The European Countries Home To The Most Migrants

The latest figures on migrant populations from the United Nations reveal a lot about the movement of people around the world and how this has evolved over the years. Thi.....»»

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EU To Pay Countries €6,000 For Every Migrant They Accept

After a number of European governments refus.....»»

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Furious Migrant Mob "Forcefully Prevents" German Police From Deporting Asylum Seeker

It appears that nationalists were on to something when they warned about "no go" zones in Germany, Sweden and other European countries that have taken in millions of migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and elsewhere since 2015. While .....»»

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UK Says Trade Deals Not Ready by BREXIT Day

FLASH: The Latest on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union The British government says trade deals with Japan, Turkey and other countries will not be in pla.....»»

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EU countries back copyright reforms aimed at Google, Facebook

European Union countries on Wednesday endorsed an overhaul of the bloc's copyright rules which would force Google and Facebook Inc to pay publishers for news snippets and filter out copyright-protected content on YouTube or Instagram......»»

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EU Raids Fisheries in Atlantic Salmon Cartel Investigation

A number of Norwegian companies confirmed their facilities were targeted in the unannounced inspections. European Union antitrust officials raided fisheries in multiple countries on Tuesday, investigating a possible farmed Atl.....»»

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Microsoft expands political security service to 12 European countries

Microsoft Corp on Wednesday said it will offer its cyber security service AccountGuard to 12 new markets in Europe including Germany, France and Spain, to close security gaps and protect customers in political space from hacking......»»

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"But They Are Dangerous!" European Leaders Shocked At Trump"s ISIS Ultimatum 

After President Trump's provocative tweets on Sunday wherein he urged European countries to "take back" and prosecute some 800 ISIS foreign fighters as US forces withdraw from Syria, or else "we will be forced to release them," the message has .....»»

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European shares climb after progress in U.S.-Sino trade talks

European shares rose on Friday amid encouraging signs from U.S.-China trade talks, after weak data from both countries sent world stocks into a dive......»»

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General Motors Launches Electric Bike in European Market

General Motors on Friday announced availability of the company's new electric bicycle, the ARĪV, for preorder in three European countries. The company will begin shipping to customers in the second........»»

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EU wants 23 states on laundering, terror financing blacklist

The European Union Commission on Tuesday proposed to put 23 non-EU countries and territories on a blacklist of those it believes to pose a high risk when it comes to money laundering or terrorist financing......»»

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UN: 40 countries agree to require automatic braking systems

A U.N. agency says 40 countries led by Japan and the European Union — but not the U.S. or China — have agreed to require new cars and light commercial vehicles to be equipped with automated braking systems starting next year......»»

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Coinbase Extends PayPal Withdrawal Option to 32 European Countries

Coinbase customers in the EU and European Free Trade Association countries can now make withdrawals into their PayPal accounts......»»

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EU Struggles to Reach United Response to Venezuelan Crisis

A group of European countries is set to recognize Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president but the European Union is struggling to agree a common stance on the Venezuelan crisis......»»

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Zebpay Continues European Expansion, Launches EU-Wide Trading Tournament

Cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay is opening new offices in five European countries increasing its presence on the continent to 26 countries Launched in 2011 in India Zebpay grew into one of the country s largest cryptocurrency exchanges before.....»»

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Europe Is About to Infuriate Trump with a New Trading Channel to Bypass Iran Sanctions

A system called INSTEX will allow a workaround. The European Union’s leading countries have finally set up a new channel for payments to Iran, according to reports. The move, which will .....»»

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Siemens steels itself for EU rejection of rail merger with Alstom

Siemens will accept defeat if the European Union rejects its pleas to allow it to combine with Alstom to create a powerful Franco-German rail business......»»

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Trump Administration Warns EU on Iran Sanctions

European countries want to do business directly with Iran. Trump administration officials have threatened strong economic penalties if.....»»

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France & Germany: "We Are Committed To The Emergence Of A European Army"

Authored by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute, "Populism and nationalism are increasing in all our countries. For the first time, a country - Great Britain - is leaving the European .....»»

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EU Adds Saudis To Terror-Funding List (As Iran-Sanction-Evading SPV Reaches "Advanced Stage")

The European Union seems confused... Reuters reports that, according to two sources, the European Commission has added Saudi Arabia to an EU draft list of countries that pose a t.....»»

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