a group of protestors outside yelling homophobic threats, transphobic remarks and vile accusations at these children and parents." Hate and harassment targeting drag performers have escalated in recent weeks as events to celebrate LGBTQ Pride month have ramped up, but the harassment is also indicative of a resurgent right-wing campaign to associate gay and trans people with predatory behavior and pedophilia — falsely labeling them as "groomers" intent on coercing children into sex.Much of the campaign has played out in plain sight, with right-wing influencers inciting online outrage against LGBTQ events and performers. Before the wave of far-right protests and harassment in the past week, the anti-gay Libs of TikTok Twitter account repeatedly posted information about family-friendly drag events to its 1.2 million followers. Libs of TikTok specifically posted about the Pride events in Dallas, San Lorenzo, and Coeur D'Alene in the weeks before extremists and far-right protesters targeted those events and rallies.Drag performers and organizers mentioned in Libs of TikTok tweets told Insider they faced vicious, targeted harassment campaigns and attempts to shut down their shows.Drag performers face threats and harassment from conservative outrage campaignNick, a 34-year-old drag performer who has been working in California's Bay Area for seven years, has felt the backlash targeting drag performers. Nick was the focus of intense online harassment after the Libs of TikTok account reshared a video of their Pride Month performance for students during an event at a California charter school.Nick, who asked Insider not to publish their last name to fears of further attacks, said they were one of three drag performers who were asked to perform at a school assembly for students in grades 6 to 12. Nick tweeted a clip of the performance days later and said the video was positively received until "right wing people found it." The 15-second clip showed Nick performing onstage in a long dress for a small crowd of students and staff, who cheered enthusiastically as Nick removed a series of wigs while Whitney Houston's song "I Have Nothing" played over the speakers.  After Libs of TikTok shared the video, which now has over 510,000 views on Twitter, Nick said they received numerous death threats and messages calling them a "groomer." Others claimed Nick was harming or otherwise "corrupting" children. Nick received hate messages on every one of their social-media platforms, leading them to either temporarily set the accounts to private or delete the profiles entirely.  A post shared by Nicki Jizz (@nicki_jizz)  Part of the attacks focused on Nick's performer name, Nicki Jizz, but Nick said that when performing for children or at corporate events, they go by "Nicki J." The performance was also not sexual in nature, Nick said, and they opted to wear a full-length dress despite performing outside on a hot day. None of that deterred the harassment campaign.Nick said their mother recently died, and right-wing trolls began writing comments underneath a post about her death. "That's how far these people are going," Nick said. The renewed hate campaigns against drag queens is "sad and kind of makes you feel a little defeated at times," Nick said. "I feel like people, especially since they're behind a keyboard, feel more empowered. Sadly, even some of them go out in person and express it in very sad and hateful ways in front of children.""Something that was supposed to be really sweet and fun has just gone the opposite," they said.Libs of TikTok posts have targeted drag events across the country, as cancellations and protests followOver the past week, Libs of TikTok has posted dozens of times about specific drag shows or Pride Month events that involve children, claiming without evidence that these events harm kids. The account, which The Washington Post reported is run by a Brooklyn real-estate agent named Chaya Raichik, has targeted libraries, zoos, botanical gardens, and LGBTQ youth organizations for organizing events that involve drag performers.The account claimed in its most recent post to Substack that it had been limited by Twitter three times, though most of the tweets targeting drag performers and venues that host them have been allowed to remain on the platform. Twitter's hateful conduct policy prohibits accounts that exist to "promote violence" or "directly attack" individuals based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Neither Twitter nor Libs of TikTok responded to Insider's request for comment."The left has no idea what they are unleashing," the account said in a now-deleted tweet. "They keep trying to censor and silence me but unbeknownst to them, I actually thrive even more under those circumstances."In Apex, North Carolina, a suburb of Raleigh, a Drag Queen Story Hour event scheduled for June 11 was the subject of a Libs of TikTok tweet. On May 31, shortly after the account tweeted about the event, the town's mayor, Jacques Gilbert, announced the city's festival commission decided to remove it from Pride celebrations due to a "variety of feedback." The move sparked backlash from LGBTQ advocates, who argued that officials caved to a vocal minority who did not represent the interests of the town. The LGBTQ advocacy group Equality NC later in the week announced it would take over as the sponsor of Apex Pride, allowing the story hour to resume. Raafe Purnsley, a North Carolina drag artist who performs as Stormie Daie, told Insider that Drag Queen Story Hour events offered an opportunity to hold important conversations with children on topics like LGBTQ history, Black history, body image, and anxiety.  