Friday links: getting new stuff

MarketsThe cannabis industry has sat out the 2023 market rally. ( it's not likely worth your time trying to eke out returns in dying industries. ( praise of not tinkering with your portfolio. ( Apple ($AAPL) iPad is having its moment. ( Apple ($AAPL) devices keep erroneously calling 911. ( are interacting less and less with voice assistants. ( January NFP showed a big jump in payrolls. ('s take a moment to celebrate the strong jobs economy. ( is fading as an explainer for the U.S. economy. ( restaurants are still having a hard time finding workers. ( on Abnormal ReturnsPodcast links: turning the table. ( you missed in our Thursday linkfest. ( links: a source of envy. ( you a financial adviser looking for some out-of-the-box thinking? Then check out our weekly e-mail newsletter. ( mediaTed Goia, "My conclusion isn’t just that ChatGPT is another con game—it’s the biggest one of them all." ( generates words, not necessarily facts. ( new technologies, like ChatGPT, end up adding work, instead of replacing it. ( it comes to generative AI, most people don't care about plagiarism. (»»

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Podcast links: turning the table

Fridays are all about podcast links here at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a look at whether... Turning the tablesHoward Lindzon talks with Ted Seides of Capital Allocators fame. ( Faber talks with Jim O'Shaughnessy about the launch of OSV. ( Reustle and Dom Cooke talk with Patrick O'Shaughnessy about the business of Colossus. ( Cover and Brent Beshore talk compounding knowledge with Shane Parrish of Farnam Street. ( Thompson talks AI and more with Ben Thompson of Stratechery. ( Patel talks with Chris Miller author of "Chip War: The Fight For The World’s Most Critical Technology." ( Carbonneau and Jack Forehand talk with Joe Wiggins author of "The Intelligent Fund Investor." ( Ritholtz talks with Neil Dutta, partner and head of economic research at Renaissance Macro Research, where he analyzes global trends and cross-market investment themes. ( Balchunas and Joel Weber talk with Prof. Martin Schmalz about how indexing has affected the stock market. ( Harford on why the tulip mania pales in comparison to the railroad bubble. ( makingJosh Wolfe talks with Annie Duke author of "Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away." ( Passmore and Benjamin Felix talk decision making with Prof. Ralph Kenney author of "Give Yourself a Nudge." ( Thompson talks work-life balance with Oliver Burkeman. ( Harris talks with Jill Bolte Taylor author of "Whole Brain Living." ( Koppelman talks morning pages with Julia Cameron author of "The Artist's Way." (»»

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Thursday links: index optionality

MarketsThe expected return to a 60/40 portfolio strategy rose throughout 2022. ( stocks have been underperforming the U.S. since the GFC. Some signs that things are changing. ( questions to ask when an investment seems too good to be true. ( from Lee Freeman-Shore's "The Art of Execution: How the world's best investors get it wrong and still make millions." ( Malik, "The reality is that when it comes to business, companies have to appease their investors. And right now, those investors want to see companies be more efficient, especially now that growth is becoming normal." ( big tech incumbents have a leg up in generative AI. ( your home printer is holding you hostage. ( Sachs' ($GS) partners now own less than 5% of the company. ( Investments has launched its first private equity fund the Project Black LP. ( has removed fee waivers on its money market mutual funds. ('s hard to make the case for thematic ETFs as a whole. ( wants to wean itself off Russian diesel. ( French are very much wedded to the ideal of a their 'golden decade' in retirement. ( is the fastest aging country in the west. ( home prices are now down six months in a row. ( the Fed is going to have to stick with its tough talk for awhile. ( do foreign yield curves tell us about the probability of a U.S. recession. ( oil business in the Permian Basin is booming. ( on Abnormal ReturnsLongform links: a source of envy. ( you missed in our Wednesday linkfest. ( finance links: trading time. ( you a financial adviser looking for some out-of-the-box thinking? Then check out our weekly e-mail newsletter. ( media'Corporate fun' isn't fun for many workers. ( the link between workaholism and mental health. ('s hoping you find a job you love. (»»

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Longform links: a source of envy

