China"s first domestically built aircraft carrier is ready for a high-seas test, an insider says

According to state media, the Shandong, which is Chi.....»»

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Here are the aircraft China may put aboard its newest aircraft carrier

Reuters The Shandong, China's first domestically built aircraft carrier, entered service in Dece.....»»

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China"s First Home-Built Aircraft Carrier Goes Into Service

China has placed its first domestically built aircraft carrier in active service on Tuesday, according to the Nikkei. 0 read more.....»»

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China sailed its first domestically built aircraft carrier through the tense Taiwan Strait on the way to the South China Sea

Getty Images China sailed its first domestically built carrier through the Taiwan Strai.....»»

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China"s first home-made aircraft carrier could enter service within months

Reuters China's first domestically built .....»»

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Chinese newest aircraft carrier may start sea trials this week — and could join the fleet a year ahead of schedule, amid a growing rivalry with the US

Reuters China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier is expected to start sea trials imminently, a source close to the navy said, amid what analysts say is growing external pressure to push forward its develo.....»»

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China"s First Domestically-Built Aircraft Carrier Begins Sea-Trials

It is all coming together, and the United States should be terrified. Late last month, we sug.....»»

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The first aircraft carrier China has built is now undergoing sea trials

REUTERS/Stringer China's first domestically made aircraft carrier began sea trials on S.....»»

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13 photos of Type 001A, China"s first domestically built aircraft carrier

China's second aircraft carrier — and first domestically built.....»»

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13 photos of Type 001A, China"s second and newest aircraft carrier

China's second aircraft carrier — and first domestically built.....»»

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China"s newest aircraft carrier is actually very outdated — but its next one should worry the US Navy a lot

Reuters China's second aircraft carrier — and first domestically built carrier — completed its initial sea trial in May. The carrier, referred to as Type 001A, left its port in the northeastern city of Dalian on May 13 and returned .....»»

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China’s Second Aircraft Carrier Begins Flight Tests

China's first domestically built aircraft carrier, t.....»»

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US Navy sends message to China with photo of destroyer shadowing Chinese aircraft carrier

China and the US are both building up their forces in the East and South China seas by sending carri.....»»

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Meet the commander of China"s new aircraft carrier, who"s fluent in English and an expert in missiles

Getty Images Lai Yijun has a major in missiles and a reputation for stepping up when it counts. English is an important requirement as the PLA Navy strives to be considered an international force. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.....»»

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China Prepares to Build Bigger Warships As First Home-Built Aircraft Carrier Begins Sea Trials

Hu Wenming told CCTV that the team behind the Type 001A now has the expertise to build an even bigger warship......»»

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China"s aircraft carriers have a boatload of glaring weaknesses — but the next carrier could be a "huge step forward"

REUTERS/Bobby Yip China has one "combat ready" aircraft carrier, another one undergoing preparation for service, and another one still in development. The Lia.....»»

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US aircraft carriers are spending less time deployed for war — which could become a problem as the US Navy prepares to take on China and Russia

US Navy Photo Forced to pay the high cost of overuse of America's carrier force during the global war on terror, backlogs at public shipyards and extended mainte.....»»

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Larry Culp’s long to-do list to fix GE

Can it be fixed? As one observer put it: “We’re talking about turning around an aircraft carrier in high seas.”.....»»

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China To Build 4 Nuclear Aircraft Carriers In Bid To Rival US Superiority

A bombshell new report outlines an expected Chinese military game-changer that could catapult its navy to rival global US power on the high seas. In a push to compete with US naval powe.....»»

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JetBlue founder David Neeleman"s new airline is almost ready for takeoff with the addition of new aircraft - here"s what we know about Breeze Airways

Neeleman has described Breeze as a "high-tech company that just happens to fly airplanes," with a big focus on cost-saving tech to keep fares low. .....»»

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Chinese bombers simulated an attack on a US Navy aircraft carrier in the South China Sea

"The PLA activities highlighted here are the latest in a string of aggressive and destabilizing actions," a US military spokesman said. he Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group (C.....»»

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