A post shared by Raafe Ahmaad Nathaniel Purnsley (@stormiedaie)  "Those are things that I have done specifically with drag and story hours since I've been here, mostly because I'm pretty adept now at talking to children about a myriad of subjects," Purnsley said. "My background was in environmental science, and I was a science teacher for a little bit of time before I started doing drag." Having conversations with children as drag queens brings elements of fun and joy to difficult subjects, Purnsley said, noting that drag queens have often been at the forefront of bringing conversations about topics like gender identity to the mainstream."I think people need to grow up," Purnsley said. "They also need to recognize that all we are talking about when we are talking to children is accepting people for their differences, teaching them about the fact that there are options and possibilities for their life other than getting married and having a wife or a husband." GOP legislators have increasingly targeted drag shows and LGBTQ rights As right-wing influencers such as Libs of TikTok have fomented online harassment against drag and LGBTQ events, lawmakers in both Texas and Florida have proposed legislation attempting to ban family drag shows.Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton, a Republican, last week filed legislation that would ban drag performances in the presence of children. In a press release announcing the legislation, Slaton said the bill was the result of a "disturbing trend in which perverted adults are obsessed with sexualizing young children." Florida state Rep. Anthony Sabatini, a Republican who is also running for Congress, said in a tweet he planned to propose legislation that would make it a felony and terminate the parental rights of "any adult who brings a child to these perverted sex shows." Sabatini called for an emergency session of the Florida legislature to consider his proposal.The proposed anti-drag legislation follows a raft of other bills this year targeting the LGBTQ community.In Texas, Slaton has also said he would work toward passing legislation that would make providing gender-affirming care to minors "child abuse." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in February signed an order that instructed the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate and prosecute parents of transgender kids if they give their child gender-affirming care. A judge last week temporarily blocked the state from executing that order.Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in March signed into a law a bill known as the "Don't Say Gay" law, which aims to limit the teaching of topics like sexuality and gender identity in schools. LGBTQ advocates decried the law, saying it would harm children who identify as gay or trans, or who have LGBTQ parents. DeSantis last week said he was considering directing state officials to investigate parents who take their children to drag shows. "It's just outrageous that this is something that is taking up so much energy," Cathryn Oakley, the state legislative director and senior counsel at the Human Rights Campaign, said. Such efforts by lawmakers to target and misrepresent drag queens and other LGBTQ people are meant to distract from real issues facing people in states like Texas, Oakley told Insider."They're taking their failure to address the real challenges that are facing Texas and then trying to twist that into something that'll get people riled up with moral panic," Oakley said.The number of anti-LGBTQ bills enacted in state legislatures across the country reached a new high last year, according to data from HRC. Much of this legislation targeted trans youth, like laws enacted in Alabama and Louisiana that prevent trans athletes from playing on the sports teams that match their gender identity. Other bills and laws aim to criminalize doctors who provide gender-affirming care to minors. "In 2022, we're on the precipice of setting those records yet again," Oakley said.Drag shows are the latest venue for the right's attacks on gender identityThe attacks against drag culture have come as the art form has gone increasingly mainstream. "RuPaul's Drag Race," which premiered on Logo in February 2009, is in its 14th season and now airing on MTV. It's also spawned numerous international franchises across the globe and spinoff series in the US. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, has appeared on the program twice, mostly recently in an episode that aired last week.—RuPaul's Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) June 12, 2022 In North Carolina, Apex Pride and the story hour were "very lovely and very well received," Purnsley said. The backlash against drag comes from people's fear of changing ideas around gender constructs and identity, Purnsley said, leading to old panics that the LGBTQ community is somehow "corrupting children.""I just want to read to children, and it is not lost on me how mundane and basic this desire or this mission is," Purnsley said. "I hope that people will stop taking my life and my community's life for granted, that they will see that we want good for the world."Purnsley believes that if critics truly cared about kids, they would focus on issues legislating against gun violence and mental health rather than on drag performances and children's story hours."Children are growing up hurting. They are killing themselves. They are being murdered," Purnsley said. "We could do so much more than protest my padded Black ass."Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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Nancy Pelosi says her infamous sarcastic clap at Trump was "completely unintentional," reenacts viral moment on "RuPaul"s Drag Race"

