6 Ways Truly Effective Leaders Deliver Feedback

Effective leaders know how to use this communication tool well. Here are six ways to deliver the kind of feedback your employees need to succeed......»»

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4 Ways to Leverage Big Data

Advertising is now a volley, serving up content and collecting real-time feedback to deliver the absolute best ROI......»»

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4 Principles of Achieving Harmony for Busy Leaders

A balanced leader is a more effective leader. Here are key ways to achieve harmony in business and life......»»

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4 Completely Different But Equally Effective Ways to Be a Leader

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4 Ways Successful Leaders Tackle Difficult Decisions

Have to make a tough decision? Utilize these tactics to ensure an effective and collaborative decision-making process......»»

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5 Ways to Make Giving (and Receiving) Feedback Suck Less

Follow these five best practices to provide effective feedback......»»

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6 Ways to Give Effective Individual Feedback

Forget the formulas; focus on the individual......»»

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5 Powerful Leadership Lessons From Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Other Top Leaders

Pick just one of these five ways of leadership to master and you'll be stronger and more effective in all areas of your work and life......»»

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Four Tips to Help Leaders Maintain Vision and Purpose Through Growth

Effective leaders weave the company's vision into everyday operations. Here are four ways to do it......»»

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The Secrets to Not Losing Vision and Purpose As Your Company Grows

Effective leaders weave the company's vision into everyday operations. Here are four ways to do it......»»

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7 Ways Women Can Become Great Leaders

When women embrace these seven things, they can become effective leaders......»»

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20 Habits of Highly Successful and Effective Leaders

20 Habits of Highly Successful and Effective Leaders.Leave better deliver better results.....»»

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Five ways to guarantee women can speak up and speak out

Techniques used by effective male leaders to ensure everyone is heard.....»»

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5 Ways Great Leaders Resolve Conflict

Learn how being effective at conflict resolution can lead to greater things!.....»»

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Five Ways Leaders Can Use The Bully Pulpit To Be More Effective Communicators

The bully pul.....»»

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7 Secrets for Giving the Gift of Great Performance Review Feedback

Why do most people think feedback is criticism? Why do both managers and direct reports hate those year-end reviews? Here are ways to navigate this uncomfortable territory and develop more effective relationships......»»

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Five Ways To Deliver Proactive Customer Service

The role of technology in customer service continues to grow and expand. And if there is one area where proactive customer service can be highly effective, it’s in the IT world. The role of technology in customer service continues to grow and expa.....»»

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4 ways effective leaders deal with incompetent people

Parks and Recreation / NBC UniversalGood leaders need to know how to work with a variety of people — even the ones they wish they could just fire. They have to be able to motivate underperformers, collaborate with annoying coworkers and ov.....»»

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11 Ways to Deliver Negative Feedback to Creative People

You're managing a team of writers, artists, designers or videographers. How do you provide them with negative feedback when you aren't creative yourself?.....»»

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BJP always willing to struggle and sacrifice for the cause of nation: Modi

Many leaders associated with Congress during the freedom struggle but later parted ways to propagate their political values, says PM Modi.....»»

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3 Ways Leaders Influence Company Culture (And Don"t Even Know It)

Strong company cultures start with strong leaders. Here are 3 ways leaders influence company culture without know it......»»

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