Memes parodying Mike Bloomberg"s paid Instagram meme campaign are flooding the internet

REUTERS/Jason Reed, Screenshot Instagram/ikorer .....»»

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Bloomberg "meme strategy" sparks Facebook rule change

After U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg's campaign paid popular Instagram accounts to post memes, parent company Facebook changed its rules to allow politicians to use branded content. Lisa Bernhard has more......»»

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Facebook to Allow Paid Political Messages That Aren’t Ads

The policy change comes days after Mike Bloomberg paid Instagram personalities to promote his campaign (SAN FRANCISCO) — Facebook decided Frida.....»»

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Popular meme accounts on Instagram are suddenly posting for Mike Bloomberg"s 2020 campaign

Business Insider/Twitter/Associated Press Michael Bloomberg, .....»»

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Mike Bloomberg"s failed presidential campaign cost him over $500 million. Here are some of the things the billionaire spent money on, from free booze and NYC apartments for staff to catered events for supporters.

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri Mike Bloomberg spent millions flooding the country with ads during his presidential campaign before it ended Wednesday — and he spent money on a lot of other things too. Blo.....»»

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Facebook to publicly track political sponsored content after Bloomberg"s paid memes

Facebook Inc will provide a way for people to track political sponsored content on Facebook and Instagram ahead of the U.S. presidential election, it said on Thursday......»»

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Inside Mike Bloomberg"s bizarre strategy to dominate social media that"s dwarfed Trump"s 2016 efforts by millions of dollars

Mike Segar/Reuters; Mike2020/Twitter; DrGrayFang/Instagram Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaign has been using a unique social-media strategy to attract younger voters to the Democratic hopeful. Over the last few months, Bloomberg's campaign has.....»»

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Bloomberg moves past presidential defeat with virus crusade

Nearly two months after an embarrassing end to his presidential campaign, Mike Bloomberg is again deploying his massive personal fortune – this time to combat the coronavirus. The billionaire former... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Mike Bloomberg spent over $1 billion running for president — that"s $23 million for each delegate he won

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri He did it — Mike Bloomberg managed to cross the billion dollar threshold in his run for president, according to the latest FEC filings. Bloomberg spent $1,047,623,103 of his own money on the campaign, to be exact. T.....»»

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Former Bloomberg campaign staffers are reportedly being offered the chance to keep their work iPhones and laptops as a type of severance — but they"ll have to pay taxes on them if they do

Associated Press Mike Bloomberg's campaign had promised workers that they would be employed through the election in November, but some staffers abruptly lost their jobs after the candidate dropped out of the race, according to a report by T.....»»

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No, Mike Bloomberg did not spend so much money on his failed presidential campaign that he could"ve given every American $1 million instead

A clip of two reporters repeating a false claim that Bloomberg could have given every American $1 million for the amount he spent on his failed presidential campaign has gone viral on Twitter. If Bloomberg did divide his $5.....»»

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Mike Bloomberg suspends campaign for Democratic presidential nomination

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Mike Bloomberg Is Suspending His Campaign, Endorses Biden "To Save Face", Trump Says "It Won"t Work"

Mike Bloomberg Is Suspending His Campaign, Endorses Biden "To Save Face", Trump Says "It Won't Work" Update (1050ET): President Trump was quick to react to Bloomberg's exit: Mini Mike Bloomberg just “quit” the race for President. I could.....»»

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Mike Bloomberg Is Suspending His Campaign, Endorses Biden

Mike Bloomberg Is Suspending His Campaign, End.....»»

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Mike Bloomberg said Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar "behaved themselves" in patronizing remarks after their campaign suspensions

Associated Press Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar both ended their campaigns to be the Democratic nominati.....»»

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It looks like people with no real interest in Bloomberg are signing up to be grassroots campaigners because he pays $2,500 a month

Reuters Mike Bloomberg's efforts to take social media by storm by paying people to post about him may not be working out, according to the LA Times. Several California-based operatives told the paper anonymously that they mainly signed up to campaign.....»»

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"Please disregard, vote for Bernie": Inside Bloomberg"s paid social media army

Mike Bloomberg has hired hundreds of paid "digital organizers" to boost his presidential bid on social media. A look inside th.....»»

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They"re paid to tweet for Mike Bloomberg. They don"t necessarily support him

Mike Bloomberg has hired hundreds of paid "digital organizers" to boost his presidential bid on social media. A look inside th.....»»

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Without evidence, Bloomberg campaign blames Sanders supporters for spate of vandalism

REUTERS/Jonathan Drake/File Photo Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg's campaign field office in Knoxville, Tenn., was vandalized Thursday night. Campai.....»»

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Mike Bloomberg is going after Trump with billboards mocking him for eating burnt steak and cheating at golf

Mark Ralston/Getty Images Mike Bloomberg's 2020 campaign has put up billboards trolling President Donald Trump for eating burnt steak, cheating at golf, and losing the popular vote in several Western states. The former Wa.....»»

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Trump"s campaign just reportedly paid millions to buy out the ad space on YouTube"s homepage ahead of the election, ensuring it will reach viewers at a crucial time (GOOG, GOOGL)

Associated Press Trump's re-election campaign just bought YouTube's most prominent homepage ad space for the run-up to the election, according to Bloomberg. The campaign purchased ads on the coveted YouTube "masthead,.....»»

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