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race" and cleared the air around her "sarcastic, shady clap." House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, claps on the House floor as guests are announced as they arrive prior to President Donald Trump arriving and delivering his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019.AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster Nancy Pelosi joked that her sarcastic clap at Donald Trump in 2019 was "completely unintentional." Pelosi became a meme when she infamously clapped at Trump after his 2019 State of the Union speech. In Friday's episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race," Pelosi urged people to vote in the midterm elections. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joked about her infamous, sarcastic clap at former President Donald Trump after his 2019 State of the Union address. In an appearance on a "RuPaul's Drag Race" episode, which aired Friday, a drag queen, Raja Gemini, praised Pelosi's viral reaction to Trump as she sat right over his shoulder during an 82-minute speech."We throw the word masterclass around here all the time, but that sarcastic, shady clap you do was f--king epic," Raja said. "It was completely unintentional," Pelosi said with a shrug and a laugh. —Vox (@voxdotcom) February 6, 2019 Pelosi became a meme in 2019 when she extended her arms and clapped at Trump with a smirk on her face. It earned her the nickname of "Queen of Condescending Applause" by some, the Washington Post reported. On Friday, RuPaul asked Pelosi for her "words of wisdom" on "all the challenges facing our nation.""The single most important thing I can say is to vote. With the midterm elections coming up, it's very important for people to make their voices and their vote heard," Pelosi said. Democrats may face an uphill climb in November as strategists have raised the alarm that the party needs to solidify its messaging on the economy and other major issues affecting voters. President Joe Biden has recently been said to be "really twisted" over his low approval rating, which has dropped down to 33 percent, per a June 8 Quinnipiac poll. Friday's RuPaul episode ended with Pelosi and the drag queens imitating Pelosi's sarcastic clap. "Thank you so much for the work you've done and the work you continue to do tirelessly for our freedom. Your tenacity is something that we all look up to," RuPaul said. "We have prayers in our hearts to keep you strong."Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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"RuPaul"s Drag Race All Stars" season 7 is now streaming on Paramount Plus — here"s how to watch new episodes every Friday