Thursdays are all about longform links on Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s linkfest including a look at how online... BooksInsights from Bent Flyvbjerg's new book “How Big Things Get Done: The Surprising Factors That Determine the Fate of Every Project, from Home Renovations to Space Exploration and Everything In Between.” ( from Dacher Keltner's new book "Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How It Can Transform Your Life." ( AR/VR seems to be getting pushed farther into the future. ( Apple ($AAPL) Lisa failed commercially, but it helped change computing. ( extended Q&A with venture capitalist Josh Wolfe of Lux Capital. ( serotonin hypothesis is coming under increasing scrutiny as a cause of depression. ( on climate change requires a feedback loop between behavior and intention. ( nursing homes are closing which is putting residents and families in a bind. ( and teenagers can be a dangerous mix. ( are so awash in entertainment content, the lines are getting blurred. ( the Chicago man who the best violinists in the world trust to fix their instruments. ( Kim was poised to be the next, great American golfer. Then he walked away. (»»

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Wednesday links: when volatility is your friend

MarketsHow major asset classes performed in January 2023. ('s market rally was kinda junky. ( incomeOn the trade-off between buying long-term vs. short-term bonds. ( are attracting more customers to their banking services. ( Paypal ($PYPL) to the list of companies doing layoffs. ( the worst over at Peloton ($PTON)? ( Global ($PARA) is combining Paramount+ and Showtime in a single app. ( last Boeing ($BA) 747 has rolled off the assembly line. ( the end of the star investment banker. ( Morgan Asset Management is buying $500 million of timberland. ( praise of activist short sellers. ( FedThe Fed doesn't know any more than you do. ( the Fed should just chill. ( January ISM report was well below 50, indicating contraction. ( apartment market is loosening. ( on Abnormal ReturnsPersonal finance links: trading time. ( you missed in our Tuesday linkfest. ( links: considering all factors. ( you a financial adviser looking for some out-of-the-box thinking? Then check out our weekly e-mail newsletter. ( mediaWhy this Chick-fil-A location is getting torn down. ( dining didn't survive the pandemic. ( case for dining solo. (»»

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Personal finance links: trading time

Wednesdays are all about personal finance here at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a look at why... PodcastsChristine Benz and Jeff Ptak talk with Ann Garcia the author of the book "How to Pay for College." ( Bernstein talks with Victor Hagani and Myron Scholes about the essentials of investing. ( to take, and not, if you get laid off. ( sure you take advantage of all the resources available to you when you get laid off. ( to negotiate your severance package. ( are slowly, subtly stepping away from 'workism.' ( side hustles aren't worth it. ( the myth of 'passive income.' ( to RothNew rules have made 529 accounts all the more attractive to a select few. ( down your expectations about 529-to-Roth rollovers. ( conversions open up new possibilities. ( financeBen Carlson, "We humans tend to care a lot more about better or worse rather than good or bad when it comes to our finances." ( to consider if you plan to move in retirement. ( are a simple tool. ( there an ideal time of year to do a Roth conversion? ( number one for HNW investors is not to lose money. (»»

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Tuesday links: get-rich schemes

StrategyEverybody talks their book. ( lessons Seth Klarman learned from the GFC including 'Do not accept principal risk while investing short-term cash...' ( ($TSLA) a big hit on its Bitcoin holdings. ( Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ($GBTC) into retirement accounts has backfired. ('s crimes hurt regular people. Don't let the crypto angle fool you. ( companies have jumped on the stock buyback train. ( case for the value factor in Europe. ( startup space is going through a collective cleanse. ( to name a company these days. ( Mobil ($XOM) generated record profits in 2022. ( ($SPOT) showed some subscriber momentum. ( ($JNJ) failed in its attempt a the Texas Two-Step. ( Herrman, "Amazon hasn’t been acting like a store for a while." ( is a bear market in cardboard demand. ( Case-Shiller, national home prices fell in November 2022. ( term spread is screaming recession. ( OER is going to fall throughout 2023. ( on Abnormal ReturnsResearch links: considering all factors. ( you missed in our Monday linkfest. ( you a financial adviser looking for some out-of-the-box thinking? Then check out our weekly e-mail newsletter. ( media32 insights from Rick Rubin's "The Creative Act: A Way of Being." ('s no shortcut to good writing. ( to grow your newsletter audience. (»»

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Research links: considering all factors

Tuesdays are all about academic (and practitioner) literature at Abnormal Returns. You can check out including a look at the difference between... IndexingThe index effect is disappearing. ( additional scrutiny, via index inclusion, hurt a company's performance. ( managementHow do active managers invest their own money? ( investors reward fund managers with 'skin in the game.' ( time period of which you measure correlations matter. ( three tail-hedging strategies have performed during recent downturns. ( example of 'rebalance timing luck.' ( drivers of equal-weight portfolio performance are straightforward. ( ChatGPT, and other LLMs, will change how investors do their work. ( anti-ESG movements could be contrary to a fiduciary duty. (»»

