Buffett Assails Money-Manager Fees as Berkshire Reports Profit Rise

Berkshire Hathaway reported steady earnings, and CEO Warren Buffett intensified his attacks on Wall Street money managers, saying that investors wasted more than $100 billion over the last decade on expensive advice......»»

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Trump Goes After Familiar Targets

After a week that showed hints of the reset sought by Capitol Hill Republicans, President Donald Trump undertook several new attacks focused on two of his frequent targets: the intelligence community and the press......»»

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Trump Rejects Intelligence Report on Travel Ban

An intelligence report by the Department of Homeland Security contradicts the White House’s assertion that immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries pose a particular risk of being terrorists and should be blocked from entering the U.S......»»

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Two Chinese Tech Stocks With 25% Upside

Shenzhen Huiding Technology and Egis Technology are providing Asian smartphone makers with fingerprint sensors to rival Apple’s......»»

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Japanese Retail Investors Trade Trillions Amid Trump Tumult

U.S. President Donald Trump’s tumultuous first few months may be stressing policy makers and whipsawing some markets, but Japan’s day traders—a major force in yen trading—are having a blast......»»

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Cruise Operator Wants You on a Slow Boat From China

A Shanghai shipyard will build the first oceangoing cruise ships ever constructed in China, as the global cruise industry chases surging Chinese demand for foreign travel......»»

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Judge Clears Plan by U.S. and Witkoff to Sell Hotel

A federal judge in Los Angeles approved a plan proposed by the Justice Department and New York developer Steven Witkoff for putting the Park Lane Hotel in Manhattan on the block......»»

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Baidu Raises $1.53 Billion for Video-Streaming Site

The Chinese internet giant‘s fundraising effort from a clutch of private-equity investors comes as competition from Tencent and Alibaba is heating up......»»

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Trump Administration Tightens Deportation, Detention Rules

The Trump administration implemented sweeping changes to the way immigration policy is enforced, making clear that millions of people living illegally in the U.S. are now subject to deportation......»»

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Wary Global Investors Hold Back on China

Many global investors are missing out on China’s strongest stock-market rally in years, the latest sign that a potential clash with the U.S. over trade and currency policy looms over the world’s most populous nation......»»

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Freeport-McMoRan Heads Toward Showdown With Indonesia

The copper miner’s dispute is threatening global supply of the metal and roiling the markets......»»

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Ant Financial to Invest $200 Million in Kakao Pay

The financial arm of Chinese internet giant Alibaba Group Holding will invest $200 million in the payments unit of South Korean messaging company Kakao Corp. to grow its global payments network......»»

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McMaster Named as Trump"s National Security Adviser

President Trump selected Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, an active duty Army officer now director of a key military integration and operations center, as his next national security adviser......»»

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Uber to Investigate Sexism, Harassment Claims

Uber Technologies plans to investigate claims by a former engineer that the company failed to discipline a manager who mistreated female employees and ignored complaints of sexual harassment......»»

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Trump"s Agenda Is Beset by Opposition on Many Fronts

President Donald Trump faces resistance that has helped block his immigration policy, slow his health-care agenda and cabinet nominees, force out a top adviser and bring raucous protests to his public appearances......»»

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U.S. Proposal Considers Prosecuting Parents Helping Children Entering Country Illegally

A draft memo from the Department of Homeland Security also indicates those trying to cross the border illegally could be returned to Mexico to await legal proceedings, with others held in detention centers while awaiting hearings......»»

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Battered Toshiba Stock Has 50% Upside

The shares are risky but grossly undervalue the company’s lucrative chip business......»»

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Trump"s Currency Complaints Hit Unexpected Targets

Donald Trump’s currency-manipulation accusations appear to be reaching an audience not primarily intended: While top-five trading partners China, Japan and Germany brush them off, Taiwan and Switzerland seem to be paying heed......»»

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North Korean Man Arrested in Connection With Killing of Kim Jong Nam

Malaysian police said they have arrested another person--a North Korean man--in connection with the killing this week of Kim Jong Nam, half brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un......»»

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The Unlikely Winners of the U.S.-China Trade War, Round 1

Many U.S. companies with big China exposure are outperforming, not underperforming......»»

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