The new cast features previous winners looking for a second shot at the crown. "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" streams exclusively on Paramount Plus. Prices are accurate at the time of publication.When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.VH1 Season seven of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" premiered May 20 on Paramount Plus. Eight returning winners are back to compete to become the "Queen of all Queens." Paramount Plus costs $5/month for ad-supported streaming or $10/month for ad-free streaming. A new season of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" debuted on May 20 with a two-episode premiere. The Paramount Plus original series returns less than a year after the last "All Stars" iteration ended. For the first time in the show's history, all of the drag queens returning to the competition have already won the crown in a previous season of "RuPaul's Drag Race" or "All Stars." The returning queens range from Raja, who won "Drag Race" season three in 2011, to Shea Couleé, who won "All Stars" season five in 2020. Check out the trailer for season 7 of 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars'In a departure from previous seasons, this season will feature no eliminations. Instead, the queens compete for stars in each episode. At the end of the season, the four queens with the most stars will face off in a lip sync battle to decide the show's winner. Fans can expect an all-star roster of celebrity guest judges, including Cameron Diaz, Ben Platt, Ronan Farrow, and Betsey Johnson. Naomi Campbell, Nancy Pelosi, and Vanna White have also been confirmed to appear. How to watch 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars'You can watch "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" exclusively on Paramount Plus. The first two episodes of season seven premiered on May 20. One new episode will follow every Friday through July 29.  Paramount Plus has two streaming plans. The Essential plan costs $5/month for ad-supported playback. With the Essential plan, you get access to the service's entire on-demand library, plus live NFL games on CBS.Paramount Plus Essential Monthly Plan (ad-supported)$4.99 FROM PARAMOUNTFor $10/month, you can upgrade to the Premium plan, which offers commercial-free on-demand streaming and adds live access to your local CBS station. Paramount Plus Premium Monthly Plan (ad-free)$9.99 FROM PARAMOUNTThe Paramount Plus app is compatible with most major connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, streaming media players like Roku, and smart TVs. For a full list of supported devices, check out the Paramount Plus website. Can I watch 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars' for free?You can watch "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" for free if you sign up for a Paramount Plus trial. All new members can get a seven-day free trial when signing up for either the Essential or Premium plan. If you want to watch every episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" season seven for free, you should wait to sign up until the week of July 24. That way, you can catch up on the season with time to watch the finale when it debuts on July 29. Who is competing in 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars' season 7?There are eight queens competing in the show's very first all-winners season, including the first international queen to appear on an American "Drag Race" series.Here are the 8 queens confirmed to appear in 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars' season 7:  Jaida Essence Hall (season 12)Jinkx Monsoon (season five)Monet X Change (All Stars four)Raja (season three)Shea Couleé (All Stars season five)The Vivienne (UK season one)Trinity the Tuck (All Stars seasons four)Yvie Oddly (season 11)How many episodes are in 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars' season 7?There are 12 episodes in the new season of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars."When do new episodes of 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars' come out?New episodes of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" will hit Paramount Plus every Friday at 12 a.m. PT/3 a.m. ET through July 29. What other 'RuPaul's Drag Race' shows can I watch on Paramount Plus? In addition to all seven seasons of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars," you can also watch 12 seasons of "RuPaul's Drag Race" on Paramount Plus.  The official aftershow of "RuPaul's Drag Race," "Untucked," is also on Paramount Plus. "Untucked" episodes are filmed between the judging and elimination for each episode, and offer an unfiltered look at the queens as they discuss the events of each installment. You can currently watch "Untucked" for seasons 10, 11, and 12 of "RuPaul's Drag Race" and additional "Untucked" seasons for "All Stars." New episodes of "Untucked" will premiere alongside new episodes of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" beginning May 20.Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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Images from NASA"s Perseverance rover reveal that mysterious floods dragged boulders across Mars

The first study of Perseverance's early photos reveals signs of primordial floods and minerals that could hold evidence of ancient life. NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover took this selfie on September 10, 2021. NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS NASA's Perseverance rover on Mars snapped photos of cliffs that show signs of ancient flash floods. The first study of Perseverance's data suggests that a flooding river dragged boulders for miles. The photos also pinpoint ancient river sediment in which the rover could search for fossilized life. In the dry Martian crater where NASA's Perseverance rover is searching for signs of long-gone life, torrential flash floods once dragged boulders for miles.That's what researchers concluded in the first study of Perseverance's data since the rover landed on Mars in February.Its landing site, a 28-mile-wide crater called Jezero, was filled with water more than 3.5 billion years ago. Back then, a river spilled over the crater wall, carrying minerals and clay that could have trapped and fossilized ancient microbes at the bottom of Lake Jezero.If such life ever existed on Mars, NASA scientists think they might find it in Jezero Crater, even though all the water has dried up. That's Perseverance's main mission there. As it explores the crater and the ancient river delta, it's collecting samples of rock, dirt, and ancient mineral deposits for a future mission to bring back to Earth. An illustration of Jezero Crater as it may have looked billions of years go on Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech But as the rover treks toward the cliffs of the river delta, which it's set to explore in the coming months, its photos have revealed something strange. In the steep slopes, called escarpments, or "scarps," Perseverance spotted layers of large rocks and boulders."We saw distinct layers in the scarps containing boulders up to five feet across that we knew had no business being there," Nicolas Mangold, a Perseverance scientist in France who led the study, said in a NASA press release.The cliffs were constructed over centuries, as river minerals fell to the bottom of the lake, building layer upon layer. In some of the higher layers, which correspond to periods later in the lake's history, groups of large boulders jut out from the mineral deposits. They're too large for any regular river to move - which means walls of raging water must have pushed them there. This composite image of the "Delta Scarp" in Mars' Jezero Crater was generated using data from two imagers aboard NASA's Perseverance rover. The inset zooms in on a 377-foot-wide portion. RMI: NASA/JPL-Caltech/LANL/CNES/CNRS/ASU/MSSS Mastcam-Z: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS The researchers estimated that flash floods had to increase the river water to speeds as high as 20 mph in order to move such big rocks. Waters that powerful can drag boulders for tens of miles.Perseverance's first study points where to look for lifeThe study, published in the journal Science on Thursday, also analyzed Perseverance's images of a rock outcropping called Kodiak.This mound, just over a mile from the rover, is a remnant of the river delta. The Kodiak delta remnant, photographed by Perseverance on February 22, 2021. NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS Along Kodiak's sides, horizontal layers of rock and mineral deposits are exposed. That layering, called stratigraphy, reveals the geological history of the region. And the layers look a lot like those left by river deltas on Earth."Never before has such well-preserved stratigraphy been visible on Mars," Mangold said. "This is the key observation that enables us to once and for all confirm the presence of a lake and river delta at Jezero. Getting a better understanding of the hydrology months in advance of our arrival at the delta is going to pay big dividends down the road."These new findings may also help determine where Perseverance should look for fossils of ancient Martian microbes. The river carried grains that fell to the lake floor, eventually settling into sandstone or mudstone that became the bottom layers of the delta slopes. Those falling minerals could have trapped microbes."The finest-grained material at the bottom of the delta probably contains our best bet for finding evidence of organics and biosignatures," Sanjeev Gupta, a Perseverance scientist from Imperial College, London, and a co-author of the paper, said in NASA's press release. "And the boulders at the top will enable us to sample old pieces of crustal rocks. Both are main objectives for sampling and caching rocks."But the new study also raises a big question. It's not clear what caused Jezero's flash floods. The researchers speculated that it could have been intense rainfall, rapid snow melt, or glacial activity. Figuring out the source of all that water would tell scientists a lot about the ancient Martian climate."We have no proof on Mars of the origin of these floods," Mangold told TIME. "That is something we want to be able to answer."Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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Photo Essay: Out at Takes the Cake, the "drag king and thing" competition that"s expanding the possibilities of drag