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Monday links: termination by email

MarketsHow worried should investors be about the debt ceiling drama? ( the VIX broken? No, but the options market is changing. ( can you assume about stock, bond and cash returns over the long run. ( Miller, "The stock market is brashly indifferent to our opinions." ( you need a well-articulated investment strategy to ride out tough times. ( chip makers are hoping things are at the bottom of the cycle. ( the innovator's dilemma affects Disney ($DIS) and ESPN. ( the lasting impact of Tim Ferriss' "4-Hour Workweek." ( laid off tech workers are attracted to green industries. ( became the go-to site for data on tech layoffs. ( to do with job satisfaction surveys. ( the launch of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust ($SPY) changed financial markets. ( sustainable funds can charge a premium. ( that the U.S. consumer is tightening their belts. ( this measure, new home prices are down around 10% off their peak. ( on Abnormal ReturnsAdviser links: managing behavior. ( you missed in our Sunday linkfest. ( you a financial adviser looking for some out-of-the-box thinking? Then check out our weekly e-mail newsletter. ( mediaFidelity has cut its valuation for Twitter shares, again. ( insights from Max Fisher's new book, "The Chaos Machine: The Inside Story of How Social Media Rewired Our Minds and Our World." (»»

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Adviser links: managing behavior

Mondays are all about financial adviser-related links here at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a look at... PodcastsDaniel Crosby talks with Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions at Carson Group, about understanding our money stories. ( Kitces talks Jennifer Climo, the CEO and a Senior Advisor for Milestone Financial Planning, about the logistics of merging two practices in just 7 years. ( Phillips on four pieces of advice you can ignore this year, or any year. ( Kelly and Jeff Benjamin talk all things Betterment with Thomas Moore, director of Betterment for Advisors. ( Hopkins & Ana Trujillo Limón talk with Jon Dauphine who is the CEO of the Foundation for Financial Planning, a nonprofit organization that provides grants and resources to underserved families. ( bizCharles Schwab ($SCHW) isn't concerned about new RIA custody competitors. ( infusion of new capital will allow Elements to move upmarket. ( Zoe Financial launched its own RIA, Zoe Wealth Platform. ( the CFP is splitting into two organizations. ( managementHow Thomas Kopelman used content marketing thoughtfully to build an advisory practice. ( to communicate with a client leaving your practice. ( vast majority of advisers now use digital onboarding. ( Anthony, "Every human being has the need to be understood, but not every financial services client feels understood by their advisor." ( concentrated positions is an important role advisers can play. ( novel ways to bond with your clients. ( firms need to proactively think about reaching younger generations. ( are associated with increases in inter-generational transfers. ('s no downside for aging parents to communicating about your financial plans. (»»

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Sunday links: the tools we create

Markets11 things that zero interest rates enabled including the rise of Cathie Wood. ( 'nice-to-have' economy is already in recession. ( is watching for Google's ($GOOGL) next move in AI. ( AI startup, Anthropic, is set to raise a mega-round of capital. ( AI is being used to 'auto-complete' code. ('s ($ABBV) hold on Humira is coming to an end. ( Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich helped fund a U.S. cannabis company. ( massive growth, BNPL has yet to achieve profitability. ( companies are betting on the dominance of drive-thru. ( ($AMZN) Fresh is ending free deliveries for most orders. ( Netherlands and Japan are joining the U.S. to limit chip equipment exports to China. ( has effectively orphaned its European gas investments. ( Russia abuses Interpol's neutrality. ( 'polycrisis' became the buzzword of the moment. ( debt ceiling crises are tiresome and stupid. ( workers have seen relative gains coming out of pandemic. ( PredictIt is set to close per the CFTC's orders. ( open questions about the economy including 'Are all workers really lazier these days?' ( and soft economic data are diverging. ( economic schedule for the coming week. ( on Abnormal ReturnsTop clicks last week on the site. ( you missed in our Saturday non-finance linkfest. ( you a financial adviser looking for some out-of-the-box thinking? Then check out our weekly e-mail newsletter. ( mediaOne reason why advertisers are pulling back on Twitter - no access to sales support. ( the sad end of 'Book Twitter.' (»»

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Saturday links: the pickup truck paradox

