Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina declare emergencies as Hurricane Isaias hits the Bahamas and barrels toward the east coast

National Hurricane Center The governors of Virginia and North Carolina have declared states of emergency and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared an emergency for some counties in Hurri.....»»

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Hurricane Florence is forecast to be as big as the whole state of North Carolina when it hits the US

Hurricane Florence is surging toward the US East Coast with sustained wind speeds of 130 mph. It is forecast to be the size of North Carolina itself when .....»»

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DeSantis declares state of emergency for Hurricane Isaias

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday issued a state of emergency for all counties along Florida’s East Coast in response to Hurricane Isaias as the storm tracks close to the state's shoreline along its northern journey. While no state-run shelters are curre.....»»

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State of emergency called for Florida"s east coast as Hurricane Isaias develops

Florida has called a state of emergency for counties on the east coast as Hurricane Isaias develops. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called the emergency, which includes the tri-county area, during a July 31 press conference. A portion of Florida fro.....»»

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Hurricane Dorian begins to impact NC

The impact from Hurricane Dorian was beginning to take its toll on North Carolina Thursday morning as the storm barrels up the Southeast coast. As of 7 a.m., Dorian’s impact could be felt in flight cancellations along the Carolina coast. At Wilmin.....»»

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Hurricane Florence gas shortages pop up in North Carolina as motorists flock to stations

With Hurricane Florence bearing down on the East Coast, motorists in North Carolina are rushing to gas stations to fuel up, causing so.....»»

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How to keep food safe if your power goes out during Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is currently barreling toward the US East Coast, and is expected to make landfall in North or South Carolina as early as Thursday. Power outages are a major risk, as the Cat.....»»

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Hurricane Florence has swollen larger than North Carolina and is due to start pounding the US coast on Thursday

National Weather Service Hurricane Florence is moving toward the US East Coast with sustained wind speeds of 130 mph, making it a Category 4 storm. Hurricane-force winds are forecast to hit the Carolinas late Thursday or e.....»»

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Hurricane Florence is dumping rain on the US already, and is due to arrive in full force tonight

Tropical Tidbits Hurricane Florence is edging toward the US East Coast with sustained wind speeds of 105 mph. Rain and tropical storm-force have already hit North Carolina, according to the National Hurricane Center. The storm's center is .....»»

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A third of all US bank branches could feel tropical storm force winds from Hurricane Florence

Qlik Hurricane Florence has started to hit the US East Coast, with rain and tropical storm-force winds spreading along the coast of North Carolina, according to the National Hurricane Center. Over the coming.....»»

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Before-and-after satellite photos show the staggering amount of water Hurricane Florence dumped on North Carolina

ESRI/NOAA Hurricane Florence was the worst flooding event in East Coast history, according to some .....»»

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Hurricane Michael Death Toll May Rise as Rescue Efforts Continue

Reports confirmed 18 deaths from the storm in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. Hurricane Michael made landfall last week on the Florida Panhandle with 155 mil.....»»

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SpaceX is landing 2 NASA astronauts off the Florida coast even though Hurricane Isaias threatened several Florida splashdown locations

SpaceX; NASA; Business Insider SpaceX is about to return its first crewed space mission, called Demo-2, and land it on Sunday afternoon. Hurricane Isaias com.....»»

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Isaias weakened to a tropical storm, but could strengthen to a hurricane again as it barrels toward Florida

NOAA via Associated Press Isaias weakened from a.....»»

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Self-inflicted wounds, lost economic development: What"s next for Duke Energy after the Atlantic Coast Pipeline"s demise

The 600-mile path from West Virginia to southeastern North Carolina went through protected federal lands, some of the steepest mountain terrain in the Appalachians and affected a number of vulnerable, often minority, communities......»»

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Centene to establish East Coast headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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Hurricane Dorian is bringing "life-threatening" flash floods, tornadoes, and power outages to the Carolinas — here are the latest updates

TropicalTidbits Hurricane Dorian's eye is located just off the coast of South Carolina. A hurricane warning is in effect from the bottom of South Carolina up to North Carolina's border with.....»»

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Dorian lashes east coast of Central Florida

The Miami-based weather center says turn toward the north is forecast by Wednesday evening, followed by a turn toward the north-northeast on Thursday morning......»»

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CBJ Morning Buzz: Carolinas ready for possible Dorian impact

In local news: Evacuation orders for areas along the North Carolina coast have increased, with powerful Hurricane Dorian expected to brush the state later this week, but state officials said they didn’t expect the torrential flooding experienced durin.....»»

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Port Canaveral area businesses, locals ride Hurricane Dorian"s rough seas (PHOTOS)

Labor Day weekend came with some unwanted time off for many coastal businesses as Hurricane Dorian moved closer to Florida's east coast, sending holiday travelers home early. "We're just doing whatever business we can," said Michael Schwarz, genera.....»»

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Hurricane Dorian is churning towards Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina – Here is where and when it"s due to strike

Google Crisis Map Hurricane Dorian is forecast to hit the Bahamas and near the coasts of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina over the weekend and early next week.  The storm is currently a Category 4 hurricane with winds reaching 145 mph.&nb.....»»

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