Takes the Cake, a competition for 'drag kings and things,' is expanding the limits of what drag artists can be. Week 2 Winner Willy Killigan performs at Takes the Cake. Elyssa Goodman for Insider At Takes the Cake, drag artists who identify anywhere on the gender spectrum are welcome. The event is put on by The Cake Boys collective. See more stories on Insider's business page. "I put the 'toxic' in toxic masculinity!" Muscles Monty is standing on stage at Purgatory, a club in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Bathed in purple and green light, faux spiders appear to be crawling on his jacket, which is oozing neon-green slime. His face is twisted, in gruesome makeup made to look as if skin is peeling off - as if he has just fallen into a barrel of toxic waste. That is, in fact, the precise look he's going for. It is the first night of Takes the Cake, a "drag king and thing" competition. There will be competitions on four consecutive Fridays, culminating in a grand finale on September 26 at Brooklyn's 3 Dollar Bill, a larger venue. Performers who identify anywhere on the gender spectrum are welcome. Muscles Monty, the emcee, is part of a four-person collective called the Cake Boys, the event's host. Muscles and two others - Richard and Sweaty Eddie - are trans-identifying drag performers, while the fourth member, Senerio, identifies as queer. The Cake Boys' Muscles Monty emcees at Takes the Cake. Elyssa Goodman for Insider New York has long been at the center of the drag scene, but drag queens have been dominant. The Cake Boys are dedicated to creating a space for drag kings, trans and nonbinary performers, and queer artists who weren't getting booked as often as their drag-queen counterparts. That's what Takes the Cake is all about. Muscles Monty had expected a handful of people to show interest in the event. Instead, 40 performers signed up, most of whom were new to drag, and tickets quickly sold out. "I've been watching local drag, supporting local drag, throwing dollars at local drag for years, and I saw the Cake Boys and … truly I've never seen a drag collective that's focused on drag kings and things," says Smol Papi, the runner-up from Takes the Cake's first week. As Willy Killigan, who won Takes the Cake's second week, puts it, "it really just goes to show you that people have been thirsty for this kind of space, and it's amazing to be a part of it." The Takes the Cake competition in Brooklyn. Elyssa Goodman for Insider The goal of the event is to "give respect to the alternative performers that may not have previously felt like they've been respected in these spaces" and "want to prove that we're just as good as the rest," says Richard, the drag king who cofounded the Cake Boys in 2019. Richard first saw drag kings in the 2002 documentary "Venus Boyz," which showcased New York's masculine drag artists like Mo B. Dick and Dred. He started performing at a Brooklyn pageant called Mx. Nobody, which was more about cultivating space for alternative drag than about cutthroat competition. At Takes the Cake, Richard is introduced as the "cishet of your nightmares," in a mullet and glasses. He strips out of a tracksuit and rhinestoned sneakers to take as his lover a cherry pie. Cast of Takes the Cake, Night 1. Elyssa Goodman "Queer money in circulation"Underneath Purgatory's glittering disco ball, Takes the Cake comes to life. Klondyke cuts open a plastic sheet and sloshes themselves through a bucket of ooze to the throb of the experimental emo rockers Brave Little Abacus. Tuna Melt devises a rap with a message that "queer money is power and it stays with us," throwing 65 dollar bills inscribed with "Queer Money in Circulation" into the crowd. Lucky Pierre becomes a sexy version of The Penguin from "Batman," sliding his tongue across his umbrella. Black liquid drips from his mouth. Bucket is a tattooed janitor salaciously splashing the crowd with his mop. For the musical interlude, Sweaty Eddie lip-syncs a mashup of Frank Sinatra's "I've Got You Under My Skin" and the "Silence of the Lambs" serial killer Buffalo Bill's dialogue ("It puts the lotion on the skin"). "Me, personally, I can say for sure that I'm interested in bringing delightful chaos and conflictingly evocative experiences," he says. "Queer Money in Circulation," which was thrown into the crowd by contestant Tuna Melt. Elyssa Goodman for Insider Judges - established New York "kings and things" - offer friendly, affirming input on performers' CAQUE (pronounced either "cake" or "cock," however you prefer): concept, artistry, quality, uniqueness, and execution. Each evening, the top four contestants participate in a wacky lip-sync roulette - it might be "Seinfeld's" wordless theme song, or Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Two winners are chosen each week. Those eight performers and four wild cards will go on to the grand finale, where the Takes the Cake winner will be crowned. "I'm seeing art!" someone in the crowd shouted during the final night of competition before the finale. Even as drag has gone mainstream, helped along by the massive popularity of "RuPaul's Drag Race," there is clearly an appetite for up-and-coming "kings and things" to find their voices and perform with a DIY ethos. While "Drag Race's" influence on the art is undeniable, thrusting drag into the mainstream in ways perhaps previously thought impossible, it has also perpetuated the phenomenon of mainstream drag, the high-femme drag of popular culture. But as "Drag Race's" own Trixie Mattel once said, saying you love drag but watch only "Drag Race" is "like saying you love music" but "you only watch American Idol." This is the idea that the Cake Boys and many others are fighting for at venues like this one. "I just feel like we're pulling away and creating a new narrative of what drag can be," Muscles Monty says. Oliver Herface, one of the judges, performs. Elyssa Goodman for Insider A performance by Week 3 Runner-Up King Charm Her. Elyssa Goodman for Insider Week 4 Runner-Up Lucky Pierre. Elyssa Goodman for Insider Masculine and gender-nonconforming drag is as old as the theater itself. There was Vesta Tilley, the beloved star of the 19th-century British stage, and Florence Hines, the star of the 19th-century American stage. Japan's famed Takarazuka Revue celebrates its centennial this year. The 1930s were rife with drag kings like Blackie Dennis and Buddy Kent, who crooned and stripped and made names for themselves in nightlife. The icon Stormé DeLarverie preferred the term "male impersonator" and performed with the touring drag troupe the Jewel Box Revue from 1955 to 1969, later becoming a Stonewall veteran. The Cockettes employed genderfuckery and glitter in large doses across both the gender spectrum and the US coasts.In the 1990s, drag kings saw another wave of popularity with the legendary Club Casanova parties and revues assembled by Mo B. Dick, featuring performances by the iconic Dred and Murray Hill, among others. Their lineage includes Dr. Wang Newton, who has performed internationally as a drag king since 2004; Landon Cider, who won the most recent season of the drag horror competition "Dragula"; K. James of Brooklyn's Switch n' Play drag troupe; Tenderoni, a king who won the most recent Drag Queen of the Year competition; the beloved Chicago king Majic Dyke; and so many others. The Cake Boys' Sweaty Eddie, who's also a judge. Elyssa Goodman for Insider Week 1 Runner-Up Smol Papi performs at Takes the Cake. Elyssa Goodman for Insider Week 2 Runner-Up Bucket performs at Takes the Cake. Elyssa Goodman for Insider Contestant Bastard Motherfucker backstage at Takes the Cake. Elyssa Goodman for Insider At events like Takes the Cake, there's space to create whatever comes next for drag. It's become a haven for performers who had been seeking avenues for the drag they wanted to do. "They saw a niche that was missing," says Mo B. Dick, who has also been a mentor for the Cake Boys and cofounded the website Drag King History. "They said, 'Wait a minute, where are the drag kings in New York City? There used to be a thriving drag-king scene - we need to bring that back.' So they are a direct lineage of the New York drag-king scene." Week 4 Winner Klondyke performs at Takes the Cake. Elyssa Goodman for Insider xx Elyssa Goodman Performers are unlimited in who they can be and how they express themselves, Senerio says."It could literally be a fucking mythical creature as long as it's like, Oh my God, like, bitch, you work, you came here to let the girls know, like, hey, this is who I am, and fucking eat it," Senerio says. And really, if the Cake Boys know how to do anything, it's how to make them all eat it. Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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Airbnb"s 15 most popular online experiences, including drinking with drag queens, making pasta with grandmas, and a Harry Potter tour