On Saturdays we catch up with the non-finance related items that we didn’t get to earlier in the week. You can check... AutosHow pickup trucks got so darn big. ( longer an EV is driven the better the carbon impact. ( lanes are good for business. ( solar panel prices are falling. ( not turn parking lots into solar power hubs? ('s holding up major renewable projects? ( do you get 'green hydrogen'? ( Feds are going to have to make cuts to state water allocations from the Colorado River. ('s water problems are only getting worse. ( NASA's newly launched Surface Water and Ocean Topography satellite is a big deal. ( the midst of the drought many Californians dropped flood insurance. ('s Great Salt Lake could be gone in five years. ( is happening up to two weeks early. ( air quality has a big impact on learning and cognition. ( Maricopa County tries to reduce heat-related deaths. ('t use your gas stove just to boil water. ( to recycle your old smartphone. ( say light pollution is getting worse, faster. ( NASA's and Tesla's rockets that are set to go to the Moon. ( livestreams ever be made safe? ('s the actual use case for a VR headset? ( new MacBook Pros are a big upgrade over prior versions with Intel chips. ( did Apple ($AAPL) revive the HomePod? ( we move our bodies affects our psychology. ( ways of achieving calmness. ( tripledemic is fading. ( everyone is happy about the development of effective anti-obesity drugs. ( naloxone isn't more widely available. ( to expect when prepping for a colonoscopy. ( boosters are showing effectiveness against the newest variants. ( Covid boosters are shifting to an annual, flu-like, schedule. ( 'excess deaths' tell us about the impact of Covid. ( NPIs worked around the world in 2020. ( overwhelmingly choose this store-bought marinara sauce. ( we shouldn't be surprised about the egg price situation. ('s actually in your store-bought chicken stock? ( Kenji Lopez Alt on which food expiration dates actually matter. ( the relationship between alcohol consumption and health. ( look at how the craft beer space has gotten so competitive in one state. ( is seeing a boost in alcohol exports. ( Tire Ale is rebranding as a 'zero emission' brew. ( its so hard to shut down puppy mills for good. ( pandemic pet bubble has burst. ( sports is full of all sorts of contradictions. ( Formula One teams ship stuff around the world. ( it or not, pro pickleball is coming to your television. ( of the best live sports events in the world including the Monaco Grand Prix. ( 13 best Wall Street movies including 'Trading Places.' ( ($NFLX) and 'Stranger Things' dominate the list of the most-streamed shows in 2022. ( problem with movies today - they look too perfect. ( will be coming to terms with ChatGPT for a long time. ( can pass an MBA operations management class. ( on Abnormal ReturnsWhat you missed in our Friday linkfest. ( links: the simulation of learning ( you a financial adviser looking for some out-of-the-box thinking? Then check out our weekly e-mail newsletter. ( mediaTipping sucks, but seems impossible to get rid of it. ( does nonalcoholic beer work as a hydration vehicle after exercise? ( solid majority of Americans are in favor of legalized cannabis. (»»

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Friday links: noticing anomalies

StrategyThe investment landscape has completely transformed in the past century. ( shows that every portfolio strategy comes under pressure. ( so many investors get caught up in return chasing. ( stock market is constantly providing us 'instant feedback' much to our detriment. ( funds are having their moment. How do they perform over the long run? ( distributions in a down year is a double-whammy. ( Tesla's ($TSLA) valuation, post-Twitter fiasco. ( big spinoffs are coming down the pike including ones from J&J ($JNJ) and 3M ($MMM). ( ($CVS) and Walmart ($WMT) are cutting back pharmacy hours. ( ($INTC) had a tough 2022 and 2023 isn't looking better. ( ($Z) has a new AI-powered way to search for homes. ( Fed's policies are hitting the economy primarily through the housing channel. ( Demsas, "If there are no solid data supporting the institutional-investor-scapegoat story, there are certainly plenty of misleading statistics." ( have an oversupply of unsold new homes. ( are slowly coming to terms with higher mortgage rates. ( on Abnormal ReturnsPodcast links: the simulation of learning. ( you missed in our Thursday linkfest. ( links: shrinking populations. ( you a financial adviser looking for some out-of-the-box thinking? Then check out our weekly e-mail newsletter. ( mediaWe are still learning how to live with e-mail, Slack etc. ( should be 'specific and measurable.' ( ideas come from noticing anomalies. (»»

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Podcast links: the simulation of learning

