Money"s Grim Future

Money's Grim Future Authored by Alan Lash via The Brownstone Institute, Prepare for total control of your economic life. That is the message from Brownstone Fellow Aaron Day at his 4-hour workshop in San Jose,.....»»

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This Important Evidence Could Determine Donald Trump"s Fate In His Hush-Money Trial

The future of the Donald Trump hush-money trial is largely dependent on one key piece of evidence: People's Exhibit 35, a document that both the prosecution and defense are using to build their respective cases. read more.....»»

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NFL Rule Could Open Door For Big Money Investors: Will Your Team Go Up For Sale?

National Football League teams could be allowed to sell stakes to private equity in the future if the league adopts a new rule change. read more.....»»

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Dave Ramsey Says Student Loans Create Lifetime Of Money Stress: "Having A Serious Negative Impact On The Future Of Our Country"

read more.....»»

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Master Your Money Bootcamp: Dream about what you want to accomplish

During the first week of the Master Your Money Bootcamp on deciding what you want, we're thinking about the future and what we want to accomplish. Business Insider Dean Mitchell/Getty Images/E+; Alyssa Powell/Insider Welco.....»»

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Why Cramer Sees Cathie Wood"s Top Tech Picks Heading Further Lower

CNBC "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer said Tuesday rising inflation is taking a toll on tech stocks, and tech-heavy investors such as Cathie Wood-led Ark Investment Management LLC could see more pain in the near future. read more.....»»

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Eight fintech companies that are redefining the money transfer space

Learn about the most innovative financial services providers with the BI list of top fintech startups and financial technology companies. Stay on top of the future of financial technology. A January 2021 survey from CouponFollow revealed that.....»»

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Future FinTech signs term sheet to purchase Khyber Money Exchange

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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The Future Of DeFi"s Money Markets

As Bitcoin's rally pushes ahead, even its harshest detractors have.....»»

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Support for political violence among Americans is on the rise. It"s a grim warning about America"s political future.

A new poll shows that a third of Americans support the use of political violence - a troubling finding that extends beyond the 2020 election. .....»»

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A majority of the upcoming $1,400 stimulus checks will go towards savings rather than spending, according to BofA survey

Only 36% of respondents said they would spend the money from a stimulus check, with 64% saying they would either pay off debts, save it, or invest it. FG Trade/ A majority of people will save rather than spend future gove.....»»

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Oil And Debt: Why Our Financial System Is Unsustainable

Oil And Debt: Why Our Financial System Is Unsustainable Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, How much energy, water and food will the "money" created out of thin air in the future buy? Finance is often cloaked .....»»

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Bitcoin Hits $1 Trillion Market Cap. What That Means for the Future of Money

Bitcoin hit another milestone this Friday as its total value surged to over $1 trillion for the fir.....»»

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Macleod: The Future Of Money Is Gold (Not Crypto)

Macleod: The Future Of Money Is Gold (Not Crypto) Authored by Alasdair Macleod via, This article explains why the successor money to failing fiat is gold, not cryptocurrencies. Cryptos can only act as.....»»

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Cramer Higlights Chipotle: "Incredible Numbers" Lifted Stock To New Highs

Investors looking to take advantage of a future potential market sell-off should take a look at stocks that "got plastered the last time around" and then "bounced right back," Jim Cramer said on Tuesday's "Mad Money." read more.....»»

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In the money Jan. 11: $19M raised for 3D-printed structures, other tech

This weekly roundup of funding rounds raised and contracts scored is often a good resource for job seekers, real estate pros and anyone interested in keeping an eye on future competition or potential strategic partners......»»

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The Moneyist: My husband, 67, wants to leave his $2 million estate and home to his disabled daughter and his sister’s kids. Can he do that? I could outlive them

‘It just seems a little harsh that I can only have the house to live in and not sell, if I need the money for future medical expenses. He’s very controlling of his money.’.....»»

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New Zealand’s Central Bank Is Hiring a Money Futurist

New Zealand’s central bank is looking for a Head of Money and Cash to focus "on the future of money” and be a "thought leader" for digital currency......»»

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Magic Leap is turning to a major health care company to save its future, potentially raising as much as $100 million

Asa Mathat for Vox Media Magic Leap is turning to a "major" health care company to raise money, according to an internal memo obtained by The Information. Sources tell Business Insider that Magic L.....»»

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They"re publicly traded, and they took PPP money. Should they keep it?

At least 15 Massachusetts-based public companies have taken PPP loans, although a few have returned them or say they will soon to avoid future government scrutiny......»»

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Why the Dollar Has Never Been Stronger or More Set Up to Fail

With trillions in money printing, the dollar should be getting weaker. Instead, it’s stronger than ever. What gives? The first of a four-part microseries on the battle for the future of money......»»

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