Airbnb offers an extensive catalog of virtual experiences you can do from the comfort of home. Here are the most popular Airbnb online experiences. If you buy through our li.....»»

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Amazon's annual meeting draws protests from pilots and drag queens

About 100 shareholders attended Amazon's annual shareholders meeting Wednesday, with about the same num.....»»

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This designer makes elaborate costumes for drag queens and other stars like Madonna and Nicki Minaj

Garo Sparo designs elaborate costumes for drag queens, celebrities, and burlesque performers. He uses leather, lace, beads,&n.....»»

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Samsung is doubling down on foldable phones with the release of the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Z Flip 4

Samsung continues to refine its foldable phones with improved design and larger batteries while adding features like upgraded cameras. When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 (left) and Z Fold 4 (right) foldable smartphones.Samsung Samsung's new Galaxy Z Fold 4 starts at $1,799.99, and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 starts at $999.99. The foldable phones have better cameras and faster processors than their predecessors. Both phones are available to preorder and will become available to buy on August 26. The foldable phone concept is here to stay as Samsung is showing no sign of backing out. The company announced the fourth generation of its Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip at its Unpacked event on August 10, and while both share similar design traits as their predecessors, the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 are all about continued refinements and enhancements.In the US, Samsung is the only company making any effort with foldable phones. The Galaxy Z Fold opens to create a larger screen, while the Z Flip closes for compactness. While the early generation Galaxy Fold was expensive and puzzling, later models proved the concept has some viability. In fact, we called the Galaxy Z Flip 3 the first foldable phone we would actually recommend. Albeit still pricey for most people.The lifestyle-centric Z Flip 4 now has improved cameras, larger battery, and more customizable options. The Z Fold 4, which Samsung touts as its most powerful phone to date, gets new features that make it more effective for productivity, as well an upgraded camera. Pricing remains the same: The $1,799.99 Galaxy Z Fold 4 and $999.99 Galaxy Z Flip 4 are available for preorder now and will go on sale on August 26.In addition to two new Galaxy Z foldable phones, Samsung also unveiled the new Galaxy Buds 2 earphones and Galaxy Watch 5 smart watches during its Unpacked event on August 10, 2022.SamsungSamsung also unveiled two new Galaxy Watch wearables and Galaxy Buds 2 earphones that support hi-res audio.When is the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 release date?Both the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 are now available for preorder on Samsung's website, Samsung Experience Store, and major carriers and retailers. The preorder period ends on August 25, and the phones will be widely available to buy on August 26 from Samsung's website, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and other authorized carriers and retailers.What are the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 prices?Prices for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 remain the same as their predecessors. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the most expensive, starting at $1,799.99, while the Z Flip 4 starts at $999.99. As we said last year, while the Z Flip 4 is more affordable than earlier versions, it's still a premium price. However, during the preorder period, expect to see deals and promotions from Samsung and carriers like AT&T and Verizon.For example, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 comes with a storage upgrade if you preorder from Samsung. You'll also get a Silicone Ring Case or Strap Case accessory, $150 Samsung Credit, plus up to $900 off for eligible trade-ins. For the Z Fold 4, you'll get the storage upgrade, up to $1,000 off with an eligible trade-in, $100 Samsung Credit, and a Standing Cover with Pen case.The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 (left) folds for compactness while the Z Fold 4 (right) can be opened for an expanded view. The Z Fold 4 also supports Samsung's S Pen stylus.SamsungWill carriers offer any incentives for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4?AT&T has a promotion where customers can get the Galaxy Z Flip 4 for free or the Z Fold 4 for $1,000 off when trading in any Samsung Galaxy phone in any condition. Verizon is offering up to $800 (credit off your bill) off either device with eligible trade-ins on select 5G Unlimited plans. Verizon is also offering a storage upgrade if you preorder the 128GB Z Flip 4 or 256GB Z Fold 4, and up to 50% off select accessories.What's new with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4?Last year, Samsung focused on improving the durability of its foldable screens by using a new stretchable protective film, as well as overall build quality. The new Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 retain those improvements while speeding up performance and adding new features that enhance their usefulness. What's new with the Galaxy Z Flip 4The Flip 4 now has a 3,700mAh battery versus the Flip 3's 3,300mAh. In our Flip 3 review, we said the battery life was one thing holding it back. We don't think the bump will make a huge difference, however, the Flip 4 now supports Super Fast Charging, so you can get up to 50% battery life in approximately 30 minutes, Samsung says. The company also notes the Flip 4's slimmer hinge, straightened edges, and more customizable options as some of the design improvements.The big highlight of the Flip 4 is the camera experience. A feature called FlexCam lets you angle the camera between 75 and 115 degrees for unique views. You can use the more powerful rear cameras for selfies, or start a video while the phone is closed and continue shooting when you open it up. Portrait Mode now supports selfies, and quality of photos and videos is improved thanks to a brighter sensor.One caveat about the Z Flip is that you have to open it to do most things. Samsung made the Flip 3's cover display larger so that it's more informative. Now, the Flip 4 can make calls, reply to texts, and control smart home scenes via Samsung's SmartThings platform when the phone is closed. FlexCam is a feature in the Galaxy Z Flip 4 (and Z Fold 4) that lets you angle the screen to allow for different shooting angles.SamsungWhat's new with the Galaxy Z Fold 4Samsung continues to evolve the Z Fold as a productivity device. It looks like a typical smartphone when folded, but it converts to a tablet-like experience when opened. Last year, it added support for the S Pen stylus in the Z Fold 3. With the Z Fold 4, it upgraded the processor (also in the Flip 4), added a new onscreen taskbar for PC-like multitasking, and built-in support for new features in Google apps and Microsoft Office, like drag-and-drop. The Z Fold 4 also runs Android 12L, a version designed for larger screens.The Z Fold 4's cameras also get an upgrade. There's now a 50-megapixel wide lens and new shooting modes, and photo quality is enhanced due to a brighter sensor. The under-display selfie camera, introduced in the Z Fold 3, is less visible than before. Samsung says the Z Fold 4 is lighter than the Z Fold 3 and has a slimmer hinge.The Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 opens to reveal a large screen experience. When closed, it resembles a traditional smartphone.SamsungGalaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 specifications Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4Main display7.6-inch QXGA+ (2,176 x 1,812) 120Hz AMOLED6.7-inch 1080p (2,640 x 1,080) 120Hz AMOLEDCover screen6.2-inch HD+ (2,316 x 904) 120Hz AMOLED1.9-inch AMOLEDProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1Memory and storage12GB RAM, 256GB/512GB/1TB storage8GB RAM, 128GB/256GB/512GB storageRear cameras12-megapixel ultra-wide, 50-megapixel wide, and 10-megapixel telephoto lenses12-megapixel ultra-wide, 12-megapixel wide lensesUnder-display camera4-megapixel-Selfie camera10-megapixel10-megapixelBattery4,400mAh, 25W fast charging, fast wireless charging, reverse wireless charging3,700mAh, 25W fast charging, fast wireless charging, reverse wireless chargingWater resistanceIPX8IPX8Should you buy a Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Galaxy Z Flip 4?Overall, both the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 are more evolutionary and retain similar features and functions from their predecessors. We liked the Z Flip 3, but if you weren't sold on foldable phones then, we're not sure you would be sold on them now. However, like all newly announced products, we will reserve judgment until we get significant hands-on time with them. If you have any hesitation, we recommend waiting for reviews before you commit to preordering or buying.Read the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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How to create a custom timeline in Google Docs using the "Drawing" tool, for work presentations and more

