Monday links: an inevitable outcome

MarketsJust because the stock market is at all-time highest doesn't all stocks are. ( Dow is off to one of its best starts to the year in history. (sentimentrader......»»

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Monday links: a new sense of the world

Markets2020 vs. 2021: a year in contrasting markets. ( original Roaring 20's happened with low starting stock valuations. (»»

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Monday links: buying on weakness

MarketsHow much of retail trading has been driven by boredom? ( bull market's biggest stars ar.....»»

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Monday links: today’s noise

April 2021Every major asset class was higher in April 2021. ( stock market is up 10 of the past 13 months. ( returns had a reprieve in April. (humb.....»»

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Monday links: investing on emotion

MarketsInvestors are still traumatized by the GFC. ( Q&A with John Turner, co-author of "Boom and Bust: A Global History of Financial Bubbles." ( ($AAPL) is spe.....»»

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Gold futures settle higher ahead of this week"s Fed meeting

Gold futures settled higher on Monday to recoup just over half of what they lost during Friday's trading session. Investors await the outcome of the Federal Reserve's two-day monetary .....»»

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Monday links: components of a bubble

MarketsU.S stock market breadth is historically strong. ( out a bit, the value stock comeback is but a blip. ( inflation is coming, prefer consumer staples to consumer discretionary stocks. (»»

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Monday links: collective beliefs

MarketsSome signs that equity market senti.....»»

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Monday links: go to the data

Retail tradingIt's hard to ignore the impact of retail traders on the stock market. (theirrelevantin.....»»

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Monday links: Bitcoin ETF demand

MarketsThe Archegos situation shows that it's not just retail traders can roil markets. ( IPOs have taken on the chin of late. ( pundits play fast and loose with the definition of a.....»»

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Monday links: the power of inertia

StrategyHas the minimum volatility factor been fully exploited? (»»

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Tuesday links: Black Monday 2.0

YieldsGerman bunds yield almost 200 bp less than US Treasurys. ( is still $13.7 t.....»»

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Monday links: managing to lose money

MarketsREITs are loving the reopening sentiment. ( matter how you measure it, the rotation away from Big Tech .....»»

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Investors on edge awaiting outcome of this week"s Fed Policy Meeting

U.S. equity futures traded mostly lower ahead of Monday's Wall Street session, as investors await the outcome of the Federal Reserve policy meeting which wraps up on Wednesday......»»

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"The Voice" is now airing its 20th season - here"s how to watch the singing competition on NBC and Peacock

Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas, and John Legend are back as coaches on "The Voice." New episodes air every Monday and Tuesday on NBC. If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Le.....»»

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Monday links: ex-post explanations

MarketsIt's getting hard to ignore the rally in commodity prices. ( don't have to fall during a period of rising rates: a case study. (discipl.....»»

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Monday links: a torrent of FOMO

MarketsHow major asset classes performed in February 2021. ( took awhile, but Wall Street strategists have finally gotten bullish. ( if interest rates don't ma.....»»

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Monday links: too much leverage

MarketsSmall caps are off to a hot start, n.....»»

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Monday links: pieces of information

MarketsEmerging market equit.....»»

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Monday links: mob tactics

Are you already signed up for our daily e-mail newsletter? That’s awesome, but did you also know that we publish an adviser-focused... MarketsHow major asse.....»»

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Monday links: a true bubble

Are you already signed up for our daily e-m.....»»

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