7 things to know about wearing face masks and staying safe at your Thanksgiving gathering

Epidemiologist Jason Farl.....»»

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Weekly Covid-19 News Round-Up, 9.20.20

My helpful collection of resources and information for your easy like Sunday morning reads: How to Stay Safe: • Face masks could be giving people Covid-19 immunity, researchers suggest (Telegraph) • Does Wearing Glasses Protect You From Coronavirus?.....»»

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Global airlines body IATA backs face masks for safe flying

The body representing global airlines came out in favour of passengers wearing masks onboard on Tuesday, as debate intensifies over how to get airlines flying while respecting social-distancing rules following the coronavirus crisis......»»

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Mask or No Mask? Why the Guidance Has Been Shifting

As the Covid-19 pandemic has unfolded, authorities in different places have said different things about whether healthy people should go around wearing face masks to reduce the spread of the disease. Officials in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have .....»»

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The Moneyist: ‘Your boss is playing God’: My grocery store banned face masks for staff. I don’t want to contract coronavirus. How can I stay safe?

‘Wearing the mask makes me feel safer and helps to guard me against coronavirus. It does not interfere with my ability to do my job.’.....»»

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: CDC now says face masks protect the wearer — and the economy

Wearing a face mask doesn't just protect others from catching the coronavirus -- it protects the wearer too, and even the economy, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control said Tuesday, in its most explicit endorsement yet of masks......»»

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Most people are wearing N95s incorrectly when they fly. Here are 3 reason you should switch to a different mask for travel.

N95 masks have been billed as the gold standard to prevent the spread of coronavirus but one doctor says they can do more harm than good. Passengers wearing face masks on board a plane.....»»

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Melania Trump made her staff work from home and wear face masks, and was shocked seeing her husband"s aides often go without them, report says

The first lady's actions during the pandemic, according to Bloomberg, differed greatly from her husband's, which were to downplay the health crisis. First lady Melania Trump is seen wearing a face mask to the fin.....»»

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Two face masks may be more protective than wearing one, but it depends on the type and fit

Doubling up on single-layer cloth masks may be better than one, but the safest homemade masks have three l.....»»

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Coronavirus social bubbles might pop this winter. Here"s why small gatherings aren"t as safe as you may think.

The combination of cold weather, holiday cheer, and pandemic fatigue can spell trouble for even the most carefully curated bubbles. Wearing masks indoors can mitigate the risk of.....»»

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Lujan Grisham: New Mexico moving "rapidly in the wrong direction" on Covid spread

Limitations scheduled to take effect Friday, combined with wearing masks, staying home and maintaining social distance should be enough to halt the continued increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, New Mexico officials said on Thursday. But i.....»»

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Survey finds Americans are more united than divided on wearing face masks

An overwhelming ma.....»»

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Why certain people are biased to ignore the risks of the pandemic, according to a psychology professor

It's easy to think it's safe not wearing a mask when you're around other people avoiding masks, and you're not getting sick, sa.....»»

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The traditional British pub is transforming into a digital office to beat the COVID-19 slump in trade

Pubs across the UK are reinventing themselves as office spaces for bored home workers, as the industry looks for ways to survive the pandemic. People wearing face masks walk past a quiet p.....»»

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Second lady Karen Pence broke safety rules by not wearing a face mask when she joined her husband on stage after the vice presidential debate

The Trump family similarly flouted safety instructions during last week's presidential debate and refused to wear their masks. Vice President Mike Pence is joined on sta.....»»

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Where to buy face masks online — and everything you need to know about wearing and cleaning them properly

Here's everything you need to know about picking out a mask, effectively wearing it, and cleaning it. When you buy through our li.....»»

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Despite Trump"s diagnosis and hospitalization, his campaign adviser attacked Biden for his COVID-19 precautions: "we can"t all just stay in our basement"

Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller criticized Joe Biden for his wearing of face masks despite Trump's hospitalization for COVID.....»»

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: A look back at Trump’s shifting statements on wearing face masks and the threat of COVID-19

It isn’t yet clear whether the next two presidential debates with the Democratic candidate Joe Biden will go ahead......»»

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: U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveils new coronavirus restrictions that could last 6 months — including pub and restaurant curfews

The U.K. Prime Minister introduced new restrictions aimed at stemming the spread of coronavirus outbreaks on Tuesday, including bringing curfews to pubs and restaurants as well as stricter measures on the wearing of face masks......»»

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Think twice before wearing a face shield to protect against COVID-19 instead of a cloth face mask — here’s why

Teachers and students are returning to schools and colleges — sometimes wearing face shields in lieu of masks......»»

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Do you wear a face shield or mask with valves to protect against COVID-19? Watch this video experiment first

Teachers and students are returning to schools and colleges — sometimes wearing face shields in lieu of masks......»»

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