Biden"s new tariffs show he"s willing to play hardball as China ramps up exports, Nobel economist Paul Krugman says

"Biden's moves are more than a symbolic gesture. They're a shot across the bow," Paul Krugman wrote about the new China tariffs. US President Joe Biden (R) and Chi.....»»

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Will Falling Gas Prices Boost Biden"s Popularity? Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman Has This To Say

Ahead of the 2024 presidential election, Paul Krugman has raised questions about whether falling gas prices will positively influence President Joe Biden's poll numbers. read more.....»»

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Key Words: Bitcoin bros mock Paul Krugman for comparing the crypto craze to ‘a natural Ponzi scheme’

The Nobel Prize-winning economist questions cryptocurrency’s economic role in his latest column.....»»

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Paul Krugman throws in the towel on calling the demise of bitcoin: "Think of it as a cult that can survive indefinitely"

"Maybe just think of [Bitcoin investing] as a cult that can survive indefinitely," the Nobel Prize-winning economist wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.....»»

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Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman explains why he"s more left-wing than the Modern Monetary Theory crowd

Krugman w.....»»

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Two Years Later, What Did Trump"s China Tariffs Achieve?

Two Years Later, What Did Trump's China Tariffs Achieve? By Paul Donovan, Chief Economist at UBS Summary It is over two years since US President Trump.....»»

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Nobel laureate Paul Krugman predicts a swift, sustained economic recovery once vaccines are rolled out

"I'm in the camp that expects rapid growth once people feel safe going out and spending money," Nobel Prize-winning economist, Paul Krugman, said. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid Paul Krugm.....»»

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Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman sees unemployment soaring to 20% in a matter of weeks

Franck Robichon/Reuters Dire jobless data this week r.....»»

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Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman says we are ignoring a "huge fiscal time bomb" set to detonate when the pandemic subsides

  Nobel Prize-winn.....»»

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"Headed for permanent recession": Paul Krugman sounds the alarm after Treasury yields tumble and interest rates plunge

Reuters/Tim Shaffer Investors expect the US economy to suffer a prolonged downturn, Paul Krugman argued on Monday. "Mr Market is basically saying that we're headed for permanent recession," the Nobel Memorial Prize-winning economist.....»»

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Trump"s defiance of Congress on EU auto tariffs is "just plain illegal," economist Paul Krugman says

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid Paul Krugman slammed President Trump for threatening 25% tariffs on Euro.....»»

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Trump blasts Paul Krugman for predicting his election would spark a global recession

President Trump blasted Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman on Sunday for predicting his election would deva.....»»

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Krugman Skeptical About Crypto, Predicts Collapse

Authored by Max Yakuboeski via, Nobel Prize winning economist Paul K.....»»

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Nobel Prize-winning economist expects to see a recession this year

There is a decent chance the world economy is headed for a recession in 2019, according to Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman......»»

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Paul Krugman Believes a Recession Is Coming This Year or Next

The Nobel Prize-winning economist points to the Eurozone as already being "really close to recession." The Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has added his two cents to the debate over whether a recession is coming. Yes, he says, it is......»»

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Key Words: Nobel-winning economist Krugman warns that a U.S. recession looms in 2019

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman says he sees a good chance of a recession hitting the U.S. within a year......»»

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Paul Krugman Warns US Wildly Unprepared For Imminent Recession

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman is possibly the world's most famous Keynesian economist.....»»

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China Strikes Back At Biden"s Tariffs With New Investigation Into Plastics Imports: 6 Stocks Caught In Crossfire

China launches anti-dumping probe on plastics from US and EU, possibly as retaliation for Biden's recent tariffs. Chemical companies affected include Celanese, BASF, DuPont, Mitsubishi, Asahi Kasei, and SABIC. read more.....»»

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Biden Advisor Defends China Tariffs, Silver Hits 11-Year High, Jamie Dimon Warns Of Inflationary Forces: Top Economic News This Week

From the U.S.-China trade relations to the Federal Reserve, here's a quick recap of the major stories that unfolded over the weekend. read more.....»»

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China Likely To Retaliate Against US Tariffs On Electric Vehicles, Says Top Analyst Dan Ives: "Game Of Thrones Continues To Play Out"

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives is of the opinion that China would retaliate if the U.S. were to increase tariffs on electric vehicle imports from China. read more.....»»

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US Ready To Impose New Tariffs On China"s EV, Solar Sectors: "Could Cause More Severe Damage" Than Last Trade War

Biden to announce changes to US tariff policy on Chinese goods next week, targeting strategic sectors like EVs and solar cells. read more.....»»

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