The future of Section 230 and internet speech after Trump

President Trump made reforming Section 230, the law that lets internet companies censor content, into a signature cause. Will the tumultuous end of his presidency, including his own deplatforming, advance.....»»

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Here"s what could happen to Section 230 - the internet law Donald Trump hates - now the Democrats have both Houses

The Section 230 internet law is still under threat, even though the Democrats have both Houses. Big Tech will be planning how it's going to.....»»

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Trump tried tweeting from the official POTUS account despite Twitter"s ban, but the tweets were immediately removed

Trump railed against Twitter, Democrats, and Section 230, and said he would consider starting his own social media platform in the "near future." President Donald Trump. Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images President Donald .....»»

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Trump to unveil Medicare plan in bid to contrast Democratic rivals

President Donald Trump will outline his vision for the future of Medicare this week, contrasting plans with Democrats in a speech promising to strengthen the program for the elderly and disabled......»»

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White House Says It Won’t Sign Global Pact for Tougher Measures on Online Extremism

Citing free speech protections in the United States, the Trump administration said it would not endorse the ‘Christchurch Call,’ which calls for the largest internet platforms to eradicate violent and extremist content online......»»

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White House Says It Won’t Sign Global Pact for Tougher Measures on Online Violence

Citing free speech protections in the United States, the Trump administration said it would not endorse the ‘Christchurch Call,’ which calls for the largest internet platforms to eradicate violent and extremist content online......»»

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Net neutrality bill sails through House, faces an uncertain political future

The Democrat-backed bill would restore rules requiring AT&T, Verizon and other Internet providers to treat all Web traffic equally, marking an early step toward reversing one of the most significant deregulatory moves of the Trump era......»»

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Justice Dept. to sue Calif. to block tough new net neutrality law

The Trump administration said it would sue California in an effort to block what some experts have described as the toughest net neutrality law ever written in the United States, setting up a high-stakes legal showdown over the future of the internet......»»

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Why Big Tech and Conservatives Are Clashing on Free Speech

When Twitter banned President Donald Trump after a mob he had encouraged stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, the White House fell into an unusual social media silence. But the company’s move, followed by actions by Facebook, Apple, Google and A.....»»

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Trump"s farewell speech has warning on Biden tax hikes

President Trump warned raising taxes will have consequences......»»

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Project Syndicate: After Trump, can America be trusted again?

Trump has left American society deeply wounded, and Europe with an abiding sense of nervousness and concern for its longtime ally’s future......»»

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Key Words: With 400,000 Americans dead from COVID-19, Trump refers to the pandemic in past tense

'As bad as the pandemic was, we were hit so hard just like the entire world was hit so hard,' the outgoing president said Wednesday during a farewell speech......»»

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CNN describes crowd at Trump"s departure as "the smallest" of his presidency

CNN's Jim Acosta noted that the attendees at Trump's farewell speech were "definitely the smallest crowd size of the Trump presidenc.....»»

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Exiled from social media mainstream, Trump and his followers will find life different at the extreme corners of the Web

There will always be ways for Trump to make his views known on the Internet. But those who get purged from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and move to comparatively obscure alternatives find their freedom to speak intact but their reach diminished......»»

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Trump admits his term is ending but doesn"t say Biden"s name or formally concede election loss in White House farewell speech

"We extend our best wishes, and we also want them to have luck - a very important word," Trump said of the incoming administration. President Donald Trump Screenshot via W.....»»

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Internet regulation takes on greater urgency as pandemic highlights digital divide

As President Joe Biden takes office, his administration faces pressure to immediately prioritize the expansion of broadband access and dismantle some of the Trump administration’s hallmark efforts to deregulate the Internet......»»

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Far-right groups move online conversations from social media to chat apps — and out of view of law enforcement

After big tech companies kicked Trump off Twitter and shut down right-wing social network Parler, extremist groups are moving to encrypted chat apps like Telegram. It's making it tougher for police to look for future attacks......»»

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Wimkin, a free speech network, says it was hit with a "massive" DDoS attack after being banned from Apple"s App Store

Hackers are being blamed for a DDoS attack on Wimkin after Apple and Google removed its app. The network allowed free speech with no fact checking The US Capitol was stormed by Trump supporters in Washington. REUTERS/Erin Scott Apple a.....»»

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Incitement? – Trump Has Novel Simple Defense

Incitement? – Trump Has Novel Simple Defense; If Speech Created a “Likelihood” of.....»»

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LIVE: GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz compares pro-Trump insurrectionists storming the Capitol to Pelosi tearing up the president"s State of the Union speech

Multiple Republicans said they will join Democra.....»»

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GoFundMe bans travel fundraising for political events with ‘risk of violence’

The company will ‘remove fundraisers for travel expenses to a future political event where there’s risk of violence by the attendees’ after Trump supporters used the site to fundraise for last week’s attack on the Capitol......»»

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