You can make a custom timeline on Google Docs using the "Drawing" tool. Here's how to find the tool and use it to make a timeline. You can make a timeline on Google Docs using the "Drawing" tool.dennizn / Shutterstock.comWith a few clicks, you can make a timeline on Google Docs using tools within the app.The Google Docs "Drawing" tool provides ample support for making timelines that are uniform and level.Here's what you need to know about the process, and how to make your timeline.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.If you need to make a timeline graphic for a work or school presentation, but you don't want to download anything or pay to create it, you're in luck: There is a way to use Google Docs to get it done.Creating a timeline from scratch will require a bit of time and effort on your end (so if you think you may need it again, saving a plain version of your timeline can save time later on). And in case you're worried about having level lines, don't: The "Drawing" tool on Google Docs provides a lot of support in that respect, including guidelines that help ensure everything is properly spaced out.Here's everything you need to know to make your timeline on Google Docs:How to make a timeline on Google Docs using the 'Drawing' tool1. Open a new Google Doc on your computer.2. Go to "File" (in the toolbar toward the top of the screen) and select "Page setup."Select "Page setup" from the File menu.Devon Delfino/Business Insider3. Change the page orientation to "Landscape."4. Go to "Insert" (located in the top toolbar), hover over "Drawing" and click "+ New" (a new window will pop up over your doc.) Don't worry if your line isn't centered along the y-axis, you can always drag it up or down after you've created your line.Open the "Drawing" menu.Devon Delfino/Business Insider5. Click the down carrot next to the "Line" button in the top toolbar of the pop-up and select "Arrow."Select the "Line" tool.Devon Delfino/Business Insider6. Starting at either end, click and drag the line across the pop-up, horizontally (you'll know it's level if the left-side axis doesn't show more than one line, you can also use the grayed-out grid background to ensure it's straight).7. In the top toolbar, click on the red arrow (it will be facing the opposite direction as the one that's already on your drawing canvas) labeled "Line start," and click any option in the dropdown menu. It will automatically add the arrow you've picked to that other end so both ends have arrows.Use the "Line Start" tool to fill in the other end of your line.Devon Delfino/Business Insider8. Optional: You can make the line larger by going to the "line weight" tool (it looks like three lines of different thicknesses) and selecting a larger pixel weight.9. Click the "Text box" tool (it's a "T" surrounded by a box) and click and drag a box above or below the line to start creating timeline entries. You can then drag the text box left or right, as needed.Use the "Text box" tool to insert text into the drawing.Devon Delfino/Business Insider10. Copy that first text box using keyboard shortcuts (these will depend on your computer) to keep your entries uniform (a red guideline will help you reposition it so that everything is properly aligned).11. Go back up the toolbar and select the down carrot, then click on "Line" and create a vertical line that ends on the main timeline (again, use the guidelines in the ruler section to make sure it's straight).12. Click the text-box tool and make a box at the end of that line.Set your text box at the end of the vertical line.Devon Delfino/Business Insider13. Select both the line and text box, then use your computer's keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste. This will duplicate the format for each subsequent entry — but you may wish to change the length of each vertical line so that each point's text has more space.14. After you've finished adding your entries, click "Save and Close" — this will add it to your Google Doc.You can also insert photos into your timeline by clicking the "Picture" tool and uploading your photo or artwork. If you aren't sure if everything is properly centered, you can turn on additional guidelines by going up to "Actions" and then turning on the vertical and horizontal guide lines, which are located under "Guides." If you see an issue after you've already added your timeline to the doc, don't worry: You can update it by simply clicking on the timeline you've drawn and then hitting "Edit."Quick alternatives for making a timelineMaking a timeline in Google Docs can take quite a bit of time. So if you're looking for a shortcut, there are downloadable templates and add-ons that can speed up the process. Here are a few worth checking out:SmartSheet's Historical Timeline templateThe desktop add-on for ChromeOpener Draw add-on for ChromeRelated coverage from How To Do Everything: Tech:How to create a Google doc on your computer or mobile deviceHow to alphabetize paragraphs or lists in Google Docs, using a free and simple add-onHow to 'track changes' and make comments in Google Docs using the collaborative 'Suggesting' toolHow to edit Google Docs files offline, for when you're without internet or trying to eliminate online distractionsRead the original article on Business Insider.....»»

