I"m a nurse who volunteers to give out COVID-19 vaccines. I administer about 100 a day to people both skeptical of and grateful for the shot.

"Last weekend, I was able to give my son the vaccine, which was such a relief," said one Indianapolis-based nurse. .....»»

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India is the world"s biggest vaccine producer but it"s struggling to get enough COVID-19 vaccines to give to its own population

India set a goal to fully vaccinating 300 million people by.....»»

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: ‘I’m vaccinated’ merch gives Etsy sellers another shot at profits

COVID-19 vaccines are doing more than just protecting people from the virus, they’re also giving small businesses hit hard by the pandemic something to celebrate — and another shot at profits......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchMar 30th, 2021

AstraZeneca may have used outdated data in its US vaccine trial results, giving an "incomplete view" of how well the shot worked, officials said

AstraZeneca should urgently ensure the most accurate, up-to-date vaccine efficacy data was made public, the NIAID said. A nurse at the Royal Cornwall Hospital prepares to administer a COVID-19 vaccine in Truro, United Kingdom. Hug.....»»

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Moderna just laid out its strategy to fight coronavirus variants and says a new shot is ready to be tested

Moderna shipped a new version of its coronavirus vaccine to the NIH so that it could be tested in people. A nurse prepares a shot of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine. Hans P.....»»

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Third Of Americans Skeptical Of COVID Vaccine, Says Poll 

Third Of Americans Skeptical Of COVID Vaccine, Says Poll  Good news (and bad news) America! The great news is that on Wednesday, approximately 33.8 million people have received at least one COVID-19 shot, including 10.5 million p.....»»

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White people received nearly half of COVID-19 vaccines in NYC despite dying at a lower rate than Black and Latino residents

The rate of death among Black New Yorkers is 269 per every 100,000 people while the rate of death among white residents is 150. Lindsay, a nurse at Long Island Jewish Med.....»»

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The UK is making a risky bet to stretch its supply of coronavirus vaccines, and scientists are split on the untested strategy

The UK is giving more people a single dose of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine as soon as possible, instead of waiting for a second dose. Paula McMahon prepares a shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. .....»»

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Coronavirus vaccines don"t contain microchips. Here"s what"s actually in the shots.

The false claim that Bill Gates is plotting to use the vaccine to track people via microchip may have come from an altered Facebook video. A nurse prepares a coronavirus vaccine shot developed by the National Inst.....»»

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The rare clots people get after taking COVID-19 vaccines are different from other clots and require special treatment

The CDC has issues specia.....»»

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Mississippians" unwillingness to get vaccinated stems from a distrust of government rooted in decades of Republican messaging

Vaccine appointments are going unfilled in Mississippi, and it's likely because of a long history of suspicion about government intervention. A nurse administers a shot at a Covid-19 mass va.....»»

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: Getting COVID creates far higher risk of rare blood clots than vaccines, Oxford study finds

A new study from researchers at Oxford University has found that people who contract COVID-19 are at far higher risk of developing blood clots than people who receive COVID-19 vaccines, further bolstering the case for vaccine use......»»

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Loretto Hospital to resume distributing COVID-19 vaccines after city paused program over line-jumping allegations

City officials will again provide COVID-19 vaccines to Loretto Hospital after pausing the program last month to review allegations of dosages improperly being provided to connected people.But, the c.....»»

Category: topSource: chicagotribuneApr 17th, 2021

People will likely need a booster shot of Pfizer"s vaccine within 12 months, Pfizer"s CEO said

Many experts, including Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, suspect that coronavirus vaccines will become a yearly routine. A pharmacist prepares the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Jessica Hill/AP Photo .....»»

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The AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines share the same technology. It could explain why both have possible links to rare blood clots.

The AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson shots are both viral vector vaccines. Both have been linked to cases of rare blood clots in the brain. Nurse Elizabeth Johnson administers a COVID-19 vaccine to Melissa Mendez in Readin.....»»

Category: personnelSource: nytApr 15th, 2021

: Rare blood clots tied to J&J’s COVID-19 shot are similar to issues with AstraZeneca’s vaccine, FDA official says

Federal health officials say the ultra-rare blood clots reported in six people who received Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine are similar to blood clots detected in a very small number of people in Europe who were immunized with AstraZeneca’s shot......»»

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Capital Region recruiting firms hire 600 people for New York vaccination sites

New York state's effort to get the Covid-19 vaccines to millions of people has required filling hundreds of positions quickly. A statewide collection of more than 30 staffing agencies has made that possible......»»

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: U.S. recommends pausing use of J&J’s COVID-19 vaccine after reports of rare blood clots

U.S. regulators have suggested temporarily halted use of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine while they examine six cases of rare blood clots that have been reported in people who have received the shot......»»

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: U.S. pauses use of J&J’s COVID-19 vaccine after reports of rare blood clots

U.S. regulators have temporarily halted use of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine while they examine six cases of rare blood clots that have been reported in people who have received the shot......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchApr 13th, 2021

Johnson & Johnson had a very bad week - but fears of negative reactions and blood clots are likely overblown

Three vaccination sites reported clusters of minor adverse reactions among people who got the Johnson & Johnson shot. Nurse Elizabeth Jo.....»»

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Elon Musk Comes In Support Of COVID-19 Vaccines After Earlier Comments Courted Controversy

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk has come in support of COVID-19 vaccines after his earlier stance on social media sparked a debate surrounding the safety of a second shot. read more.....»»

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