Fridays are all about podcast links here at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a look at Rick... The bizThe podcasting business has gone from gold rush to mature in a couple of years. ( ($SPOT) has yet to make the most of its podcast acquisitions. ( lessons Ryan Holiday learned making his podcast including ' ( Thompson talks with Ben Thompson, of Stratechery, about the wide-ranging impact of AI. ( Lindzon talks content and AI with Trung Phan. ( Russell talks with 'The Wolf of Franchises' about the business of Orangetheory Fitness. ( O'Shaughnessy talks nuclear power with Mark Nelson who is the Managing Director of Radiant Energy Group. ( Alloway and Joe Weisenthal talk with Patrick McKenzie about why corporate America keeps running old software. ( capitalEric Newcomer talks with Jeremy Levine of Bessemer Venture Partners about the tech downturn. ( Ferriss talks with noted VC Bill Gurley. ( Geischen talks with Patrick O'Shaughnessy about how he manages his many jobs. ( Lazaroff talks CIO challenges with Phil Huber and Rubin Miller. ( Ritholtz talks with Steven Klinsky, founder and CEO of New Mountain Capital. ( Carbonneau and Jack Forehand revisit the Madoff scandal with Andrew Cohen. ( Gilbert and David Rosenthal take a deep dive into the history and business of the NFL. ( O'Shaughnessy talks with Darrel Morey about systems thinking in sports. ( Santos talks with Simone Stolzoff author of "The Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work." ( Parrish talks with executive coach Carolyn Coughlin about how to become a better listener. ( McKay talks with Dr. Jennifer Heisz author of "Move the Body, Heal the Mind." (»»

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Thursday links: domain picking

MarketsA look at Vanguard's 10-year equity return forecasts. ( grade bonds are having a good start to the year. ( luxury watch prices are coming down. ( Timmer, “Just because the 60/40 didn’t work last year doesn’t mean it will never work again.” ( often come along with new metrics to justify them. ( the tech sector is seeing a surge in layoffs. ( Airlines ($LUV) took a $800 million hit due its holiday system meltdown. ( it means when a company won't allow customers to call them. ( price of D&O insurance has soared. ( is set to go public in the next twelve months. ( are pulling out all the stops to avoid down-rounds. ( is becoming a registered investment advisor. ( downside of using special purpose vehicles. ( Templeton ($BEN) has been on a deal making tear but it hasn't moved the needle on the stock. ( Morgan Stanley ($MS) plans to attack the ETF market. ( ETFs continue to gobble up new asset classes. ( 2022 GDP was solid, but two leading indicators point toward recession. ( initial unemployment claims are still quiescent. ( on Abnormal ReturnsLongform links: shrinking populations. ( you missed in our Wednesday links. ( finance links: one set of rules. ( you a financial adviser looking for some out-of-the-box thinking? Then check out our weekly e-mail newsletter. ( mediaHow to build an audience without pandering to it. ( ($BZFD) is joining the AI content game. ( you don't want to host your own Mastodon server. ( blogging isn't dying. (»»

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Longform links: shrinking populations

Thursdays are all about longform links on Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s linkfest including a look at the real... BooksAn excerpt from “The Ghost at the Feast: America and the Collapse of World Order, 1900-1941” by Robert Kagan. ( Q&A with Jamie Kreiner author of "The Wandering Mind: What Medieval Monks Tell Us about Distraction." ( excerpt from Robert Waldinger and Marc Schulz’s new book, "The Good Life: Lessons From the World’s Longest Scientific Study of Happiness." ( Q&A with Lauren Fleshman author of "Good for a Girl: A Woman Running in a Man's World." ( excerpt from "The Great Air Race: Glory, Tragedy, and the Dawn of American Aviation" by John Lancaster. ( Harford, "The railways were a disaster for their investors, and the railway bubble caused vastly more hardship than the tulip mania ever could." ( Destiny wants to bring access to private markets to public investors. ( Mostaque, “Every single major content provider in the world thought they needed a metaverse strategy: they all need a generative media strategy.” ( online platforms die. ( 1918 influenza has largely been forgotten. Will we eventually forget Covid? ( shrinking population isn't a disaster but it is a drag. ( shoplifting has become institutionalized over time. ( deals are creative haves and have nots on campus. ( meats now look like a transitional technology, i.e. fad. ( Kraft mac and cheese invokes a lot of feelings. (»»

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Wednesday links: coming up with an AI strategy

