What is a Learning Management System?

Rouben David, of CourseFo.....»»

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OurCrowd Jobs Index Shows Startup Hires Growing Despite Pandemic

Startups backed by influential Israel-based equity crowdfunding group OurCrowd are looking to hire in greater numbers, despite the lingering COVID-19 pandemic. The number of jobs listed by OurCrowd’s global portfolio companies more… The post Our.....»»

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For Vertical Farms to Succeed, Sensors Must Take Center Stage

Vertical farming—the process of cultivating produce in stacked, indoor shelves, rather than side-by-side i.....»»

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Meesho is SoftBank’s Latest Big Buy

Meesho, India’s largest reselling website, has negotiated a $250 million funding round led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund, the Econ.....»»

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Wadiz Blazes a Crowdfunding Trail in Korea

Red Herring spoke to David (Hyesung) Shin, the CEO and co-founder of wadiz, the largest crowdfunding plat.....»»

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Broadband Startup Isotropic Systems Gets $42m Injection from Aerospace Heavyweights

British broadband terminal startup Isotropic has won a $42 million funding round, which it says brings the firm closer to its first commercial product rollout. The round, led by satell.....»»

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Singapore’s Cialfo Closes $15m Series A Funding Extension

Singapore-based edtech startup Cialfo, which uses data to streamline college and career workflows, has extended its Series A funding round to the tune of $15 millio.....»»

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Saudi Startup Foodics Gets $20m Cash Injection

Saudi Arabian firm Foodics, which has created an all-in-one restaurant management system, has raised a $20 million Series B funding round, as it bids to expand into the mi.....»»

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GameStop Stock Fiasco Shows Need to Reframe Tech Employment Debate

A raft of market watchdogs has warned investors in GameStop—many of whom are homespun traders using Reddit or Robinhood—may be in danger of breaking the law. Shares in the video g.....»»

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The Top Three Aotearoa New Zealand Startups to Look Out For in 2021

Thanks to a quick-witted go.....»»

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Chinese Self-Drive Startup Uisee Raises $155m

Uisee, a Chinese autonomous mobility startup, has announced a $155 million funding round, as China continues to dominate emerging markets for self-driving and new-energy vehicles (NEVs). In a signal that China’s Communist… The post Chin.....»»

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Seattle’s Flexe Raises Another $10m to Supercharge Series C

FLEXE, a Seattle-based startup that offers retailers on-demand warehouse sp.....»»

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Indian HR Firm DarwinBox Raises $15m for Southeast Asia Scale

Human resources tech startup DarwinBox has raised a $15 million Series C funding round, as it aims to scale its platform deeper into the sou.....»»

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Deaths and Self-immolation Prompts China Tech Hours Reckoning

The death of an e-commerce employee in western China has caused an outcry about lengthy working hours at the country’s tech giants – with state media.....»»

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Germany’s Auto Giant Switches Focus to China NEV Market

Volkswagen, Germany’s largest company, knows where its future lies. The Wolfsburg-based giant, with quarterly revenues of $69 billion, has committed $91bn to electric vehicles (also shortened to NEVs, or new energy vehicles)… The po.....»»

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Parler Just Part of Social Media Whack-a-Mole, Unless US Takes Big Steps

Parler, a social media platform popular with racists, homophobes and conspiracy theorists, has been cut off by Amazon, Google and Apple, a.....»»

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Dallas Diversity Startup Kanarys Wins $3m Seed Round

Kanarys, a startup aiming to help employees and companies build diverse workplaces, has won a $3 million seed funding round, bringing its total backing to $4.6m. The Dallas, Texas-.....»»

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SparkBeyond Proves AI’s Place in Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to confront harsh realities. First, our ultra-high-tech existence can be brought to its knees by even a modest display .....»»

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Eugene Kaspersky Launches Tourism Accelerator, Takes Aim at Russian Hackers

If Russian cybersecurity magnate Eugene Kaspersky rarely steps away from a challenge, this week has been even.....»»

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Global Law Firms Put $10m into Lupl, an “Open Industry” Platform

Three of the world’s top law firms have launched a legal tech platform they hope will bring “systems and information together into one secur.....»»

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