Red flags emerge as Americans" debt load hits another record

Some red flags emerged for the U.S. economy late last year as credit card inquiries fell, student-loan delinquencies remained high and riskier borrowers drove home automobiles, according to a report that could signal a downturn is on the horizon......»»

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How to Unload Your Debt Burden

(TNS)—Americans’ debt load has risen nearly 23 percent since 2013—despite record stock gains and low unemployment—and that .....»»

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Upgrade: A shocking number of Americans don’t know whether they have credit card debt or not

This comes as credit card debt hits new record highs.....»»

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Next Avenue: Big worries about the debt load of older Americans

The rising debt levels among retirees is bad for their finances and their mental health......»»

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Multiple Jobholders Soar To Record High As Old Americans Can"t Afford To Retire

While the headline payrolls number was solid and just as expected, if a more detailed read showed some red flags (downward revisions, rising wages only due to less hours w.....»»

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Global Negative Yielding Debt Hits Record $12.3 Trillion

Somewhere, SocGen's permabearish str.....»»

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Fed Chair Powell Flags Financial Stability Risks: Record Debt, High Valuations, Leverage, & CLO Liquidity

Fed Chair Jay Powell told a banking conference in Fernandina Beach, Florida, tonight that a sharp rise in corporate debt is.....»»

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How much debt do Americans have?

A strong economy has led to record levels of borrowing.....»»

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Millennial Money: There"s more than 1 way to slay a debt

The saying that debt is easy to get into and hard to get out of hits home for younger Americans: At the end of 2018, 18- to 29-year-olds carried over $1 trillion in debt, according to the Federal Reserve......»»

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Jobless rate hits record low for Hispanic Americans

The unemployment rate for most major demographic groups fell in February, with the rate for Hispanic and Latino Americans hitting a record low of 4.3 percent......»»

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The World Debt Has Hit a Record High

It could make it harder for countries to respond to the next recession. The world's debt load has ballooned to a record $.....»»

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Global Debt Hits Record $237 Trillion, Up $21TN In 2017

Last June we reported  that according to the Institute of International Finance - perhaps best known for its periodic and concerning reports summariz.....»»

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America"s Credit-Card Fueled Spending Spree Hits A Brick Wall

Last month was bad, this month it's the worst it's been in almost five years. Exactly one month ago we showed  that after the record debt-fueled spending spree in late 2017, US credit card usage in the first month of 2018 post.....»»

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For The First Time Since August 2008, Credit Card Debt Hits A Plateau

While many celebrated the record high US household wealth in the latest data from The Fed, what most missed was a record $1.0 trillion of credit card/revolving loans, a record $1......»»

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There Are 101 Americans With Over $1 Million In Student Loans

Astronomically high college tuition facilitated by a bottomless ocean of student loans has saddled Americans with a record $1.48 trillion in non-dischargeable debt - an am.....»»

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As Global Debt Hits A Record $247 Trillion, The IIF Issues A Warning

Every quarter the Institute of International Finance publishes a new number of the total amount of global debt outstanding, and every quarter the result is .....»»

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New Game Show Gives Millennials A Chance To Eliminate Student Loan Debt

Overinflated college tuition facilitated by a bottomless ocean of cheap student loans has so far trapped forty-five million Americans with a record $1.48 trillion in non-dischargeable debt – an amount which has more than doubled since t.....»»

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Americans paid over $100 billion in credit-card interest in 2017—and they’ll pay even more this year

Credit-card debt is once again reaching record highs......»»

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US Household Debt Hits Record $13.3 Trillion

Total household deb.....»»

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In One Chart: Here’s who owns a record $21.21 trillion of U.S. debt

Who owns a record $21.21 trillion in U.S. national debt? Some 70% is owned by Americans in one form or another. Foreigners own the rest......»»

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Average New Car Payment Hits Record High $525 Per Month

Automotive loan amounts and monthly payments continue to reach record highs, but US consumers seem unfazed. According to Experian's latest State of the Automotive Finance Market report, Americans are paying an all time high.....»»

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