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Here’s Why ClearBridge Investments Acquired Becton, Dickinson and Company (BDX)

ClearBridge Investments, an investment management company, released its “ClearBridge Large Cap Value Strategy” second quarter 2022 investor letter. A copy of the letter can be downloaded here. In the second quarter, the strategy underperformed its Russell 1000 Value benchmark Index. The second quarter was highly volatile due to changes in interest rates, fears of recession, and […] ClearBridge Investments, an investment management company, released its “ClearBridge Large Cap Value Strategy” second quarter 2022 investor letter. A copy of the letter can be downloaded here. In the second quarter, the strategy underperformed its Russell 1000 Value benchmark Index. The second quarter was highly volatile due to changes in interest rates, fears of recession, and the war. The health care and real estate sectors contributed positively to the fund’s performance, whereas the financials, IT, and industrials sectors underperformed. For more information on the fund’s top picks in 2022, please check its top five holdings. In the second quarter investor letter, ClearBridge Investments discussed the performance of its ClearBridge Large Cap Value Strategy portfolio. In the quarter, the fund added stocks like Becton, Dickinson and Company (NYSE:BDX). Becton, Dickinson and Company (NYSE:BDX) is a medical technology company, headquartered in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, and has a market capitalization of $72.81 billion. The stock of Becton, Dickinson and Company (NYSE:BDX) closed at $255.30 per share on August 9, 2022. One-month return of Becton, Dickinson and Company (NYSE:BDX) rose to 7.76%, and its 12-month return jumped to 12.56%. Here’s how ClearBridge Investments mentioned Becton, Dickinson and Company (NYSE:BDX) in the Q2, 2022 investor letter: “While in recent quarters we have maintained an underweight to health care, in the second half of 2021 we added to our managed care exposure in anticipation of overall market vulnerability given high inflation and valuations. This proved helpful in the second quarter, although our overall underweight was a drag on relative results. We have continued to look for attractive opportunities in the sector, understanding its characteristic stability in challenging markets, and in the second quarter we added Becton, Dickinson and Company (NYSE:BDX), a broadly diversified manufacturer of hospital supplies, laboratory research equipment and therapeutic medical devices. The company’s reasonable valuation and razor-razorblade business model should help it deliver stable mid-single-digit topline growth with a steady valuation multiple.” everything possible/ Although,  ClearBridge Investments invested in Becton, Dickinson and Company (NYSE:BDX), it is not on the list of  30 Most Popular Stocks Among Hedge Funds. As per our database, Becton, Dickinson and Company (NYSE:BDX) was held by 49 hedge fund portfolios at the end of the first quarter, which was 54 in the previous quarter. We discussed Becton, Dickinson and Company (NYSE:BDX) in another article and shared ClearBridge Investments’ views about the company in the previous quarter. You can check out our hedge fund investor letters Q2 2022 page for more investor letters from hedge funds and other prominent investors. Disclosure: None. This article is originally published at Insider Monkey......»»

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Stock Market News for Aug 9, 2022

Stocks failed to hold on to early gains on Monday and ended almost flat as investors anxiously await the consumer price index report for July this week that will help them gauge how aggressive the Fed might be in its rate-hike policy. Stocks failed to hold on to early gains on Monday and ended almost flat as investors anxiously await the consumer price index report for July this week that will help them gauge how aggressive the Fed might be in its rate-hike policy. The S&P and Nasdaq ended in negative territory, while the Dow managed to close in the green.How Did The Benchmarks Perform?The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) gained 0.1% or 29.07 points to close at 32,832.54 points. The blue-chip index had added as much as 306.49 points at its session highs but ended up giving up almost all the gains.The S&P 500 declined 0.1% or 5.13 points to finish at 4,140.06 points. The index also recorded its third-straight day of declines. Although real estate, materials and communication services stocks gained, the technology sector was a big drag.The Technology Select Sector SPDR (XLK) fell 0.9%. However, the Communications Services Select Sector SPDR (XLC) gained 0.6%, while the Real Estate Services Select Sector SPDR (XLRE) gained 0.7%.  Seven of the 11 sectors of the benchmark index ended in positive territory.The tech-heavy Nasdaq slid 0.1% or 13.10 points to end at 12,644.46 points.The fear-gauge CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) was up 0.66% to 21.29. Advancers outnumbered decliners on the NYSE by a 2.28-to-1 ratio. On Nasdaq, a 1.67-to-1 ratio favored advancing issues. A total of 11.01 billion shares were traded on Monday.Investors Feel Jittery Ahead of Inflation DataMarkets opened in the green on Monday and stocks rallied initially but none of the three major indexes could not hold on to the gains as investors feel jittery ahead of the release of the consumer price index report for July later this week. Investors kept gauging if the Fed would continue with its steep rate hike policy in its September policy meeting.Investors were hoping for a softer rate hike by the Fed in its September meeting after a slew of big companies announced their layoff plans, which gave them an impression that the labor market was softening and was evidence of a slowing economy.However, the robust jobs report released last week has made it difficult for investors to digest the idea that the Fed could continue with its aggressive rate hike policy. This once again dented investors’ spirits, taking a toll on stocks. Tech stocks were the biggest sufferers. Shares of Apple, Inc. AAPL and Salesforce, Inc. CRM declined 0.3% and 0.2%, respectively.Clean Energy Stocks RallyClean energy stocks were big gainers on Monday after the Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act. The House is likely to pass the bill by the end of this week. The proposal includes billions of dollars reserved to combat climate change. On Monday, investors were also gauging the effects of this major healthcare, climate change, and tax package.Shares of First Solar, Inc. FSLR gained 4.8%, while Ormat Technologies, Inc. ORA advanced 0.5%. First Solar carries a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold). You can see the complete list of today's Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks here.Semiconductor Stocks DisappointSemiconductor stocks took a beating on Tuesday after NVIDIA Corporation NVDA announced weaker-than-expected revenues in its preliminary financial results for its second-quarter fiscal 2023. The company cited weaker-than-forecasted gaming revenue for the decline.Shares of NVIDIA Corporation declined 6.3%. Other microchip stocks also took a hit following the announcement. Shares of Micron Technology, Inc. MU slid 1.6%, while Texas Instruments Incorporated TXN fell 0.8%.No economic data was released on Monday. Want to Know the #1 Semiconductor Stock for 2022? Few people know how promising the semiconductor market is. 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