Contact tracing is failing in many states. Here’s why.

“I think it’s easy to say contact tracing is broken,” said Carolyn Cannuscio, an expert on the method. “It is broken because so many parts of our prevention system are broken.”.....»»

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The US"s contact-tracing system is broken. Testing delays set it up for failure.

AP Photo/Russ Bynum Contact-tracing efforts in the US have been hampered by testing delays and staff shortages. As a result, many states missed their window to catch new coronavirus cases before outbreaks ballooned. The virus .....»»

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Google says 20 states are considering contact tracing contact tracing apps

Google parent Alphabet Inc. on Friday said 20 states are "exploring" contact tracing apps for COVID-19 the company has developed with Apple Inc. . The technolo.....»»

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How Ireland built its COVID-19 contract tracing app, which is so successful that US states want to use it

NearForm Ireland launched its coronavirus contact-tracing app, COVID Tracker, on July 7, and other .....»»

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Ireland"s contact-tracing app has done so well that US states want to use it

Sinéad Baker/Business Insider Ireland launched its contact-tracing app on July 7, and within a week it had 1.3 million downloads — roughly 37% of the country's adult population. NearForm, the company which built the app for Ireland's healt.....»»

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Marc Benioff says 35 states are now using Salesforce"s contact tracing technology for coronavirus

"This is a time where every company needs to reassess its relevance to maintain its market share and innovation," Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said in a "Mad Money" interview......»»

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Apple and Google are building a virus-tracking system. Health officials say it will be practically useless.

As states and national governments make efforts to use technology to augment their contact tracing efforts, Apple and Google's monopoly in the smartphone market has proved an obstacle......»»

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Why South Korea"s coronavirus curve looks so different from the United States

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, some countries' timelines look different from others. With a combination of contact tracing, testing, and isolating cases, along with other physical distancing policies, places like South K.....»»

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Twice weekly testing, contact tracing and quarantine: Here"s what Ohio State football will look like this year

If the Ohio State Buckeyes end up playing football this fall, it won't be anything like normal. A host of medical requirements will be imposed on players, coaches and staff, according to new guidelines released Wednesday by the Big Ten, including t.....»»

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L.A. County"s tracing team repeatedly failed to detect coronavirus outbreaks at workplaces

L.A. County's contact-tracing system has repe.....»»

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Inslee gives updates on reopenings, urges taking calls from contact tracers

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Secretary of Health John Wiesman gave updates at a press conference on Thursday on the state's phased reopening, contact tracing, unemployment insurance, and protections for workers at high risk for catching Covid-1.....»»

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Uber is sharing user data on drivers or riders who may have come into contact with coronavirus-infected individuals to aid contact tracing efforts

This story was delivered to Insider Int.....»»

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Uber has been quietly helping governments with contact tracing for months

For months Uber has been providing health officials with data to help them with their contact tracing efforts, Reuters reports. The rid.....»»

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Uber teams up with public health officials to share Covid-19 driver and rider data

Uber Technologies is offering to share contact tracing information of its riders and drivers with health authorities as part of a free service, Reuters reports. Uber designed a new website page exclusively used by public health departments, whic.....»»

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What"s it like to dine in at a post-COVID-19 McDonald"s: Hazard tape, contact-tracing forms, and eerie quiet

McDonald's has adapted a small number of its restaurants to offer a socially-distanced dining, with table service. I visited one of three UK locations taking part. There was contact tracing, cordons, and an abundance of ha.....»»

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Report makes a case for shutting bars, locking down Oregon eight counties

OSPIRG analyzed data on daily Covid-19 case reports, testing volume and contact tracing for all 36 counties......»»

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Gov. Evers "doesn"t anticipate" creating traveler quarantine list similar to New York"s

The state of New York on Tuesday added Wisconsin to its list of states whose travelers must quarantine for a 14-day period from the time of last contact within the identified state when coming into New York. Gov. Tony Evers said he doesn't anticipat.....»»

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Like rest of U.S., KC struggles with Covid-19 test turnaround

Although the rate of testing has increased significantly in the Kansas City area, the receipt of results has failed to keep pace, jeopardizing the effectiveness of contact tracing, a key element in the fight against the disease. Those being tested .....»»

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Avaya contact tracing solutions to be utlized by Mexico City government

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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Medill News Service: U.S. contact-tracing efforts on Covid-19 falter on privacy worries, technology gap

Countries such as South Korea have curbed the coronavirus by using contact-tracing phone apps, but the U.S. has stalled in its own efforts because of privacy concerns and other hurdles......»»

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TikTok Under Investigation Over Violation Of Children"s Privacy: Report

The short-form video application, TikTok, owned by China’s ByteDance, is under investigation by the United States Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission for failing to protect children’s pr read more.....»»

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