Help Me Retire: I’m 49, my wife is 34, we have 4 kids and $2.3 million saved. I earn $300K a year but ‘lose a lot of sleep worrying about tomorrow’ — when can I retire?

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Category: topSource: marketwatchMay 26th, 2021

Upgrade: My wife is 61 and earns $50,000. I’m 65 and earn $400,000 and will work until 71. Should my wife take her Social Security next year, and get mine when I retire?

Doing this right could yield this couple $150,000 extra......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchNov 22nd, 2019

The Moneyist: I saved $1 million for retirement without an adviser and I’m only in my 40s — yet I spend my waking hours worrying

‘By the time we retire in early 2027, we should have about $2 million in investments.’.....»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchSep 13th, 2019

After AT&T CFO steps down, he gets one-year consulting position that pays up to $2 million

John Stephens is set to retire Wednesday, but will stay on with the telecom giant in a consulting role......»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsMar 31st, 2021

NerdWallet: ‘I come from hardscrabble folks’: How this 47-year-old saved $700,000

Watching generations of his family retire poor and dependent on Medicaid and Social Security is what motivated him to build his nest egg. Here's how he did it......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchFeb 3rd, 2021

Where Should I Retire?: ‘Work and a few vacations each year is all we’ve done for the past 34 years’ — This couple has $2.6 million and no idea where to retire

'We are not dreaming of any specific spot or activities. Enjoyment of our retirement years is the main factor'.....»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchDec 29th, 2020

Upgrade: I’m 59, and my husband and I earn $500,000 a year — but have credit card debt and nothing saved for retirement. What should we do?

This couple spent a ‘small fortune’ on their troubled son, but they also own a home worth $1.4 million......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchMar 15th, 2020

How much money you need to retire at 65 and live on investment income alone till 90

bernardbodo/Getty To retire at 65 and live on investment income of $100,000 a year, you'd need to have $2.5 million invested on the day you leave work. If you reduced your annual s.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderMar 14th, 2020

We earn $500,000 a year but have nothing saved for retirement

This couple spent a ‘small fortune’ on their troubled son, but they also own a home worth $1.4 million......»»

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Where Should I Retire?: We’ll retire at 60 with about $2.5 million and want to ditch high-tax California — but still want great year-round weather. Where should we retire?

This couple seeks a place with a vibrant classical music scene where they can also do some gardening......»»

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50 Ways to Earn $1 Million Before You Retire

It's more possible than you think to amass a million dollars -- and it's well worth following these steps in order to improve your financial security......»»

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Packers star linebacker cried after signing a $66 million contract, then went to his mom"s job and asked if she was ready to retire

Bill Kostroun/AP Images NFL linebacker Za'Darius Smith signed a four-year $66 million contract with the Green Bay Packers this offseason. Smith.....»»

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Upgrade: The No. 1 thing Americans get disastrously wrong about retirement

The United States added 675,000 new millionaires in the past year. But that $1 million may not be near enough to retire on......»»

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Here"s the salary you need to earn to save 15% and retire with $1M

CNBC calculated the amount you need to earn annually in order to save $1 million and retire at 65 by putting 15% of your earnings into investments......»»

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Upgrade: He moved to America at 20 with just $400, and retired at 53 to sail the world on $70,000 a year — here’s how he did it

Want to retire early? Atlanta residents Mark Erdos and his wife Cindy have some sage advice......»»

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Next Avenue: Why you might want to take a gap year before you retire

Your 50s and 60s might be the perfect time if your kids are grown and you’re comfortable in your career......»»

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How much you need to retire at 35 and live until 90

To retire early at 35 and live on investment income of $100,000 a year, you need to have at least $5.25 million invested on the day you leave work......»»

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A FIRE case study: Can this Reddit user with $2 million invested and thousands more in cash retire early?

The single 40-year-old makes six-figures, but can’t stand his job anymore......»»

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Upgrade: This couple retired at 31 with $1 million — Here’s exactly how much they earned, spent and saved to do it

Want to retire early? How “going against the grain” allowed this FIRE couple to ditch their jobs and travel the world......»»

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Sleep Number chief sales officer retires; company promotes from within

Andy Carlin, Sleep Number's chief sales and services officer, is set to retire in June of this year. Carlin has been with the company since 2008. Carlin will be replaced by Melissa Barra, who is currently a senior vice president and Sleep Numbe.....»»

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How this couple saves $150K a year and plans to retire by 2029

Some kids want to be a fire fighter, astronaut or a ballerina when they grow up. Lily He wanted to be a millionaire......»»

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