Nearly 40% Of Voters Think Biden Has Dementia

Nearly 40% Of Voters Think Biden Has Dementia Tyler Durden Mon, 06/29/2020 - 20.....»»

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POLL: Democrats" belief Joe Biden can beat Trump took a massive 14-point hit after disastrous Iowa caucus

AP Photo/Matt Rourke Just over 50% of Democratic voters believe Joe Biden would beat President Donald Trump in a general election, according to a new Insider poll that shows their belief in Biden's electability is dropping. Since Insider b.....»»

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Joe Biden has half the young voters Bernie Sanders does because of his "anti-millennial" stance, but the boomer candidate says he cares "like the devil" about them

SAUL LOEB/Getty Images Former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden has previously said he has "no empathy" for millennials. In a recent New York Times interview, he said that if millennials want to see a change in their economic .....»»

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Democratic voters" opinions of Bernie Sanders improved but declined for Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in the run-up to Iowa

Reuters Democratic primary voters' opinions of Sen. Bernie Sanders have improved, but both former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren saw t.....»»

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Biden leads in new poll of Iowa Democratic voters

Former Vice President Joe Biden is leading in a new poll of likely Iowa Democratic caucus-goers, with less than a month until the Feb. 3 vote in the Hawkeye State. Biden draws 24% support in the Monm.....»»

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Joe Biden is doing terribly among Latino voters — and that could seriously hurt him in two of the most important 2020 primaries

Reuters/Jonathan Ernst Former Vice President Joe Biden is struggling with Latino voters, according .....»»

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Biden saying he"d only serve one term would be an Election Day risk with little reward, new Insider poll shows

Reuters Former Vice President Joe Biden could lost a significant chunk of voters on Election Day if he pledged to only serve one term as president, according to a new Insider poll. A recent Politico report suggested Biden, 77, has been disc.....»»

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Obama is reportedly worried that Biden "really doesn"t have" an intimate bond with voters, which helped him win the White House in 2008

Associated Press Former President Barack Obama is worried that his former Vice President Joe Biden doesn't have the same "intimate bond" with the Iowan electorate that Obama had, ac.....»»

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Biden retakes lead in poll of New York Democratic voters

is leading by 10 percentage points among New York Democrats in a Siena Research Institute poll, reclaiming his spot as the front-runner after tying with last month. Biden received 24% of the vote... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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The Democratic elite is panicked about Joe Biden, but he"s far more popular with voters than donors

Reuters The Democratic donor clas.....»»

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Biden Unveils Labor Plan In Attempt To Woo Middle Class Voters

Biden Unveils Labor Plan In Attempt To Woo Middle Class Voters Former Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a series of ideas centered around unionization and worker protections in an attempt to woo middle class voter.....»»

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Undecided 2020 voters like Andrew Yang and Joe Biden the most of all the Democratic candidates

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, AP Photo/Matt Rourke Undecided general election voters most like businessman Andrew Yang.....»»

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Warren tops Biden in new poll on eve of Democratic debate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren edged former Vice President Joe Biden in a new poll of voters released a day ahead of Democrats' next presidential debate. The Quinnipiac University national poll sho.....»»

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Peter Morici: Trump should focus on Warren, not Biden

Elizabeth Warren is a formidable candidate because she is very skilled at identifying problems plaguing voters. Her solutions are unworkable, however......»»

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Joe Biden has a serious college-voter problem

Scott Morgan/Reuters Joe Biden is lagging well behind his Democratic rivals in the fight for college voters. Driving out college voters would be a key for Democrats to win the White House in 2020. But many college voters are not enthusiast.....»»

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"Get over it": Hillary Clinton says voters need to focus on getting Trump out of the White House, and not the allegations of Joe Biden"s controversial interactions with women

AP Photo/Mel Evans Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defended former Vice President and 2020.....»»

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Trump in Dead Heats With Biden and Sanders, Half of Voters “Silently” Support Trump

24/7 Wall St.–Zogby Analytics Presidential Poll Since our last poll, released May 14th, Trump has improved his position against Democratic frontrunners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. He is in a........»»

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Key Words: Trump says Biden ‘not playing with a full deck’ over ‘poor kids’ remark

The Trump campaign jumped on the former VP’s controversial remarks to minority voters.....»»

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Democratic primary voters overwhelmingly prefer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez"s Green New Deal to Joe Biden"s climate plan

Cliff Owen/AP Images Democratic primary voters prefer more ambitious plans to fight climate change over former Vice President Joe Biden's less aggressive proposal, according to n.....»»

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Tulsi Gabbard Pushes No War Agenda... And The Media Is Out To Kill Her Chances

Authored by Philip Giraldi via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Voters looking ahead to 2020 are being bombarded with soundbites from the twenty plus Democratic would-be candidates. That Joe Biden is apparently lead.....»»

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Democratic voters overwhelmingly think the accusations of Joe Biden"s inappropriate touching are not disqualifying

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images Democratic voters largely do not think the accusations of inappropriate touching disqualify Vice President.....»»

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