Buyers: Challenged by Student Debt? Consider Down Payment Programs

Student loan debt is one of the biggest factors impacting millennials’ ability to purchase a home. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), .....»»

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Tuition Installment Plans Can Help You Avoid Student Loans

If you have a college tuition bill coming due soon and don’t want to get stuck in student debt hell, ask your school’s financial office about its payment plan options......»»

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Here are some of the highest paying college degrees

How many Americans collectively hold almost 1.5 trillion dollars worth of student debt? Buzz60's Me.....»»

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There Could be a Financial Crash Before End of Trump's First Term, Experts say, Citing Looming Debts - Newsweek

NewsweekThere Could be a Financial Crash Before End of Trump's First Term, Experts say, Citing Looming DebtsNewsweekFinancial experts are pointing to several ominous economic indicators including skyrocketing student loan and U.S. household debt th.....»»

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Debt-Laden College Students Spend More Time Working Than In Class

The skyrocketing cost of tuition has not only resulted in a student debt bubble that is approaching $1.5 trillion, but it is also causing American college students to spend more time working paid jobs then they do studying, in class, or at the library. A.....»»

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Bond Buyers Purge Government Debt for Corporate Debt

This article was originally published on»»

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States with the most and least student debt

Stacker takes a look a states with the most and least student debt......»»

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Grow: Your easy step-by-step guide to paying off all kinds of debt

Follow these tips on how to pay off credit cards, student loans and outstanding medical bills faster......»»

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3 generations share 1 problem: Student debt

For millions of Americans, borrowing for college comes at the expense of achieving other financial milestones.....»»

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The 10 Cities Are Where Millennials Carry the Most Debt

According to a new LendingTree study, the typical urban millennial carries $23,064 of debt living in the biggest US cities. Student loans, auto loans,.....»»

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A Great New Way Your Employer Might Help You With Student Loan Debt

One employer hopes to start a trend by matching loan payments. Here are the details......»»

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The 30 cities where millennials carry the most debt don"t include New York or San Francisco

Tabatha Fireman/Stringer/Getty Millennials are known for carrying a lot of student loan debt. A LendingTree analysis of us.....»»

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Why You Might Not Want to Pay Off Your Mortgage or Student Loans Early

Yes, it's great to be debt free. But there might be better uses for your extra money than paying certain debts off faster......»»

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10 years after the recession, millennials still struggle financially

Stagnant wages and student debt are still crippling the ability to save, putting the entire economy at risk......»»

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NerdWallet: Advice from 5 people who are conquering a mountain of student loans

Here’s how they are crushing their student debt and what you can learn from their approaches......»»

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A writer who had $60,000 in student loans says it took him 5 years to make the mental shift he needed to pay them off before turning 30

Courtesy of Credit Karma Personal finance writer Tim Devaney graduated college with more than $60,000 in student loan debt.  Devaney contributed more than $600 a month towar.....»»

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Information Services makes $7M payment to further reduce debt

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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Meet 5 people who are crushing student debt

Refinancing saved one borrower $125 a month and extended another’s loan term to make payments more manageable. A federal forgiveness program wiped $5,000 off a third borrower’s balance. Two others….....»»

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Washington state college graduates have 6th least debt nationwide, study says

Local education experts attributed this low and decreasing average student debt to a major commitment to providing need-based aid and informing students on higher education funding options......»»

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Rolling your student loans into a mortgage might sound like a good idea—but there"s a catch

Fannie Mae recently offered the option to roll student loans into a mortgage. That could make you feel like you're making progress on your debt but there are some very serious risks to consider, Bankrate reports......»»

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11 Rage-Inducing Facts About America"s Wildly Out-Of-Control Student Loan Debt Bubble

Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, Higher education has become one of the biggest money-making scams in America... We tell all of our young people that if they want to have a bright future, they must go to col.....»»

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