Brexit will soon have cost the UK more than all of its payments to the EU over the last 47 years put together

Getty Brexit will soon have cost the UK m.....»»

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The Brexit Day That Wasn’t Leaves Britain Counting the Cost

For more than two years, the clock ran down toward March 29. For more than two yea.....»»

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Judge Orders Teen to Pay Damages for Starting Oregon Wildfire. It Cost $37 Million

The boy will have to make payments for at least 10 years A judge ordered a Vancouver teenager to pay nearly $37 million in restitution for at least 10 years after he started a major wildfire last year. Circuit Judge John A......»»

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Bank of England spells out cost of Brexit to households

Britain's top central banker says the country's vote nearly two years ago to leave the European Union has cost the average household in the country 900 pounds......»»

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Card payments to the EU would cost more under a no deal Brexit — and it means your Ubers could get more expensive

Stokkete/Shutterstock The.....»»

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Economic Report: Wholesale prices surge 0.6%, but don’t be fooled: Inflation no threat to the economy

The wholesale cost of U.S. goods and services posted the biggest increase in July in nearly two years, led by higher oil prices, but inflationary pressures in the economy were still largely invisible owing to the coronavirus pandemic......»»

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Money still moves even when worldwide borders are closed. Here"s why the trillion-dollar global payments industry is so vital.

Getty Images By Stephen Grainger, executive vice president, New Payment Platforms, Mastercard The world of business and commerce has experienced tremendous change over the past five years — from the rise of the digital nomad, international on.....»»

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EBay hits payments milestone 5 years after PayPal spinout

PayPal is no longer eBay's primary payments provider. What does that mean for the San Jose e-commerce giant?.....»»

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Delinquent mortgages spike to the highest level in 21 years as COVID-19 stress freezes payments

The share of mortgage payments that have changed.....»»

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Workers are pushed to the brink as they continue to wait for delayed unemployment payments

Tens of millions of applications, 40-year-old technology, and years of budget cuts and restrictions created the perfect storm for state unemployment agencies......»»

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A tax-filing issue that could have cost me $4,000 made me think twice about the advice I"ve been giving to other small business owners

  I used to work in finance and accounting and started doing my own taxes in 2012 after years of paying a professional preparer. I'm a small business owner who qualifies for the Qualified.....»»

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YRCW Won"t Face Loan Maturity Payments For 4+ Years Under New Deal

YRC Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ: YRCW) is going to work on figuring out how it will rebuild itself using the $700 million it is getting from the U.S. Department of the Treasu.....»»

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YRCW Won"t Face Loan Maturity Payments For 4+ Years Under New Deal


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The standard price for video games may be increasing to $70 for the PlayStation 5 and next-gen Xbox, ending 15 years of $60 games

For nearly 15 years, the standard cost of video games has been $60.  But for the next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which launch this holiday season, that standar.....»»

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It looks like the standard price for video games is increasing to $70 for the PlayStation 5 and next-gen Xbox, bucking 10 years of $60 games

For over 10 years, the standard cost of video games has been $60.  But for the next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which launch this holiday season, that standard price m.....»»

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After Years of Resistance, BitPay Adopts SegWit for Cheaper Bitcoin Transactions

Payments processor BitPay has added support for SegWit, three years after a competing block size proposal fractured the Bitcoin community......»»

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TBJ Plus: Raleigh restaurant celebrates 60 years; NC hot on Airbnb for July Fourth; Coronavirus drug to cost $3,120

ANGUS BARN JUBILEE: On Sunday, the Angus Barn celebrated a significant anniversary: 60 years in business. The restaurant opened its doors June 28, 1960, and was conceived on a steak and potato-based menu.  Since that first night 60 years .....»»

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Republicans have been playing a win at all costs game for years. It"s time for Democrats to fight back

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) Republicans have been fighting a win-at-all cost political game for years, while Democrats have played a more cordial game. The majority of the American public agrees with Democrats on the.....»»

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Commodities Corner: AAA expects cheapest summer gasoline prices since 2016

American drivers are likely to pay the cheapest summer cost for gasoline in four years, according to a forecast released by motorist and leisure travel group AAA on Thursday......»»

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79 years ago, Hitler picked a fight that may have cost him World War II

US National Archives In the ear.....»»

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