CryptoSome crypto miners are sitting on valuable electricity contracts. ( crypto bottoming keeps gaining momentum. ( Brown, "If you were the CEO or CFO of a Fortune 500 company, why wouldn’t you project caution right now?" ( you can learn about enterprise spending from Microsoft's ($MSFT) earnings. ( Google ($GOOGL) should fear the DOJ's case. ( Broderick, "It’s hard to overstate how existentially threatening OpenAI is to companies like Google and Meta (and, soon enough, every other platform on the web)." ( engagement has fallen, post-pandemic. ( remote workers is complicated. ('s nothing cool about 'quiet quitting.' ( don't just affect the people who lost their jobs. ( professional success doesn't translate into satisfaction. ( rising percentage of ETF trades occur off-exchange. ( has continued to attract new assets despite ongoing customer service issues. ( do active managers justify their own work? ( ($IVZ) is closing 20 ETFs. ( France is pushing back against raising the retirement age. ( surprising facts about Japan. ( debt ceiling debate is ridiculous. ( rookie data mistakes that new economists make. ( on Abnormal ReturnsPersonal finance links: one set of rules. ( you missed in our Tuesday linkfest. ( links: an investing lifetime. ( you a financial adviser looking for some out-of-the-box thinking? Then check out our weekly e-mail newsletter. ( mediaJustin Bieber just sold his song catalog to Hipgnosis Songs Capital for $200 million. ( Clouty wants to make futures available on streaming music. ( prices of Stradivari evolved over time. (»»

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Personal finance links: one set of rules

Wednesdays are all about personal finance here at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a look at why... PodcastsDan Harris talks with Morgan Housel author of "The Psychology of Money." ( Senra on lessons learned from Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett. ( Carlson, "Saving is far more important the younger you are while investing matters a whole lot more as age and build up your savings." ( some self-awareness can help you avoid overtrading. ( is reinvestment risk? ( people need to think about insuring against longevity risk. ( timing income in and around retirement is so challenging. ( couples' financial thinking converges over time. ( insights from "Money and Love: An Intelligent Roadmap for Life’s Biggest Decisions" by Myra Strober and Abby Davisson. ( to discuss a caregiving plan. ( makes reaching your goals harder, not easier. ( simple ways to improve your financial health including 'Automate your finances.' ( money rules can focus your attention on things that matter to you. ( financeNot every financial decision has to be all-or-nothing. ( rules of thumb on how much car or house you can afford. ( to use money to avoid unhappiness. ( sophistication plays a big role in who profits off credit card rewards. ( look under the hood of the Schwab Charitable Fund. ('s guide to financial wellness. ( matter how hard you work, there will always be meetings, deadlines, and obligations waiting for you. So take that vacation. (»»

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Tuesday links: activists are feeling it

MarketsWe are in the strongest part of the Presidential election cycle. ( value stocks can outperform for a while. ('t let any investment become your identity. ( it's so hard not to tinker with your investment process. ( DOJ has filed suit against Google ($GOOGL) over online advertising. ( Lilly ($LLY) is building a new plant which is another sign that demand for obesity drugs just keeps going up. ( ($AMZN) has launched RxPass to provide generic medications for Prime users. ( ($WMT) is raising its minimum wage from $12 to $14/hour. ( bottom line is remote work saves people time (and money). ( is out of control. ( UK's farms are feeling the pain of Brexit. ( aging populations going to tank sovereign bond ratings? ( big tech layoffs are not something to worry about, yet. ( a 2% inflation target doesn't necessarily make sense. ( Fed is on the verge of making a big mistake. ( on Abnormal ReturnsResearch links: an investing lifetime. ( you missed in our Monday linkfest. ( links: the overarching idea. ( you a financial adviser looking for some out-of-the-box thinking? Then check out our weekly e-mail newsletter. ( mediaWhere will the value in generative AI accrue? ( content robots have a plagiarism problem. (»»

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Research links: an investing lifetime

Tuesdays are all about academic (and practitioner) literature at Abnormal Returns. You can check out including a look at how REIT returns... Private equityAllocators need better models to value their private holdings. ('s hard to pencil out strong private equity returns moving forward. ( case for diversifying away from the market factor. ( matter how you define growth, those stocks have been a disappointment over the past two decades. ( stuffHow turnover affects taxable investors in hedge funds. ( investors don't understand the difference between arithmetic and geometric returns. ( look at the returns of private debt funds. ( higher interest rates affect a return-stacked portfolio. ( century long look at various asset allocation strategies. ( investment management operations are organized matters more than any 'model' they follow. ( institutional investors actually move the needle on corporate carbon footprints? (»»

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