A Wall Street chief strategist says a Biden blue wave could spur a 5% drop in the S&P 500 because of uncertainty over some Democratic policies

TickerTocker's Steve Kalayjian, said: "If Biden wins, there will be a sell-off. If Trump wins, you'll see the Dow and S&P.....»»

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A Wall Street chief strategist says a Biden blue wave could spur a 5% drop in the S&P 500 because of uncertainty over some Democrat policies

TickerTocker's Steve Kalayjian, said: "If B.....»»

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The stock market is sending signals that a Biden-led blue wave is getting less certain, says one Wall Street strategist

This week's rotation out of value and into growth could be chalked up to declining odds of a democratic sweep, Evercore said. Getty While the polls suggest a b.....»»

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Wall Street"s biggest banks are increasingly expecting a Biden-led blue wave as the election looms. Here"s how they say you should position your portfolio.

Goldman Sachs an.....»»

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The stock market won"t see the bullish outcome it"s expecting from a Biden win unless there"s a full blue wave, a JPMorgan stock strategist says

Monica DiCenso explained that it will be much harder for Joe Biden to pass large stimulus without Democratic control of the Senate. T.....»»

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Blue wave heightens antitrust threat to Big Tech

A Democratic sweep in the November election could pose an insurmountable threat to Big Tech, according to one Wall Street analyst......»»

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Wall Street breaks down how to trade the 2020 election, from a Trump triumph to a Biden blue wave

Hello everyone! Welcome to this weekly roundup of Investing stories from deputy editor Joe Ciolli. Please subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Tuesday. Dear Readers,See the rest of the story at Business Insi.....»»

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U.S. stocks bounce back after Wall Street’s wild ride

Shares on Wall Street rose on Wednesday, bouncing back from a steep drop the day before, as investors responded to Joe Biden's strong showing in the Democratic Party’s primaries and congressional efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus......»»

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The Tell: The Wall Street analyst who called this stock-market rout sees another nasty drop for the S&P 500

According to Michael Wilson, Morgan Stanley’s chief U.S. equity strategist, there is more pain ahead for the S&P 500......»»

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JPMorgan Asks "What If Trump Wins?"

JPMorgan Asks "What If Trump Wins?" Tyler Durden Tue, 10/27/2020 - 20:25 On Monday, we were amused to note that amid a relentless barrage of Wall Street "analysis" predicting a Blue Wave on Nov 3, or at least a.....»»

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Cries for more stimulus are overblown and stock investors should stop throwing ‘tantrums’ about it, says a Wall Street chief strategist

Precedent suggests the record level of stimulus already passed will give way to a decade of healthy market gains, the strategist said. Getty/Brendon Hoffman Calls for another round of stimulus are overblown,.....»»

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A Wall Street strategy chief says the market is now getting "nervous" that Republicans will lose the Senate

John Stoltzfus said the market's positive performance in October has been on expectations that Republicans will retain control of the Senate, even if Biden wins. Democrats voted against a paired-down coronavirus stimulus bill put forth this week .....»»

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A Wall Street chief strategist says US lawmakers need a deal on fiscal aid — even a small one will help save consumer spending

Crossmark Global Investments' Victoria Fernandez, said even a "smaller number" or one time-check is needed to help consumer spending. Traders gather at the booth that trades Abbott Laboratories on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Re.....»»

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A Wall Street chief strategist says the economy is not as bad as many think — and breaks down why he sees a strong recovery taking shape

"We're seeing behaviors by companies and consumers that are just not consistent with the national narrative that this economy is hanging by a thread," Jim Paulsen s.....»»

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Why the stock market"s sharp rally off March lows is even stronger than in seems, according to one Wall Street chief strategist

Outsized gains from tech giants "distorted many traditional market signals" and .....»»

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Goldman"s chief economist breaks down why a Biden-led blue wave would prompt an upgrade in growth forecasts

Longer-term economic growth forecasts would be lifted by spending increase.....»»

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My job of 14 years was destroyed by a private equity company. It"s time for Democrats to actually stand up to Wall Street.

Private equity firms have destroyed over 1.3 million jobs. Democrats have a chance to stand up and crack down this behavior. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA.....»»

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Main Street and Wall Street are historically divided over the economic recovery. One Wall Street chief strategist explains why that’s actually a positive for stocks.

The S&P 500 typically gains the most when Wall Street i.....»»

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A Wall Street chief strategist breaks down what Trump"s COVID-19 diagnosis means for markets

The news will add to typical election-season volatility, so investors should look away from the screen for the next month or so," the strategist said. President Donald Trump speaks at an airport hanger at a rally a day after.....»»

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A Wall Street chief strategist says stocks will surge in the fourth quarter due to "incredible economic momentum"

Wall Street strategist Jim Paulsen said there is an "incredible economic momentum heading i.....»»

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Stock futures drop after Trump-Biden nasty debate

Investors are left with uncertainty following the chaotic debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden......»»

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